Archive News - February 1999

The Alice Cooper box - The Life & Crimes of Alice Cooper - will be out on April 20.

The new Guttersluts CD has been postponed one month

Check out Starr featuring ex. members of Lovemaker, Young & Fabulous, Monroe, Kiss Army, Smashed Glady's, Dogtown Balladeers and Scarlet Fever.

Toronto Glam/Trash bastards White Sluts have just heared word that their cover of the L.A. Guns classic album track "Wheels of Fire" has been accepted by Kharboza Records in the U.K. and will be appearing on the L.A. Loaded CD tribute to Tracii Guns. For any more information, the band can be E-mailed at

Sean Decker recently told Glitzine "... on February 12th I gigged with 'Near Death Experience' ( ) who asked me to perform the song 'Black, White & Brutal' on stage with them at Hollywood's Sunset Strip venue the Teaszer. I'll be singing with them again (as well as doing a cover of the Nymphs song "Sad & Damned") at the Teaszer on March 12th."

The Peepshows just finished recording a seven track mini-LP, release date middle of april on Safety Pin Records

Backyard Babies recently won a Grammis (a Swedish music award) as best hard rock band. Dregen trashed a guitar on stage together with Swedish comedian Dan Bäckman.

  Marilyn Manson and actress Rose McGowan are engaged. McGowan announced the engagement on Howard Stern's radioshow

  Peepshows and Strollers have signed to Goatbridge Productions which also promote Hymans, Smooth And Greedy, Vermin, Rockets, Rise And Shine and The Jugheads.

American Heartbreak have finished their new, yet untitled, album. The fourteen songs were recorded in three days with producer Matt Bayles (Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Queensryche among others).

Bret Kaiser, former vocalist in the legendary Madam X, recently joined Psycho Gypsy on stage, singing "Rock n Roll All Night" and "Look What the Cat Dragged In".

The next EXiT21 release 'c:P' which will be ready in a short while, has had a format change. The 3 songs (and 2 interludes) will not now come out on an 'enhanced CD ie. extra CD Rom tracks' but will be instead just cassette, but also available in Video format.

Plan 9 will release "Dead Inside" in Germany on the 22 of February, three-four weeks later in the rest of Europe. It contains seven songs: "Rockaholic", "SuperPsychoLove", "Rock'n'Roll Alcohol", "What You Do" (Dogs D'Amour cover), "Caught in the Act", "Teenage Lament '99" and "For You" (Anti-Nowhere league cover). The Boys have already finished seven songs for their next album, due to release this fall. Turbomas describes the sound as "70's and 80's glam with the energy of punk". Sounds great!

Ricky Perdue (Guttersluts) stars in a pornomovie called "Dirty Debutantes #74". So many girls, so little time... right? :0)

Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, and James Young of Styx fame are all making appearances on the new Enuff Z'Nuff CD, "Paraphernalia", due out April 20th on Spitfire Records. Billy will be doing the lead guitar work on an updated version of the Cheap Trick cover "Everything Works If You Let It," and Rick Nielsen and J.Y. will each be appearing on three songs.

Without missing a beat, the new Bass player for L.A. Guns has been confirmed as Stefan Adika who, up until recently, was playing with Gilby Clarke. Reports suggest that Stefan is a good friend of the now departed Johnny Crypt and was Johnny's first suggestion as a replacement. On the subject of his new gig, Stefan told Electronic Gypsy : "You can't replace Kelly (Nickels), you can't replace Johnny. Everybody has to just do their own thing. I'm not gonna try and do what those guys are playing. I'm just gonna be myself. I'm not those guys. I'm just me. People will have to meet me when I play with L.A. Guns and then see what I'm all about. Whoever's seen me play with Gilby...then they know what I'm about."

Drummer Steve Riley told Metal Edge that Johnny Crypt "overreacted like a lot of other people, thinking a tour with the old lineup was imminent".

  Sources close to Geffen Records say that Axl Rose has been back in the studio for awhile, working on the new Guns n Roses album with producer Sean Beavan.

John Corabi's and Bruce Kulick's Union, will release their second album.

Night ranger, Quiet Riot, Ted Nugent and Slaughter will be included in this summer's Rock Never Stop's tour.

Junkyard and Jetboy will reunite this spring and play some shows. Junkyard will release a "new" livealbum (recorded 1990) and Jetboy will release an album - "Lost & Found" - of demos and unreleased tracks.

In what could be a major upset, bassist Johnny Crypt has officially left L.A. Guns. The cause for his departure is the upcoming re-union album "Black Beauties" which he feels could ruin everything the new line up has accomplished since its inception. Crypt told Electric Gypsy "I love this band and the guys, and wake up every single day thanking my lucky stars that I'm able to play with such a high caliber of musicians. But I must be honest here... This reunion record I felt was going to do more damage than any of the singer changes... There was a time when I felt NO ONE could get into this band and come between us and our goals, I just don't feel that way anymore.". No replacement has been announced as of yet. In further L.A. Guns news, the upcoming album's title has been changed from "Hellucinations" to "Shrinking Violet". Read Glitzine's article on the L.A. Guns reunion

D Generation's forthcoming record "Through the Darkness" on Columbia/Sony Records is due to release in February 23, 1999. The New single "Helpless" will be featured in the soundtrack of Miramax Film's "The Faculty".

