Interview with 8-Balled of Tracy Gang Pussy (May 2009)

Phil T. Hi and welcome to Glitzine.

Hey Glitzine.

Phil T. Ok. I'm going to start with the difficult questions first. In my review, I made no secret of the fact that I hated the band name and I've since read a review that spent most of its time complaining about the name and all but forgot to review the CD itself! So, where did the name come from and why did you choose it?

Revlon found the name when he had the idea to form the band, 'Tracy' is for Tracy Lords, 'gang' represents us and for 'pussy' i bet you don't need a draw. And you know, there's something funny because people either love or hate the name. I guess Revlon choose a good one, i mean it makes people talk about it.

Phil T. I also said in my review that the name had Glam connotations and I know that you appeared on Hairspray Heaven Volume 3 on Perris Records . I'm not familiar with your three previous CDs. Is your latest CD - the snappily titled "Number 4" in the same style as your earlier songs or are you moving in a harder direction?

Of course there is an evolution since the three previous CDs, and i think they have more that 'Glam/Sleaze' side. About 'Number 4', we are not moving in an other direction, we 're just doing songs the way we like them withouth any choices pre-established.

Phil T. How is the CD selling?

We don't have any report about that for the moment but we heard it's not that bad.

Phil T. I don't know a great deal about the French Rock Scene. If I had to name any French bands I'd manage Gong , Ange, Shakin' Street and Trust after which I'd start to struggle. Is there a strong scene over there or is it a case of bands having to travel outside of the country to find fame and fortune? I reckon you'd find a welcoming audience over here in the UK if you ever travelled over but where is your strongest fan base?

To be honest, we don't really pay attention on the french scene, i think there is no space for bands like us in France. Each time we went away from France, we had a great welcoming audience. About the strongest fan base, i'd say Germany and Czech Republic it was always great moments. Now we hope to get more chances to come over UK more than we did and so share cool moments aswell with the UK's audience.

Phil T. Are there any other bands in France that Glitzine readers should try and check out?

You should check our friends from 'High-School Motherfuckers'.

OK serious questions over with, here are some fun ones!

Phil T. Please will each band member name their two favourite albums?

Am gonna choose one as in the band and the other as audience because maybe you dont know but i'm not the former bassist. So as in the band 'Number4' and 'Born to lose live to win'.
(Revlon) : 'Black' and 'Number4'
(Suicide) : 'Black' and 'Number4'
(Lucky) : Id say 'Paris Sucks' and of course 'Number4'.

Phil T. Which band that are no longer together would you like to have seen play live at the height of their popularity?

The 'original' Misfits ! It will be very great to see this band!

Phil T. Name five songs that you'd like to do cover versions of and state if you'd do a straightforward cover or put your own TGP style on them.

I can't really choose 5 songs but why not some Anti Flag stuff and of course there will be TGP' style on them even if it's done by chance.

Phil T. Name three bands that you'd love to play on the same bill as.

Anti-Flag, Murderdolls and Rancid.

Phil T. Thanks for making the time to talk to Glitzine and best of luck with the CD - it deserves to do well!

Thanks for yours and to all our past, present and future fans.

Interviewed by Phil T.

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