Archive News - March 1997

LA's best glampunk band, DARLING DEAD, has changed their name to DARLING DIED SUICIDE. They also have a new vocalist, SINN, and a new demo.

Tyla (ex. DOGS D'AMOUR) and Spike (ex. Quireboys) have joined company and released an album, "Flagrantly yours". It's sounds like DOGS D'AMOUR with Spike's vocals, that's no suprise since most of the material is written by Tyla.

  Does anyone remember THE LAST GREAT DREAMERS? Well Marc (vocals), Slyder (guitar), Paul (bass) and Steve (drums) have bounced back into the musicscene as JET, a popunk band with touches of 70's glamrock. They have a two song tape out (featured tracks are "Superboy disaster" and Sci-Fi Louise") it costs £ 2.00 in the UK and £ 3.00 overseas. Send orders to: JET, 43 Queen Mary road, Upper Norwood, London, SE19 3NN, UK

Ex. KIX guitarist Ronnie Younkins and Jimi Bones have a new band - JEREMY & THE SUICIDES. They have a five song ep available for $. 6.50 from JEREMY & THE SUICIDES, 38126 Baltimoore, MD 212 31, USA

Ex. KIX vocalist Steve Whiteman has a new project called FUNNY MONEY.

LITTLE REBEL (formely CHEYENNE) will soon release their new album "Full rebel jacket". I haven't heard anything from the new album but they used to sound a bit like FASTER PUSSYCAT but with a different vocals, not as sleazy as the pussies.

ENUFF ZNUFF has a new album out "Seven", it's the same album as the two years old "Brothers", which follow the direction taken with "1985", a poppier approach that is.

  Yes, it's true! Rikki Rockett states that C.C. Deville is back in POISON. He should know, shouldn't he? They're considering making a new reocrd and tour. "Crack a smile", their already recorded fifth studioalbum (check reviews) won't be released.

It seems like the rumoured reunion of BIG BANG BABIES won't come true. According to Kerri Kelli (guitar/vocals), Tweety Boyd (bass) was only interested in money. After the break-up, Kerri Kelli has been with BLOW and RUBBER, Tweety Boyd's played with ADVENTURES OF LILY and KIT ASHLEY's (vocals) been busy working with FURRBURGER and 98 UGLY GIRLS. BIG BANG BABIES were probably the best glamband in the early nineties. They released two cd's which every fan of glam should buy.

Italy is famous for many things but certainly not for producing plenty of glam/sleaze bands, JET RED is probably the most recognized one. That's about to change though with JOLLY POWER and their debutcd "Fashion, milk & smoking pills".

REDD KROSS will soon release their new album "Show world".

GUTTERSLUTS are history. They haven't left the world of glam without leaving some traces though, in form of their cd "Beg, borrow and steel". A perfect piece of sleaze street metal.

Gilby Clarke (ex. CANDY, KILL FOR THRILLS, GUNS N ROSES) will have another soloalbum out this spring. It's supposed to be influenced by 70's glam/glitter rock.

Sugarkill, featuring ex.members of RICH RAGS and THE JOEYS, have a cd out - "Soild gold spastic fraction"

SASSY SCARLET, Canadas finest glampunk act, has unfortunately disbanded. Staci (guitar) is now with CONSCIENCE PILOTS

MOTLEY CRUE's new album is titled "Generation swine". The First single will be released April 1st, the album is set for a May 6th release. The special cd "Black widow II" is perhaps more interesting. It contains "Too fast for love", "Live wire" (leathur versions), "Toast of the town", "Stick to your guns" (their first vinylrelease), "Black widow", "I will survive" (from a 1983 demo) and much more from the glamera of Motley Crue

German glamzters HOLLYWOOD TEASZE is currentle touring with LOVE SIKK JUNKIEZ from France. They're considering making a video for "4 my parents".

FOXY ROXX is in the studio working on their second cd album. The first album "Shake the foundation" is highly recommended, a glamrock masterpiece.

GLITTERBUG, featuring Rick Bennett and Ringo (ex. WATERBRATS), is a new band making some noise. They play british pop, similiar to SUEDE, with touches of 70's style of glam.

CANDYAPPLE QUEENZ with Traci michaels (ex. TRAGEDY, HEART THROB MOB, GUTTERSLUTS) and Brandy kates (ex. DARLING DEAD), have changed their name to GLAMVESTITE VAMPIREZ.

  Chicago's best glitterpunk band, THE ORPHAN PUNKS, have changed their name to THE FABULOUS.

TESLA has disbanded. Brian Wheat (bass) is playing with SOULMOTOR, Troy Luccetta (drums) has a band called ONE THIN DIME. Tommy Sceoch (guitar) is in MILKBOX.

Whatever happened to all the great sleazebands of the eighties? Well, two of the main men are still rockin'. Taime Downe (ex. FASTER PUSSYCAT) and Kyle Kyle (ex. BANG TANGO) have a new project - THE NEWLYDEADS. Ex. BANG GANG guitarist Todd Miller is also involved. THE NEWLYDEADS´ cd was released Feb 11th in US, through Bubble records. No plans for a european release yet, G&G will keep you up-dated.

The rumour that THE WILDHEARTS are callin' it a day is false. Ginger states in KERRANG "Regarding the recent shit about this supposed Wildhearts split, nowhere have I or any other member of the band officially stated in the press that we are to split. We are taking a break, that's it." (96 11 09) Ginger also tells all WILDHEARTS fans NOT to by the forthcoming compilation album, it's ripoff.

NY's finest punkpop band D-GENERATION recently released their new cd "No Lunch". Some of their old songs, "No way out" for example, are re-recorded.