The Mistakes has put up four songsamples on their website, all songs will be featured on their forthcoming album - "Dressed for Suckcess". The First single will be "Junkulture". The Mistakes was also voted "Best Punk Band" by Rock City News.

Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars have finished demoing songs for their upcoming album, but there are no plans for release as of yet. According to Guitarist/Keyboardist Starboy : "We're shopping it around for now. We don't want to release anything independently unless we have to".

Kyle Vincent (formerly Candy) recently performed at L.A.'s popfestival - Poptopia". He will release his new album - "Wow & Flutter".

Those seeking Glam in the Toronto area have a new home! The Dollhouse has just opened and opening night saw some of the local Glam/Punk scenes finest show up, including members of Tylenol 5, Plasma Blast, Dead By Dawn, White Sluts, Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars and the Hellz Kitchen Show, among others. So now Toronto has TWO great places to show up : The Dollhouse (at the Gypsy Co-op every Thursday) and Cherry Red (at the Bovine Sex Club on Mondays). Dollhouse visionaries & Spiritual Leaders Clay Hunter and D.J. Chris Welch are also working on getting such Glam legends as Jayne County and Sylvain Sylvain (ex-New York Dolls) to make an appearance in the near future.

Plasma Blast are done recording their debut CD and are working on getting it put out. In a positive twist, Glitzine's own writer Adolf Chri$t has agreed to provide them with some live photography of them Plasma Blast in action free of charge on the grounds that : "These guys work hard and are good at what they do, but have been criminally ignored by all press except Glitzine. If my pictures will help them along, they're welcome to use 'em".

Raz Wylde (ex-Hog Wylde) has started on a new project, but it's not what you might think. In between work on his next musical project, he's looking into starting up a web based Toronto musical events calendar under the guidance of Dead By Dawn vocalist/Web master T.C. Let's hope this spirit of goodwill and co-operation lasts!

Psycho Gypsy's new album is almost complete. Check out the brand new Psycho Gypsy website.

The RS Saidso webpage has been updated. Glitzine will soon post an exclusive interview with Mr. Saidso.

Rockers Mad Margritt will release their second album "In the name if Rock" in March on Delinquent Records. They are currently one bassist short.

Punkrock rebels, The Peepshows, will get their show on February the 14th, recorded by P3 (a Swedish national radiochannel). They will start recording their new EP the day after, due to release on Safety Spin records.

On January 25th, the European release of Michael Monroe's latest album "Peace Of Mind" will finally see the light of day. Released by Event Records, this version will include two bonus tracks "I Wanna Be With You" and "It's a Lie". Both of these songs feature the late Dead Boys/Lords of the New Church frontman Stiv Bators. Some continents have all the luck... Glitzine will soon feature an article on Monroe

Brett Kelly's (Formerly Heartattack Jack) new EP is almost done

Romeo's Dead have finished mastering. Their new debutalbum is gonna be called "It's all Your Fault"

Drag/Punk pioneer Jayne County is scheduled to release a 12" single/CD single of his/her classic song "Fuck Off" on February 15th. This will come as a great relief for ardent Jayne fans reeling from disappointment at the schedule conflict which resulted in Jayne not appearing at Max's night at Don Hill's on January 20th.

Manic Street Preachers have been nominated for three 1999 Brit awards. The nominations are for Best British Group, Best British Album (1998's "This is My Truth Tell Me Yours"), as well as Best British Single for "If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next". Pretty impressive for a band that promised to break up after their first album!

Ex. Nasty Idols/Machine Gunn Kelly vocalist Andy Pierce, will soon release his soloalbum entitled "No Place for Late Regrets". The Sound is supposed to be more poporiented than his previous efforts.

May 31st 1999 has been announced as the kick off date for the Poison summer tour. No venues have been announced as of yet. In the spirit of package tours they're to hit the road with Ratt, Dokken and Whitesnake.

Sebastian Bach will soon release his first new songs in three years - "Bring 'em Bach Alive!". It features Sebastian and friends. The album also features a booklet and removable tattoos.

Little Rebel has been in the studio recording "They Only Come Out At Night" for Delinquents' up and coming VA CD "Theatre des Vampyres".

Mister Manic will soon finish their debutalbum - "Dressed for Excess!".

Dizzy from the Rejects is currently working on a new, darker project either to be called The DeadBeatz or The Flesh Peddlerz..

Hollywood Teasze's "No Flakes"will hit cool record stores across Australia in late February. "Girl Power" will be the lead off single and it will be released in May, hopefully as a precursor to the Teasze's first Australian tour. Mail Recognition Records for more info.

Silver City Bandits was just about to release their debutCD when vocalist Candy suddenly left. Silver City Bandits are currently looking for a new vocalist and will eventually re-record the whole album with their new vocalist.

Swedish punks Scarecrows has got a brand new website