Archive News - February 2000

As you all know, C.C Deville was kicked out of Poison. He was, according to the band, using Poison to promote his own new band Samantha 7. Anyway, C.C Deville has now made up with the band and will participate in the tour this summer. Tracii Guns in Poison? It was way too much.

Foxy Roxx's website has a new URL:    

Download The Jackals' excellent demo -  "Killer Glitz" - for free.

Check out the new Swedish r+r band Cosmic Ballroom.

Finnish sleaze/street rockers SIlver City Bandits finally have finished their website. The Band has got two songs - "All the way down" and "Gotta Go" - on the Freakshow compilation. Mail the band for more info. The two songs are the first with J-Cop on vocals.

Plan 9 are currently working on their debut full-length CD on We Bite Records. They have changed theor spelling from Plan 9 to Plan Nine.

All of a sudden Stephen Percy left Ratt and pulled out of the tour. Drummer Bobby Blotzer reported the following to the fans on AOL "I thought i'd pop in and fill you in on whats happened here with our band.  first off, stephen has about 1 tenth of his brain left !  due largely to 30 years of 18 hours a day of smoking   weed and boozing. he has gone well over the edge ...  (   no pun intended  )   he cannot even reason about any of his insanity. not   only did he f**k a list of people that is so vast, but altimatley he f**ked himself and his family . he will be paying for this one for years to come.  let me tell you something, only a crazy person would do something so retarded. the guy is borrowing money from the guy that does our bags on tour  and yet, blows off a tour that would gross $250,000 in 5 weeks...  so look for stephen to continue to hawk his stage socks, shirts and all the mindless  shitty bands that hes done outside ratt on his web site.  cause thats the only work hes likely to get after promoters from around the country catch wind of this idiotic stunt. look in the mirror pearcy........ fat drunk and   stupid is no way to go thru life !     P  S      he should also be thanking our manager tim for getting his ass outta jail  last week for beating up his wife.... are you gonna pay him the money back steve ??   better sell some old stage shirts !  Thanks for all the support from you guys ! we'll be seeing you with a new  "  sober "   frontman soon.". The Situation became confusing as Pearcy   declared that he was still in Ratt... he just didn't want to tour. Ratt are rehearsing with Jizzy-the-uktimate-80'srock-replacement-Pearl.

Look out for the forthcoming Poison tribute album.

Motley Crue's new album will be more old-school hard rock. Oh Nikki, didn't you make fun of that era couple of years ago? I remember you saying in Kerrang!   "We want to prove once and for all that we are not a cock rock band... I always hated that era."

Enuff Znuff's new album "Ten" will be out in Japan in March