Interview with Undercover Slut; August 2003

France may not be the first (or the secord, third, fourth or fifth) country that pops into your head when considering where in the world the greatest / freakiest / popiest / darkest / psychoticest / glamourest / etc / etc / etc bands attire from, but believe me, there's been some greats, there's been some absolutely astoundings and there are definitely still those out there that fulfil the darkest/psychoticest… I had the chance to question the guys from Undercover Slut, read on to hear what they had to say: -

1. Can you give our readers a brief introduction as to who UCS are, where UCS are from and what to expect from UCS's music.

A. Undercover Slut is 'Europe's #1 worst nightmare since World War II'. A gay-Paris based time-bomb… We are that perfect sexual intercourse between creepy Deathrock, '77 Punk Rock nostalgia, Industrial darkness and a so fuckin' pretty larger-than-life Glamour Image. The only thing you can expect from us is the unexpected…

2. How did Undercover Slut come in to existence and what did you do prior to the band?

A. Hate, frustration and anger gave me enough dedication and strength to create and conceive Undercover Slut the way it is right now. Fuck the past, today is what really matters anyway…

3. What merchandise/discs are available to buy and where can these be picked up?

A. Our propaganda tools are available via out official website: or from the best indie record stores in London, Los Angeles, New York and Paris. Simply e-mail us for those stores locations

4. What inspired you to enter the world of music and turn your back on the traditional working society?

A. Being creative and destructive became my only reason to live. Unfortunately, I haven't totally turned my back on today's social life…

5. Is music a career to the members of UCS or do you all have day jobs? Do you find this limits the amount/situation of gigs UCS can play? If a day job does hinder UCS's tour ability, what would be the ideal situation to turn it around?

A. Three of us have shitty day jobs, none worth mentioning, one is luckily unemployed… UCS being our #1 priority, there's absolutely no question about it!

6. Where does UCS draw inspiration from and what bands have inspired the band members?

A. Personally, I do listen to all kinds of sounds. From Public Enemy's black power anger to Marc Bolan's glittery poetry. Gangsta Rap, horror movies spooky soundtracks, 1977 Punk Rock, 70's Glam Rock, porno movies lame soundtracks, Charles Manson jail monologues, Jim Jones fanatism, communism and fascism vintage propaganda recordings too… Those being the eclectic soundtracks of my flamboyant existence… By the way, my speakers have way better taste than my useless neighbours!!!

7. So many people attempt to tie UCS down to a genre, how do you feel about this and if you had to actually place UCS in one, where would the band go?

A. I feel extremely flattered about it. Even more when I realize that I cannot classify our music myself. Burn those labels… Undercover Slut has to be classified under the 'U' section of your record store…

8. Do you find that in today's music industry, personality is more important than skill?

A. I want my lover to have personality and I also want my lover to fuck me like crazy. Both qualities are essential… Real personality is lacking though… It's obviously easier to be a great performer than being yourself…

9. Why do you think image plays such an important role and what role does it play within UCS?

A. Same thing as above, I want my lover to look good and I want to get along with my lover too…

10. What main attributes should a band have and how are these different from UCS's?

A. Be yourself and no one else! Believe in yourself! Do not take shit from anybody!

11. Do you feel that touring is the best way to promote music? And if not, what is?

A. There's so many ways to promote music. Playing 'live' being probably the best way to expose yourself…

12. Technology has given the music industry the power to bring almost any idea to life, but where do we start to draw the line?

A. Unfortunately, technology became a necessary evil for a lot of people nowadays. Real talented artists can do whatever they want to do from scratches though…

13. Should musicians make a conscious effort to sound contemporary?

A. Artists, I mean real artists should be free to be the way they want to be. I honestly don't give a fuck whether to be contemporary or not. Being contemporary sounds to me like being fashionable, being politically correct, politically acceptable. Fuck that shit! See our new shirts' slogan is 'Fashion is fascism'. Don't be a fuckin' fool: avoid fashion, destroy fashion, erase fashion!!!

14. Why the addition of razorblades and hypodermic needles?

A. These are freedom symbols. Our freedom to do drugs and our freedom to commit suicide. I am not saying 'do drugs' or 'kill yourself', I am just saying 'do what you want'. It's all about individual freedom. If that world we're living in was so fuckin' great, then there would be no such things as OD's or suicides.

15. Since appearing in the Hard n' Heavy and Kerrang Magazines do you feel like it's taken UCS to another level and how did you actually get recognised by them?

A. Yes! Definitely yes! Another level, way higher… Six different times in Kerrang! For an unsigned band like us is awesome… Isn't a giant color poster in Hard n' Heavy a fuckin' sign too? Our world domination masterplan seems to work perfectly… More dirt and worldwide press exposure on UCS soon…

16. What are UCS's plans for the next 2-3 months? And what are UCS's future plans as a whole?

A. Welcome to our 'Make Friends the Hollywood Way: Fuck 'Em' Amerikkka Tour 2003! We are touring the U.S.A. from August 24th to 31st, 2003. Witness our August 29th show in Van Nuys 'Gangland' California with America's #1 Shock Rock outfit: Rebel Rebel, (Willow Wisp just added) via, we'll be on stage at 10:00pm (Los Angeles time). It's a worldwide live webcast, so don't miss that one! We'll also be molesting the Beverley Hills Hard Rock Café aficionados on August 24th, the Garage in Silverlake, CA on the 26th, the Pretty Ugly Club in Hollywood on the 27th, Goldfingers in Yucca St., Hollywood on the 28th. Any A&R's out there, get in touch with us in order to be on our 'V.I.P. Beauty Queens & Kings' fuckin' guest-list. More venues and dates will be listed shortly on our wonderfully wicked website:

17. What does UCS have that other bands don't and how do you think this will help in your progression?

A. Integrity! Fuck yeah! Integrity definitely! We are bringing you the truth! We'd like to share it with you. You've been blindfolded and fucked many times by organized religions, politicians, musicians, etc… Punk Rock they're trying to sell you rite now ain't no punk rock, fuck those bandwagons!!! Don't be fooled!!!

18. Finally, sell yourself to our readers!

A. Democracy is dictatorship! Fuck democracy! Vote UCS @ Discover/download 3 brand new Undercover Slut songs via Roadrunner Records official website until October 15th, 2003.
Don't forget to watch that McRed's show with Rebel Rebel and Willow Wisp on August 29th via
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West coast Industrial Glamour Punk junkies, come and see us 'alive' this summer…

Interviewed by Spice D. Warlock

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