Interview with Terrorvision; November 2007

Interview with Terrorvision frontman Tony Wright, and Millie from Everyneed, current Terrorvision keyboard player. Holmfirth Picturedome - 24/11/07

Q1. What have you been up to since we last saw Terrorvision play together at Scarborough in 2005?

A1. Tony - I've been up and down the country touring with my other band, Laika Dog, and promoting our new album, 'Mercury'. Some of my wood cuts have been up in an art gallery and one of them was used for the 'Mercury' album cover. I've been busy building stone walls too.

Q2. Is this likely to be the final Terrorvision tour, or can we hope for more in the future?

A2. Tony - It's going really well at the moment, every time we say it is the last time, we get asked to play again so I don't want to jinx it…………Maybe.

Q3.With a lot of other bands getting back together at the moment, how would you feel about a Terrorvision revival?

A3. Tony - We started it all. We've been getting back together for years…………Sometimes you feel that you shouldn't, sometimes you feel like you should. If you ever feel that you don't want to, that is the time to stop.

Q4. What is the most extravagant rider that you have, or you'd like to, get away with?

A4. Millie - Four flowers in the south facing corner of the room.

Tony - There was one that we borrowed from Sham 69, we asked for a bottle of Moet and Chandon to be in the dressing room at every gig. No Moet, no show-et. No Chandon, no band on. We were on tour in Lithuania or somewhere like that and we'd forgotten all about it. The manager of the venue ended up crossing the border and spending what must have been a month's wages to get a bottle of Bollinger cos it was all he could get. When I found out I felt a complete t**t.

Q5. What has been your most memorable Terrorvision gig?

A5. Tony - When we played Donington on the second stage between Sepultura and Pantera on the main stage and we saw all these people running over the hill from the main stage to watch us. The other one would be when they had to close the motorway in Valencia, or possibly when we played Milton Keynes.

Q6. What is your favourite Terrorvision song to play live?

A6. Tony - (without hesitation) Alice

Millie - Is that cos I don't play in it?……………….. Mine would be Middleman.

(Millie gets called away)

Q7. What has been your most memorable fan moment?

A7. Tony - When we were at the The Fnac record shop in France. The shop ended up getting totally trashed by fans and we had to escape out the back door. The fans spotted us and chased us up the road. That was a scary moment.

Q8. What was the last gig that you went to for fun?

A8. Tony - Any that I've played (long pause) other than that it would be (very long pause) LCD Soundsystem in Leeds.

Q9. Are there any unsigned bands that you would recommend at the moment?

A9. Tony - To the industry; no way, not the way it is now. To the people; They should go and see any band, it is so much better than staying in to watch the pop star wannabes shite on the tele.

Just a few quick fire ones.
Black Pudding or Yorkshire Pudding?

Scotch Egg or Pork Pie? Pork Pie from the Celebration pie shop in Skipton

Indian or Chinese? Chinese

Football or Rugby? Football

Living On A Prayer or Final Countdown? Either…….Living On A Prayer

Simon Amstell or Mark Lamarr? Mark Lamarr

Thanks for your time.

Interviewed by Talia Kane

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