Interview with Ken Anthony of Switchblade; June 2007

Ken and I go way back; years in fact, I think the dinosaurs still ruled the earth and red leather pants and stripey shirts were the order of the day. Ken, the lead singer of Switchblade is a mega sleaze/glam fanatic and is now singing as well. We're not talkin The Godz of the Boyz here, but Junkyard and Little Caeser style Harley induced rockin.

In the most unlikely change of roles, Metal Forces main-man turned front-man, armed with raspy Danish Mike Tramp overtones and partners in crime, Martin Steene (guitar), Henning Nielsen (guitars), Søren (bass) and Kim Hageman (drums), have managed to put out 2 CDs and definitely mean business.

I was curious as to what led to this unlikely turn of events, so I was very eager to talk to Ken as a band member, whose over enthusiasm for 80's glam outmatched mine... nearly!

1. Why after all this time in the music business have you decided to form a band?

Hehe to be honest I don't know??? No some of my friends from bands out there told me to go for it. One day Hank Sherman from Mercyful Fate - Force of evil invited me in the studio and we recorded a AC/DC song together (Whole Lotta Rosie) and after that it was just rolling. You know I have been helping so many bands in the past, here in Denmark and in US. And as I said many told me 'Go for it Ken' and I did.

2. How did it come about?

I formed Switchblade dk in 2002 with a friend of mine Thomas, the former guitarist in the band. It all started in LA one day, we were walking down Hermosa Beach talking about the cool scene and we said 'Lets get a Band together when we are back in Denmark, a band with that LA sleazy feeling', and we formed Switchblade, the one and only SLEAZY ROCK N ROLL BAND IN FUCKIN DENMARK!!!!

3. Why is it not glam like Pretty Boy Floyd?

Why not glam, that's a good one. Together with you Kelv I'm the biggest glam fan in the world, hehe!!! But to be honest with you, I don't have that kind of voice!!! But it's ok, I'm a big Sleazy rock fan as well, as you know. I Love bands like Little Caesar, L.A. Guns, old Guns n Roses (no not the new stuff), Junkyard, Jetboy, all that biker rock shit, that's cool. I'm also a very big southern rock fan.

4. Tell me about the other members, ex bands etc?

The other members are… Martin Steene (guitar), he is also the singer of Iron Fire, Force of Evil and he also sings in a Gothic rock band. Henning Nielsen the other guitarist has been in other small bands here in Denmark. The bass player Søren and my drummer Kim Hageman are very well known in Denmark, they have been playin around for years. Martin and Henning are the guys who wrote the songs from our new CD.

5. How much 'live' work have you done?

We have been gigging around Denmark, and we are kickin ass on Sweden Rock Festival in June, come and check us out!!!

6. Have your past connections helped you, like your links to Mike Tramp?

Sure some of my connections help me out, now it's pay back time, haha!

7. Did Perris records give you a deal because you were Cherry St's No.1 fan?

Yes Perris did not like our shit!!!!! No of course not, Tom from Perris is a great guy, he loves the music, he has always been into real rock n roll that cool.

8. What's your opinion on the state of glam rock these days and the revival that's going on in Sweden?

I'm still into that glam shit, I LOVE IT. Sweden has got a lot of cool bands, we have been playing with Panzer Princess and Innocence Rosie in Copenhagen, that was fun we kicked ass and got fuckin stoned!!! Haha, great evening.

9. Do you think a glam band can make it these days like Poison did?

Maybe, maybe not, it will never be the same, but there is a lot of new glamsters and sleazy rockers out there, maybe time will tell.

10. Ken, you were a legend working for Pretty Maids in their early days, how does that connect to Switchblade?

I'm still a fuckin legend!!!! Haha, yeah I have been workin with Pretty Maids, Mercyful Fate, etc. We did play with Pretty Maids at Christmas, a great show. I'm still friends with the guys and Ken Hammer and me are still hangin out some times for a beer or 10.

11. Finally, you were a scribe for Metal Forces, the other glamster. What was it like playin second fiddle to me haha... You did find a couple of great bands... Kidd Comet… Ken, roll off the band names?

Yes, I was, that was great! Yes, I found some cool bands like Kidd Comet, Wikked Gypsy, Shel Shock, Helter Skelter, Shake City, Rozy Coyote, Pretty Vacant, Scarred for Life, Slam Alley, New Haven, Dancer, Jo Mama, Spoyld, Hooligan Stew and many many more. I was hangin out with all these bands in L.A., lots of fun I can tell you.

I'm still in contact with a few people from the old good days, meet some on myspace, that cool. I hope you guys and dolls will check out Switchblade and support the sleaze rock n roll scene. Thanks for everything, see you and remember ROCK N ROLL 4ever. Thanks kelv!!!

12. Ok Ken, make comments?
L.A. or Copenhagen?


Triumph or Harley Davidson?
Harley Davidson.

Mike Tramp or Bret Michaels?
Bret Michaels.

The Godz or Motorhead?

Aerial Stiles or Kristy Majors?

Pretty Boy Floyd or Junkyard?
Wow what can I tell ya, I love both bands?

Metal Forces or Kerrang?
Metal Forces, Kerrang SUCKS

Glam or Sleaze?
No not again, I love both types equally.

Ruby Slippers or Kidd Comet?
Kidd Comet. Sorry Kelv. Hehe!

Interviewed by Kelv Hellrazer

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