Archive News - March 1998

L.A.'s God Zoo recently played a show with legendary gothic glamdolls Gene loves Jezebell. They have a new bassplayer, Bobby and are recording their new CD that has an 80's new wave pop meets a 90's electronica sound.

Ex. L.A. Guns vocalist Phil Lewis will soon release his solo album in Japan, entitled "El Nino".

The reunited Pretty Boy Floyd's tourdates
Mar. 6 Riviera Beach, MD Daytona's
Mar. 7 Springfield, VA Jaxx
Mar. 12 Buffalo, NY TBA
Mar. 13 Cleveland, OH Agoro
Mar. 14 Akron, OH Ron's Crossroads
Mar. 17 Louisville, KY Toy Tiger
Mar. 19 Erie, PA Sherlock's
Mar. 20 Columbus, OH Al Rosa Villa
Mar. 21 Detroit, MI IRock

The Pretty boys also have a song on Delinquent Record compilation of glam/gothic rock, "Pink & Black", and will record a new album this summer. Read an exclusive article on Pretty Boy Floyd elsewhere in this issue.

Poison vocalist Bret Michaels has been involved in everything from unofficial pornomovies (with Pamela Lee Anderson) to Zalman King movies but now it's time to do what he does best, rock n roll. Poison will enter the studio at the end of march with the original line-up.

Enuff znuff will release two albums this spring and summer, "live" in march and "paraphermalia" in the summer.

Marylyn Manson and The Newlydeads will release new albums in May.

Ex. Quireboys vocalist Spike will release his first soloalbum soon, only on Internet.

Whitfield Crane (ex. Ugly Kid Joe)is currently in Life of Agony.

Warrant, Quiet Riot, Slaughter, Firehouse and L.A. Guns will tour in "Rock never stops" tour this summer

Slash (ex. Guns n roses) will release his second soloalbum on march 10th, titled "117E".

In related news, Izzy Stradlin (ex. Guns n roses) will also soon release an album

Slaughter guitarist Tim Kelly has died in a car accident. R.I.P

NYC's Detox Darlings will have a song, "Pretty Lil' Junkie" on Delinquent Records' compilation "Pink and Black". They've also got a new photo.

Wicked Kin proudly present their new drummer, Sixx. They are still working on their second CD and looking for a lead guitarist.

Dee Snider insist that if Twisted Sister reunite, it will be in full make-up. His film "StrangeLand" will soon be finished.

Sansei records is sponsoring yet another glitterrock show at The Troubador. Spiders & Snakes, Willow Wisp, Revlon Red and Rebel Rebel will perform on Saturday march 21st, Call (310) 274-4050 for tickets.

Aussie hardrockers Bengal Tigers will soon release their single "Fight for your right to party" (a Beastie Boys cover) soon.

L.A. rockers Cutthroat will release their debut in April.

Foxy Roxx has got a song on "Pink and Black" as well as on an Ace Frehley tribute. Jerry Vayne says "As for 'Mixed up World' we had a problem with the packaging that resulted that resukted in completely redoing the cover. We hope in the next two moths". They'll play San Diego on March 16th, Cocunut Teaszer at 29th and phoenix on April 17th with Arizona's Psycho Gypsies.

Ratt is touring to support their "Collage" album, they will soon enter the studio to record a new album with Mike Clink (Guns n roses)

Germany's High Vaultage label will reissue legendary L.A. band, Shark Island's "Law of the order" from 1989.

Gothic Willow Wisp has recently been put on Delinquent Records where their album now is available on the net. They are also working on a US tour.

Swank Deluxe is touring the UK between march 11-30

John Corabi's and Bruce Kullic's Union (sarcastic name considering what happened to their previous bands) has put out their album. It supposed to be good!

Queeny Blast Pop is getting some serious label interest, they will soon pick one and start to record an album. Their next show is at The Whiskey on march 17th.

Kyle Vincent, Powerslide, Tubetop and The Hutchinsons recently played at L.A.'s Powerpop festival Poptopia.

Vinnie of Suicide Kings told Glam & Glitzine "We played with Spiders & Snakes,Miss Tress, & Suicide Alley at the monthly glamfest they hold at the Coconut Teaszer. Last month it fell on Super Bowl Sunday so attendance was sparse. But this time the place was packed and we all had a great time.We'll be playing with LA faves Atomic Punks this Friday the 6th at The Rock in Canoga Park. Atomic Punks do a tribute to old Van Halen and the singer is a dead ringer for David Lee Roth.They always put on a fantastic Set. As for us we are in the final mix-down stage of our new recording. I thought it might be done by now but better give me a couple o' more weeks. We have worked intensely on upgrading our vocal parts and it is coming out quite nice thank-you.Our main goal is to bring out a vocal trade- off/harmony that you just don't hear that much anymore. Ala Stanley/Simmons or McCartney/Lennon.I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.". I'm looking forward to that!

Prom Queen Starz told Glam & Glitzine "We are working on a new Tape to be out by Spring time, we are talking to a few independent labels, about a deal that could take us to Europe, Japan, and here in the U.S., We just did a show in Poughkeepsie, NY. on Valentines Day and we had a great time, sold out show of about 500 kids at Confetti's. We were able to showcase some new songs for them that will appear on the tape.". These starz will shine bright in the near future, believe me!

Mister Manic (reviewed in next issue of Glam & Glitzine) has a song on Delinquent Records' compilation. They will start to record their first CD this summer.

Alley Kasey formely of Atomic Twist reported "Atomik Twist is no more. We are now known as Cherry Bang and have a couple of line up changes First of all let me say that the sound and the focus of the band have changed little, and a lot of the Atomik material has carried over. It's Alley Kasey on ld. guitar, Kehli Atomz on Bass, Billy Carri on  vocals and Paul E. King on drums. Our new email addy is our hotline is (513) 956-9661 and our web page will be up soon @"

Texas Vampires are currently writing song for their second CD.

Bobby Monroe (ex. Guttersluts) is the new drummer of Suicide Alley.

In somehow related news, Suicide Alley has signed a contract with Delinquent Records. Look out for their forthcoming glam/sleaze masterpiece.

Traci Michaelz' Peppermint Creeps features Markie De Sade (Revlon Red) on vocals. I hope this band will get it together one of these days because it sounds glamtastic.

German glamdolls Hollywood Teasze are mixing their 2nd CD at the moment, more on that later on.

Drag queens Temptress are working on their CD which will be released in May-June

Crown Jewels (formely Company of Wolves, remember them?) recently won an unsigned band contest.

Kevin Moser of Da vinci's Cradle said to Glam & Glitzine "The latest with us is we've just completed photos for the cover back insert and the band photos. On the 21st we're mastering with Bart from Psycho Drama. After the mastering we're going in to do the layout and that's the final step till we send it of to press. We'll have a newsletter out in March and then the push is on to get the album out for sell."

Illegal is in the studio as well, working on their CD. They're also playing shows with Lynch Mob and Pretty Boy Floyd.

Vamp's Drew Blood talked to Glam & Glitzine "Vamp is still in the studio, we have five more tracks to put the finishing touches on and then we begin mixing. Send out our apologies to our fans for taking so long but this album is worth the wait. As I told you in the last issue I have my own label, the first compilation comes out next month and it contains two Vamp songs, if any one is interested, send $5.00 US OR $10.00 International, the comp contains 13 songs of all different indie rock type sounds. If any one wants to get on the Vamp email list send me email at and you'll be added.

Comp Address:
PO Box 58
Plymouth, PA USA 18651"

Vampire Love Dolls have sold out their first CD and getting plenty of good press (read the review section).

Beauty School Drop-outs recently released their "Cocktail Tramps" CD and have a song on a Hanoi Rocks tribute CD.

The Hutchinson's have just finished their new demo tape "SuperLoFiQuadroTrakDemoTape". It's supposed to have a ber pop feel. Titles: "Blown Away" "Fanciful Eyes" "Liberteen" "Fanfare for the Suicidal Man" (alt title: Day by Day) "Bringing Me Down" "Caught With My Pants Down" Blown Away * Fanciful Eyes * Caught with my Pants Down are in the Pop mode... Liberteen has strings on it Fanfare has French horn Bringing Me Down is very John Lennon

San Fransisco's Romeos Dead is recording a new 7" single with Davy Vain.

Lindsey Anderson (AKA Kitty Kowalski) told Glam & Glitzine "Our (The Kowalskis, Ed)CD 'all Hopped Up On Goofballs' should be out in the next couple of months. Our label, blackout! is seeking a partner for a co-release and raising money for radio promotion. They want this to be a big thing and so do we, so we have to wait it out! Feel free to contact blackout! at And other great stuff is coming up - we are very excited about being asked to play the South-by-Southwest conference. We do interviews and stuff all the time, and we're still selling our 7" and comps at shows. We are also in the process of making the first Kowalskis shirt ever! This may not sound like a big deal, but we have been together for two years and just never got around to the merchandising thing!

You can hear soundclips on our Web page. I'm going to update it really soon and put lots more stuff up there!

Contact: PO Box 989, New York, NY 10014
hotline: (212) 604-4263

Darren gave Glam & Glitzine an update on all his projects. Are you ready? Let's go "All projects such as Trendkill and Electric Religion etc..are now disbanded. I've made the decision to make my solo-project EXiT21 my #1 priority. The new EXiT21 album 'Virtual/Indecency' is now available, it's got 18 tracks on it, and clocks in at 65 minutes. Before the official release of V/I though at the end of March EXiT21 will be releasing a single entitled 'Desert Island' which is taken off 'V/I', the new single is backed with a previously unreleased track 'Unaware'. The Trendkill will look the same for a week or so, but when all the graphics/html etc. is finished it will be total EXiT21 and will include links to new merchandise aside from cassettes like T-Shirts(I get the master back from the printers on Wednesday). note: There will be a link to a Lipgloss page, because Dean and I have a soft spot for our glammy pop tunes, so the finished version of our original tape will be released and finished soon, but we're both so busy at the moment, it's hard to put a date on it's release. I'll be using 'Desert Island' as my promotional tool for the record companies/ezines/fanzines etc, and several hundred will be eventually sent out over the course of a fortnight at the end of March if you would like a copy, let me know. And if want to put a label on the EXiT21 material 'alternative/electronic/pop' would probably be the best way to describe it."

I recently received a Swedish fanzine called Sleazy Alleycat. It's quite impressive and features plenty of todays great glambands. Write to: Sleazy Alleycat, Högåsavägen 13, S-342 35 Alvesta, Sweden.