Archive News - January 1999

Have you noticed the lack of new material in Glitzine lately? Is Glitzine drunk, divorced and downhill fast?! No, no, no! As the year 2000 is coming closer, the countdown of the NEW Glitzine has begun. Within a month, Glitzine will change it's look, expand it's staff, increase the amount of material and add a couple of services essential to every glam/sleaze punk. You'd better be ready! I've got a bomb and I know what to use it on. The New era of Glitzine will probably change the world as we know it... for the better I might add. Anyone interested to join Glitzine's writingstaff should read this

Check out the new Sweet fanzine

Drummer Eric Singer (Badlands, Kiss, Alice Cooper etc) is hoping to form a jamband to cover glamsongs from the 70's.

Glamband Perfume Bomb is seeking a drummer and a bassist. Their demo "Pink on the Inside" is still available. Aynone interested should mail:

Quiet Riot's vocalist Kevin Dubrow was arrested on January 12th at the North Carolina airport for not payinng a $ 1.000 fine for hurting a girl in the audience two years ago. DuBrow testified that he spent all the money he earned in the '80s, hasn't earned royalties since 1987, owns no property, is currently paying off $54,000 in back taxes, and makes just $200-$250 a show. Condition critical uhu?

Former Britny Fox vocalist Dean "Dizzy" Davidson now works as Jared Dean and will soon put out new material. The music is described as trippy and far from Britny Fox/Blackeyed Susan

The Philip Lewis Band, featuring the ex-Girl/L.A. Guns/Filthy Lucre frontman has been playing quite a bit of late. The California based group has brought their killer show to such exotic locales as...ummm...Santa Monica...and, well...aah...Las Vegas. A confidential source has mentioned that : "I can't get him to go as far north as San Francisco". All those wishing to request/harass the legendary Mr. Lewis to put together the "More Purple Than Black" tour should attempt to bother/beg/cajole /threaten him endlessly at And, please, no dead bunnies in his mailbox.

Prom Queen Starz have broken up... again. Vocalist Kari Mandy Lane will continue with his new band - Freakshow Barbie.

Guttersluts have added a messageboard to their website

NY's D-Generation will soon release their new album "Through the Darkness". The album was produced by Tony Visconti (Marc Bolan, Electric Angels etc)

Michael Monroe has released a CD of demos from his days of Jerusalem Slim. It's available on the Internet at:

Silver City Bandits will start recording their debutCD in Januaury 1999.

John Tonic has finally got a stable line-up and will finish their new demo in Febraury. They will also appear on the Dogs D'amour tribute.

Deadline is approaching for Delinquent Records' new compilation - "Theatre des Vampyres". The theme is vampires (horror, romance, eternal life, modern or old-time vampires etc). This is a multi-genre release, the varied music will be united by the theme. Hopefully this project will blossom into two CD's. Each participating band will receive 30 copies (or 60 if "Theatre des Vampyres" become a single-disc set) plus .071 cents in royalties per disc. Interested bands should navigate to Delinquent Records' "Theatre des Vampyres"

Glamlegends Twisted Sister will be re-releasing their classic albums in 1999, remastered and with some extra tracks.

The Mistakes are playing a showcase perfomance on Thursday Dec. 3rd at The Coconut Teaszer in Hollywood for a major international label. An international tour which will take The Mistakes to Australia and Europe is still in final negotiation but is
sure to happen early next year.

Visit the official Bomb Pops site

Backyard Babies will release a new album - "Safteypins and Leopardskins" on December 7th. It will feature six livetracks and some previously unreleased songs - "Babylon", "Gotta Go", "Backstabber".

Prom Queen Starz have changed their name to Freakshow Barbie

Bret Michaels will play The Roxy at new years eve. C.C Deville's band - Bombs Over Broadway - will open the show.

Paradise Alley was recently invited to perform at the Playmate of the Millenium part by Playmate.

Listen to EXiT21-'Codename:PROTOTYPE' (3tk CD/4tk.cassette - out in 1999) at

The New Pretty Boy Floyd CD - "A Tale of Sex, Designer Drugs and the Death of Rock 'n Roll" is out. It will feature five tracks written by Kristy "Krash" Majors, Steve Summers and Keri Kelli. A tracklisting would be: "Do You Love Me", "Good Girl Gone Bad", "Shut Up", "Junkie Girl" and "Everybody Needs A Hero" (previously recorded by Kelli's former band -  Big Bang Babies) .

