Archive News - January 2000

Happy new year! Glitzine will improve and update more frequently during 2000. The top 45 countdown will continue. Stay tuned for more R+R.

There is a new on-line glam'zine called Veglam. Check it out!

  Listen to Davy Vain's new single "Push me Over" at

Check out the following swedish bands; Threesome, The Vultures, Hellhounds, The Jackals, The Scarecrows, Sugar Shock and Plan 9. Glitzine will soon publish a Swedish-special with a more in-depth look on some of the hotter bands.

Hollywood Teasze will tour in Germany wirh Kevin K and Toni/Ricky from Thee Trash Brats.

Tommy-Lee ear of Motley Crue didn't end happily. Lee hasn't spoken to his ex. bandmembers since the departure. He and Vince Neil did have a fight at the end of the last tour which resulted in Lee insisting in an own dressing room and tour bus. Neil told NYPost that Lee "sounds confused and a bit hypocritical" and retorted, "Dreadlocks and artitsts like LIL' KIM and SNOOP DOGG in your video don't make you an urban or alternative act."

Poison's recordings have been postponed. Rikki Rockett is currently working on a glitterproject featuring covers of Bolan, Mott The Hoople, New York Dolls and others.