Archive News - March 1999

Kary Mandi Lane of Freakshow Barbie, has got a new address; Kari Mandy Lane, 740 Shady Brook Dr. Suite i, Akron OH 44312, U.S.A

Visit White Sluts' website.   There are also some info on their debut "Screw the Dome"

Their is a new eGroup about Glamrock. Sign up at

Peppermint Creeps w/ Traci Michaelz (formerly Heart Throb Mob, Tragedy, Guttersluts) will be the next special guests on Psycho Gypsy's Glam Slam. The Peppermint Twist will take place on April 10th.

Warrant announced what they are doing this spring.: "It's that time of year for us to hibernate from the road and hit the studio. We are in pre production at this time and will start recording some time in February. The new material is very reminiscent of songs off the first two records plus maybe a few unrecorded songs such as Southern Comfort and Game of War. There is also a chance that we may re-record your old favorites like Cherry Pie, Heaven and Uncle Toms Cabin on a special CD called the Latest and Greatest. If this happens we will record three new songs never heard before."

Mister Manic will soon release their debutCD "Dressed for Excess". Lizzie told Glitzine "We are also working on a video "Fear & Loathing in America Manic Style"which we will give away at shows and send out with bio's, the footage coverslive shows and our 98 tour with "The Pink and The Black". Also Mister Manic will be on the upcoming compilation through Delinquent Records "Theatre Des Vampyres " with our song " Lust for the flesh"

Kiki Blast has got his soloproject kicking. He told Glitzine about his show on March 20th "The set was about a good 55 minutes. We had a surprise for all our female fans with Glamour Girls. A tribute and thank you to all of you out there, the song went over great I think it had the loudest response. During Sex Action, a former Prom Queen Starz song we had them sing along to the chorus, every song was a hit last night. They didn't want us to stop! It was a great night and we had alot of fun."

Vancouver's Loving Dead are the winners of the "Kick Start Your Career" contest. They will be the opening band for Noise Therapy and Motley Crue March 28th at GM Place.

The next EXiT21 release will now be a 3 track single called 'Prototype', and will feature the following tracks: 1. Found My Freedom, 2. Prototype, 3. Kicking The Stones

Cinderella will release a livealbum in March on Deadline/Cleopatra Records. They are currently writing material for a new release. Jeff Lebar told Metal Edge regarding forthcoming tours; "We want to get on the road this summer even if we're still recording"

Drummer Peter Jensen has left D.A.D

Duff Mckagan (ex. Guns n Roses) will perform with his new band - Loaded - on March 27th. The Band contain members ex. members from Black Flag and Plexi.

Jack off Jill and Nashville Pussy will support Marylyn Manson throughout march and April. More dates may be added.

The Mistakes have returned from their first Australian tour.

The Toilet Boys split 7" with the Donnas is out now on Lockout! Records. They will have a new website is almost finished and will be up in the next few weeks.

  Chech out these brand new websites: (Jizzy Pearl), (Bret Michaels)

  Kyle Vincent's new album - "Wow & Flutter" - is finished.

  The Peepshows just finished recording a seven track mini-LP due to release in the middle of April on Safety Pin Records, Spain. They have also released a new 7" called "Go To Hell" out on 007 Records.

  Andreas - Editor and Publisher of Glitzine - is back from the far out two-week trip to Finland. The Trip will be evaluated in a huge spotlight on the Finnish rockscene. Glitzine's staff apologize for the lack of new material the last two weeks. Glitzine will soon get an own territory which means no pop-up windows,   lots of new tools e.t.c. All this will further establish Glitzine as the leading glam/sleaze/punk magazine.

Issue #2 of Midnight/Daylight - a Sweet fanzine - is out

  The line-up of KiKi Blast is now complete; Kiki Blast---lead vocals/guitars, Snotty Scotti--guitars/vocals, Punkie Pete--Bass, vocals, JJ Doll drums/vocals

  Devil Doll Records will release Gluecifer's Head to Head Boredom. The Oslo, Norway, band, which plays a style in the vein of the Hellacopters, will play a couple shows in New York and SXSW on March 20 on the Man's Ruin stage at Emo's.

 Jizzy Pearl told EG, regarding the upcoming Love/hate shows: "Love/Hate fans are definitely gonna get their money's worth at these shows, because the songs still sound great and everyone's having fun. It's just gonna be a general fun thing. And we're gonna play a lot of songs, again, mostly off 'Blackout,' which was the best record probably. I'm gonna sing 'em the way they sound on the record. I'm not gonna put the octave device on and sing it lower. That's the cool thing. I've always prided myself on trying to sing the songs as best I could closest to the way they were recorded. I don't think anybody wants to go to a show and hear a different rendering. They want to hear it the way they hear it in their head. I feel ripped off if somebody starts doing an Elvis renditioning of 'Blackout in the Red Room.' That's just not happening. They wanna hear that distinctive shriek, that pulling-off-the-tail-like quality of my voice."

Poison, L.A. Guns, Ratt and Great White will tour together, probably starting on Memorial Day weekend. The bill will include the original Poison line-up w/ long-lost guitarist C.C. Deville. There will not, however, be a new Poison album prior to the tour. Dokken and Cinderella have also been mentioned as possible candidates but were left off the final bill.

Manic Street Preachers had a very good showing at the Brit Awards, but lost out on the coveted Best Video award. While being interviewed afterwards, they mentioned that the North American release of their latest album "This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours" is immanent.

Kai and the War Milk Boys debut album "The Ballad of Johnny Christ" has finally been released. In an interesting twist, instead of a normal bio to accompany the release, they've put out a short film. Keep your eyes on Glitzine for further updates on this exiting new combo.

  It looks like Shadowmane is about to break up with vocalist/guitarist Andy James going solo, Bassist K.C. talking about joining White Sluts and drummer Val Black considering many offers, including one from Shock Cinema from Cleveland, Ohio.

  Toronto's twisted pop merchants "The Intentions" are about halfway through pre-production on their new studio release to be produced by Mark Doucet.

  The Philip Lewis Band has officially changed it's name to The Liberators.

  WASP's "Helldorado" will be released on CMC International Records on May 18.

White Sluts has been offered a small-scale mail order distribution scheme from Delinquent Records for their demo "Screw The Dome". Vocalist Adolf Chri$t commented : "They're NOT signing us at this point and that's cool. We're just happy they asked us for a copy and seem to like it".

  Brian O'Blivion of Thee Trash Brats has put out a solo album under his "other" name Brian McCarty.

  Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars have broken the T.V. barrier with their appearance on talk-show Open Mike with Mike Bullard which can be seen on The Comedy Network. Is the world ready for this?