Brett Kelly (former lead vocalist for Canadian glamsters Heartattack Jack) is holding a contest. "I`m currently working on my first solo EP and I need help coming up with a title. If you could let your readers know I`m having a "Name the Ep Contest" The Winner will receive an autographed photo and a free copy of the EP when it is completed. The winners name will also be posted on my webpage at". Mail

After seven years, Kristy "Krash" Majors is back in Pretty Boy Floyd on permanent basis which means that the current line-up of PBF contains three of the original four members (from "Leather Boyz..." i.e.). The World will probably never witness a complete reunion though, as original bassist Vinnie Chas isn't a bit interested. In related news, Pretty Boy Floyd recently released a new E.P

Eric Brittingham from Cinderella was in an accident last weekend. He is in stable condition and seems to recover well.

Bret Michaels' (Poison) movie "A Letter From Death Row" was released on November 17.

Babylon A.D.'s new CD - "Live in Your Face" - is finally out. It's a compilation of livetracks from their two CD's "Babylon A.D." and "Nothing's Sacred". It's available a their website

L.A. best glamband (according to the recent Rock City News annual awards) Spiders & Snakes have finished the work on their new album - "London Daze". The album is produced by Dino Maddalone (2000 Retro). The First single will be "Non-stop Rock" with "Public Enemy #1" as b-side. The latter was written by Spiders & Snakes' guitarist Lizzie Grey together with Nikki Sixx and was recorded by Motley Crue on "Too Fast For Love".

"London Daze" is supposed to show a harder Spiders & Snakes, less glitter and more W.A.S.P/Motley Crue kind of glam/hard rock. The CD will also feature a CD-ROM enhanced video track for the song "Glamour Girls" that can be played on any CD-ROM player for Mac or PC. Check out the Sansei Records website or e-mail

Dragqueenies Temptress recently performed in NYC.

Hollywood Teaze is currently getting some major recognition for their 2nd album "No Flakes". Hopefully it will earn them a major recorddeal soon. Some company should pick them up very soon. Whatever happened to scouting?

Bubble is currently the back-up band for MTV' VJ Jesse Camp who recently signed the biggest contract in the history of Hollywood Records.

It seems like NYC shockrockers Prom Queen Starz is finally getting their act together. This pure bubblegum/glamrock foursome is one of the brightest prospects right now.

Little Rebel and Rash''s japanese tours have been post poned untilJapan''s economy recovers.

 Perris Records will soon release Roxx Gang's "Old, New, Borrowed & Blue" a collection of demos as well as Pretty Boy Floyd's new EP.

The Sinisters are holding their annual Freakfest as thier first show in Toronto since opening for Michael Monroe back in February. There was talkof Plasma Blast opening, but with their new bass player absent for now (and the fact that guitarist Scarlet plays for both bands) means that the coveted spot goes to Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars. Glitzine's Canadian corre- spondant will be there, camera in hand. In an ironic twist, Robin will be without their usual bass player as he's currently on tour with Red Autumn Fall. His temporary re- placement will be Kai (not to be confused with Kai of War Milk Boys fame) who is rumored to be working in a side project with Tim Welsh (ex-National Velvet) and Sam McDermot from Tylenol 5. (Do you get the feeling these guys are a little overworked what with all the double-time their putting in?)

Dead By Dawn have released their second CD Devilution. To see more of this band, check out their web site. They are (still) searching for a bass player since the departure of Mr. Bones and have Mick Fubar (ex-Jack Damage)subbing in until a permanent replacement is confirmed.

Kingsize was a glam/hr band from Gävle Sweden. They existed between 85-92 and recorded some quite impressive material which soon will be released on CD. Check out their website

The Hellz Kitchen Show now have distribution with Polygram. In other H.K.T. news, the whole band is being flown down to Los Angeles to appear in a film (details are unknown as of yet - we'll keep you posted as details become more available)

Mister Manic will record their debutalbum - Dressed for Excess -  on the 2nd week of November.

White Sluts are finished mixing their "live debut" tape and CD under the working title : "Happy as a Bastard on Father's Day". Unfortunately they've lost guitarist Joey Bernard esq.

Nick Walsh (ex-Slik Toxic) has formed a new band, the more altenative flavored Raised On Mars. They've released their self titled debut tomixed, but generally positive, reviews. Local media coverage has been pretty sparce but some fans have complained (though not openly) aboutNick's "dismissing his work in Slik Toxic as 'cheese'". Despite this, Raied On Mars have been playing to relatively large and receptive crowds.

The Mistakes have returned to the studio to record a couple of new songs, "Junk Culture" and "California Screaming". Both will be added to the "Dressed for Suckcess" tape. The Artwork had to be re-done due to a change in their line-up.

