Interview with Vanity Blvd

Vanity BLVD, a Swedish glam band, released their first album, Rock N' Roll Overdose, in august 2008. Their way to success has been fast, the band was formed in 2005 and in 2006 the band was contacted by Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper, Happypill) and the producer Chris Laney, who wanted to record an album with the band. They recorded their album in Platform Studios, and in the beginning of 2007 they got signed by Gain Music Entertainment. I talked to singer Cindi about the new album, the band's future and how it's like to be one of the few female singers on the glam scene.

Q1. How would you like to describe your debut album?

Well, I think it's straight on Rock n' roll and also damn good produced.

Q2. How did you get signed so fast? How did you do to make it?

We didn't do much more than tried to be seen as much as possible, on the web and in real life on the streets and get contacts and all of that. After that Chris Laney got in touch with us and wanted to record an album with Vanity BLVD. So we recorded the album and was looking around for a record label, we found some, and finally we signed ourselves to Gain. So mostly it's all about to be seen as much as possible and let people get in touch and check around after the best options, and that's it.

Q3. So far, what kind of response has the album got?

I'm really thrilled, the response has been great. Most of the response has been from places abroad, like US, Germany, England and Italy, and it's feels great that we've got such high ratings on our first album. And that makes it easier for us to get gigs, and in May we will go to Italy and do some gigs.

Q4. Did it turn out the way you hoped it would?

Yes, I do think so, definitely. We've worked really hard on these songs and all of them are really strong tracks, and I'm happy with every little piece we've done actually.

Q5. How did you come up with the band name?

Actually, it was our ex-bassist Roxy, who came up with the name. The thought was that the band name should be Vanity from the beginning, but we added BLVD to our name, since Vanity was already taken. I don't really know how she came up with it, but in the beginning we considered it to be fun with a name like that, and then we just stuck with it, and it was never a good situation to change name. We thought it was a good name, you know, Vanity, we are very vain about the way we look, it's all about the details, so the name suited us good. But in the end, the music means the most of course.

Q6. According to you, what's your biggest achievement so far?

I think it is the feeling that we've succeed, to get somewhere. We fight for what we do, and it goes so well so we put our hearts and souls in what we do. It's all about setting up a higher goal than you think you will reach, that's the way to success.

Q7. Where do you get your inspiration from?

It's very mixed actually. I think that's a bit unique as well, we create our own sound, and even though it is categorized as glam rock, we have a lot of influences from other kind of music. Our drummer, Frecko, likes it harder, like trash and I also thinks he's into a bit of death metal and stuff like that and regular hard rock of course. I like a lot of old soul and blues, so not only hard rock, I look a bit deeper than that. The guitarist, Traci, likes blues and old stuff like that, so we mix a little of everything and create our own sound out of it. We try not to be so narrow-minded.

Q8. Which is the best gig you ever done?

It has to be the one we did on our release party for the album in Avesta actually. Originally we're from Avesta, well, not me, but the rest of the band, so we did our release party there, and it was crazy, lots of people and it was fun as hell. The atmosphere was great, and our gig was amazing, it has to have been the greatest.

Q9. When did you start to sing?

I started to sing as soon as I started to speak I believe, so I've always been singing. But seriously and professionally I guess it was when I started on a rock musician education in upper secondary school, that's when I started to develop the technical aspects of singing.

Q10. In the beginning you were supposed to be the guitarist in the band, right?

Yeah, it started out that way, but it didn't go all the way. The plan is to start playing comp guitar in the band gradually, so I'm practicing. But in the beginning I didn't really have the talent that was necessary to be a lead guitarist, so Traci took over.

Q11. If you look on other bands on the glam scene, there's very few female singers, is it to your advantage or disadvantage do you think?

I think it's both. I've notice that it's hard to get through as a girl, we have less female fans then a male band by some extraordinary reason, I thought it should be the opposite, I guess it might have something to do with jealousy and stuff. It's more guys who like female singers. But in the long run you meet all different things of opinions, some people thinks it's great and others thinks that women should keep out of the hard rock scene, they don't think women have anything there to do.

Q12. Do you feel like you've developed much during your time in Vanity BLVD?

Yes, definitely, I sure have. But we have to wait and see how next album turns out, I believe it's going to be cooler, cause now we've played more melodious and such, and until next album we've developed even more, and we will develop on the way. But it's just to wait and see, but I have developed, a lot.

Q13. How do you hope that the band's future will look like?

I hope on a lot of gigs, and want to be able to live on our music and be able to do what we want to do. Cause as it is now we need to have a job on the side of the music. But in the future, we will come out and play a lot more, do gigs all over the world and record many albums and just have fun.

Q14. What do you work with on the side of the music?

It's in the restaurant business, as several things, like waitress and such.

Q15. Some quick questions...
Do you prefer a little gig with an active audience or a big gig with lame audience?
A small one, it has to be fun.
Guitar solo or beer? I go with the beer.
Nintendo or Playstation? Nintendo, without doubt.
Mötley Crüe or KISS? Mötley Crüe

Interviewed by Johanna Salo

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