Archive News - February 1998

Queeny Blast Pop plays the El-Rey theatre on Tuesday January 27th, 8.00 pm.

Atomik Twist has broken up, and everyone has gone their seperate ways. Kehli and Alley have joined Restless Gypsy. Name on that is subject to change. The current line up is Billy Carey are Lead Vox, Alley Kasey is Guitarz and backing Vox, Kehli Atomz on Bassez and backing Vox, Paul E King Drumz and backing Vox. Write: Restless Gypsy C/O Kehli Atomz, 3339 Epworth Ave. #12, Cincinnati, OH 45211 or call: 1-513-759-0502.

Davinci's Cradle is still in the studion, unfortunately they couldn't make the deadline for the Glam/Goth compilation cd on Delinquent Records "Pink & Black".

Cutthroat has finished recording their cd, they recently played a show with Warrant.

Texas Vampires are currently performing in the Eastern US in support of their debut CD. They also have them featured in a full page color ad in the April issue of Metal Edge which has just hit the stores.

The Hutchinson's are recording 5 new songs this month for a new demo to gain management and label interest. Their cd (reviewed in this issue) is availlable for $ 10.00. They play on Los Angeles' pop music scene annual festival known as Poptopia at February 8th.

I recently talked to Todd of The Mistakes "We're playing our first show of the year Sat.Jan. 17th at "Shock-fest 98" at the Troubador in Hollywood. We're playing with Rebel Rebel,Spiders & Snakes, & Willow Wisp. We've changed our image & line-up a little since we released "Angry Youth". We added Kerri Taylor (Revolution Hazy/Hanky Panky) on 2nd guitar, and on-stage we all now wear matching dress shirts & ties, along with lots of make-up!! Our new slogan is "Dressed For Suck-Cess!!. I'll have a new photo to send to you soon! Please let everyone know they can order our "Angry Youth" CD which containes 10 great Punk/Glam anthems, including a cover of the Twisted Sister classic "I'll never grow!!", by sending $12.00 (U.S funds only, cash or money order payable to Todd Wiltse) plus shipping ($3.00 U.S., $6.00 Overseas)"


The Mistakes,
P.O. Box 370152,
Reseda, CA 91337-0152

Guttersluts are in the studio recording a new demo.

Former GNR Bassist Duff Mckagan has joined his pre-GNR band 10 minutes warning.

Suicide Alley, one of L.A.'s best glam/sleaze bands is still negotiating with Delinquent Records.

Newlydeads will start touring next year, probably around the release of the remix CD. Kyle Kyle (ex. Bang Tango) is out, he's been replaced bt Meagan Mattox.

Ny Punks D-generation toured successfully with Green Day throughout November/December.

Davy Vain's Dragonfly is working on a new record.

Vinne told me that "Suicide Kings are currently in the process of recording a follow-up to our last CD.The new one will be entitled "Supersonic". We expect to have it out around March. I personally like the material a lot better than our last CD. I think most people will agree.A nd after all that's the point, eh? Get better! Our last CD got great reception from radio stations overseas but very limited response here in the U.S. I think this new CD will be able to crack that nut... We also have obtained legal representaion which has come quite in handy lately because of copyright infringements.They are NO LONGER a problem".

Nicke Andersson has left Entombed for Hellacopters.

L.A Guns are rehearsing new material.

Riki Rachman has re-opened the classic rock club The Cathouse thursday nights at Billboard Live (Previously Gazzari's)

Hollywood glamrockers, DeadGirl, is playing the Coconut Teaszer at January 25th.

The next Sansei Records All that glitters live show will be held at TheTroubador in Hollywood and will feature: Premonition Jeff Michaels Band, Willow Wisp, Spiders & Snakes, Rebel Rebel and The Mistakes CD copies of the All that glitters compilation (featuring glambands from Hollywood, such as Foxy Roxx, Spiders & Snakes, The Mistakes, Guttersluts, The Zeros and others) can still be purchased by sending an international money order for $14.98

Write to:
Sansei records
P.O. Box 6245
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Kane Roberts is back with his new band Pheonix Down.

Detox Darlings will be going into the studio this month to record their new single "Ticket To Tokyo", which goes along with the negotiations that are ongoing to bring the band to Japan The Darlings' cover of "Smash Alley" is another song the band will be recording soon for Terminator Records' upcoming Faster Pussycat tribute CD.

Kristeen has started live performances to promote their recently released debut cd. The disc is available through Perris Records International (as advertised in metal Edge Magazine). The single "Pillow Trash" has been selected to appear on Delinquent Records "Pink & Black" compilation due out in March 1998. The band is now trying to schecule a return to the studio for Spring of 1998 to work on a follow up album with producer John Valenti.He (Valenti) just completed work on the new Richie Scarlet album "Wise Guy From NY".

Electric Religion have split up. The Drummer quit, because of his family problems. Rich and Darren have decided to record and produce a CD themselves, the music will sound similiar to Shotgun Messiah 'Violent New Breed'.

Australian Hard rockers, Bengal Tigers (reviewed in this issue), will release their new single soon. A cover of Bestie Boys' "Fight for your right to party", their full-length album will follow in February.

Pretty Boy Floyd has reuinted with Kristy "Krash" Majors on guitars. They have also signed a contract with Delinquent Records for the song "Saturday Night" which will be featured on the compilation cd "Pink and Black".

L.A. Powerpoppers Powerslide (reviewed in this issue) will also perform at the Poptopia festival, among The Hutchinson's and others.

Foxy Roxx's "Mixed Up World" is almost finished, just the artwork and packaging left. Be prepared!

Penny Lane's Bille Layne caught me with some good news "We are in the process of re vamping Penny Lane and are currently writing and recording new songs for our upcoming CD. There are also some member changes..Raci Starr is also out of the band and has been replaced by another bassist who will soon be announced. We have a totally new killer look and unbelievable new songs!!! Like nothing you've ever heard before. I'm so excited about it!!! " So am I, Penny Lane was a major ajor glamband back in the early nineties.

Temptress is in the studio (an undisclosed location somewhere north of Boston, MA) recording their self-titled debut CD on Sonova Beach Records.

Bullet Boys are back, at least according to some rumours.

In similiar news, Warrant will return to their roots which mean more make-up and fun. Gerri Miller (Metal Edge) spoke with Jani Lane:

"He's talking to the original band members about recording and touring. Joey Allen and Erik Turner are into it, but Steven Sweet's participation is a question mark. Considering that the drummer was fired, it's not surprising that Jani doesn't know "where his head's at, if he wants to play, or if he carries a grudge." In any case, drummer Bobby Borg is "gone. It came down to money, and he wanted something steadier. It was by no means a 'Fuck you' but he needed the money." Erstwhile member James Kottak will play the holiday shows Warrant plans (Midwest before Christmas, Phoenix on Dec. 30 and Las Vegas for New Year's Eve) before he rejoins the Scorpions. If Steven declines, "we'll get Max, the original drummer" (who was in before Jani brought Steven aboard). Guitarist Rick Steier "has no problem with the original band getting back together," as he "wasn't thrilled" about Jani's intent to return to the earlier glam pop-metal look and style. According to Jani, CMC has rights to the next Warrant album "but it's up in the air," and deals for the long-talked-about Unwarranted and acoustic compilations are still being shopped ..."

Michael Hannon's (ex. Salty Dog, Bogus Toms) Hilljack has their debutalbum available. Order it from Hilljack, P.O. Box 14381, Columbus OH 43214. The price is $11 for the U.S., $12 for Canada/Mexico, and $13 for the rest of the world. (This includes shipping)

John Corabi's (ex. Motley Crue and The Scream) and Bruce Kulick's (ex. Kiss) band is called Union. They will start recording their cd at February 24th.

Rebel Rebel recently got banned for seven years from The Troubadour. The Kingz of Noise are currently working on new material.

Slaughter, Quiet Riot, Warrant, Firehouse and L.A. Guns, all performing 80's metal and hard rock, will tour together during 1998.

Vamp's Drew Blood spoke to Glam & Glitzine "We are still in the studio recording and still hoping for a late winter early spring release. This new stuff is incredible. Due to the amount of time we spent in the studio we may begin to tour before the release, I will keep you posted. You will find a Vamp song on a compilation from my indie company Garage Records coming out in Feb. I invite all bands to send me material and press kits for consideration. This is a great label and we also own our own recording studio, making it cost effective for use to fully sign a band not just distribute them. Bands should definitley consider themselves underground, pop, punk, glam, gothic, death or hardcore. I will keep you posted. The address interested bands can send their material to is: GARAGE RECORDS ATTN: A&R PO BOX 58 PLYMOUTH, PA 18651"

The Kowalskis' debutcd "All Hopped Up On Goofballs" will be released after major label distribution and overseas licencing are secured.

Swank Deluxe will be touring in the U.K in March. They also just signed an international distribution deal. So their cd, "An Acceptable Level of Decadence" should be easier to find in Europe and Australia.

I recently got a package of cd's from german record company, Inside Out. This ain't glam but fans of progressive metal SHOULD check out Opposite Earth and especially Rhapsody. Two very competent bands headed for stardom. Contact

Watch out for new entertaining glam/sleaze bands such as Romeos Dead (article these issue), John Tonic (review next issue), Black Rose Garden and Demolition Dolls.

Forbidden Planet has got a new website:

Ballroom Zombies have broken up. Robin Black has started a glamoriented band called Intergallactic Rockstars. The Other three zombies has a new band with the vocalist from Riverdale, a Winnipeg band.

The Glam/Gothic compilation will soon be available. The Two major guests for the Goth Side are Sunshine Blind, Attrition and The New Creatures. The Two major guests for the Glam Side is Dee Snider's SMF, Pretty Boy Floyd and D'Molls. Other featured bands are Little Rebel, Black Rose Garden, Detox Darlings, Paradise Alley, Garlic, Hollywood Teasze, BeautySchool Dropouts, Foxy Roxx, Starry Eyes, Spiral Fetish, The Zeros, Spiders & Snakes and others.

Ambush has a new guitarist, Tony Rodd, and are currently writing songs for another cd.

Brandy Kates has left Peppermint Creeps and are relocating to Florida with his newborn son.

Bassist Alley has left God Zoo for his sideproject Full Metal Racket.

Wicked Kin are still working on their second cd. They have found a possible drummer but are still looking for a lead guitarist. New e-mail:

Young & Fabulous! has finally, after some battles due to legal rights, released their new new single "I Get more pussy than Frank Sinatra" (reviewed in next issue of G&G). Check out their website for further info.

Las vegas Noize Boyz have broken up after 7 years. Glitzine feature an article this issue as a requiem to a great band.