The New Spiral Fetish site is at

Erik Lannon is back as the drummer of American Heartbreak. They will release a single in January and appear on the Dogs D'amour tribute CD with "Empty World". Check out their website:

The Finnish Rock ´n Roll Freakshow '98 CD is finally out. It features 5 sleazy rock ´n roll bands from Finland - Silver City Bandits, Burning Pipe Harmony, Killing Spree, Unskinny and Too Sophisticated. The Album will soon be reviewed in Glitzine. Get your own copy ( $ 15.00) from:
Silver city Bandits
PL 56

U.K. Glamrockers Paradise Alley will play the U.S. from October to December. Anyone who can help out with gigs should mail:

There's a new Warrant sit at

Serena has an excellent page dedicated to glamourous genius RS Saidso (Town Klown, Silly Scream, Frankensten Drag Queens From Planet 13 and Dragster 66)

Fans of Saidso should also mail Addiction Records which sell most of his releases as well as some others.

Stratosphere have a new website address:
They are currently working on their second CD with new drummer Johnny Purcell.Guitarist Aeriel Stiles said to Glitzine"... we plan on taking our image over the top, jeff's already made some way colorful/psychedelic outfits. We plan on bringing image and heavy music back to the forefront of rock."

The Dogs D'amour tribute now involves 22 bands. Hundred Million Martians will do "How do you fall in love (again)", Plan 9 will do "Wait until I'm dead", Hi School Hellcats will do "No Gispsy Blood", Satellite Kids will do "Mad Bad Jack", The Double Dealers will do "Lady Nicotine" OR "Saviour". The new bands are Neil Leyton (Canada) - "Scared of Dying" OR "Hate Pain", P.B. Harmony (Finland) - "Baby Glass", Trash Brats (USA) - "She thinks too much of me" OR "Firework Girl", Rejects (USA) - "Victmins os Success" OR "Princess Valium", Streetwalkin' Cheetahs (USA) - "Debauchery" and Subterraneans (USA) - "How come it never rains". Read more...

The Spiders & Snakes website has been updated with new graphics, photos,

Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach will soon release "Bring 'em Bach Alive" which will feature livesongs and covers.

Queeny Blast Pop will tour the U.S. through October

Temptress, the world's hottest all-male girl group, now has Tshirts available!
They are black (like our hearts!), & cum in L or XL size. Printing is on the front, it has the Temptress logo, & says "Sex, Drag, N Rock N Roll" and "Share the luuuv tour" underneath. These are kickass, high quality shirts, for ONLY $12...for a limited time, readers of Glitzine get FREE shipping on these shirts. Send your orders to:

(make checks out to) Dragstrip Entertainment Inc.
191 Chandler Road Andover, MA 01810
Tel: 978-975-5180 Fax: 978-688-3980

ordering info will also be up on the TEMPTRESS Merchandise Mall web page soon!
See it at...

Lillian Axe will soon release some of their old demos (Poetic Justice- era) on Z Records. This is great stuff! Keep your eyes open!

The Fabulous Romeo's Dead is currently recording songs with Davy Vain for a forthcoming full-length album. Some songtitles would be "Off The World", "Nothings Gonna Kill You", "We Are The Hated" and "I Dont Wanna Hear Any Love Songs Today". This band is a month of Saturdays, their new single will soon be reviewed in Glitzine.

Swedish glampunks Plan 9, signed to german label We Bite Records on September 28th. The First release will be a MCD featuring songs from their impressive "Dead Inside" demo. Plan 9 is currently writing songs for a full-length album due to release next year. The Band will also appear on several tributes in the near future. Plan 9 will honour Dogs D'amour, Faster Pussycat and Motley Crue. Glitzine will keep you posted.

Joe Hutchinson (vocalist/guitarist of popband - The Hutchinsons) recently did a soloperformance.

Drew Blood of Vamp updated Glitzine on their forthcoming CD "We're still waiting, I moved my studio and construction isn't done, all we need to do is mix. It's a shame for the delay because this album rocks, if any fan wants a sample of a new vamp song we are on the Garage Records sampler $5 US, $10 International available through Vamp. It has alot of great other bands as well. I apologize to our fans and to quote a line from the last album, "Look out world cause here we come"."

Davinci's Cradle has been caught in a state of confusion as of late "Our singer is out and we will continue on as the same band, As for the album that's kinda still up in the air. We don't know if we should release it or not. Staci the guitar player will be doing the vocals also now. We're gonna be a three-piece and maybe add another guitar player down the road to help us out. The sound is moving more towards The Beatles and T.Rex more pop oriented and no Red Hot Chilli Pepper or Beastie Boys wanna-be shit. It's the way we originally wanted to sound."

Queeny Blast Pop was supposed to enter the studio in August but didn't due to unknown reasons. Glitzine has tried to reach the band but they don't reply.

Drew and Tori (both formerly of Spiral Fetish) have a new band - YellowBrick Roadkill - together with Mikki Twist (Ex. Dropoutz). All three used to spread glamour around NY as Sikk Sexx five years ago. The New material is more pop than previously. There's finally a Spiral fetish website

Exit 21's "The Machine" was released on September 21st. The Price is £ 4UK/Ireland and $ 8:00 rest of the world. Visit the website for more info: