Interview with Special Ops

Man, what's with Canada lately? Some really good music coming out of there, don't you think? Well, if you are not sure what I'm talking about you should check out Special Ops: these guys are not only great musicians, but also quite funny!
Here guitarist Akbar Johnson answers some questions for Glitzine while having a snack... Enjoy!

Q1. Introduce yourself: names, instruments, daily jobs if you have any and a word each that defines you.

Waldo - Bass - has a masters in lostology from Mcgill , he came up with the "Where's Waldo" books! very successful. He also has the full time job of watching other people fix his house.

Abe - Vocals - is formally trained in sleep, although it doesn't pay, he still calls it his fulltime job.

Mcgillacutty - Drums - has a black belt in breaking things, like ripping the alarm system out of the old tour van in one yank! He also fixes Motorbikes.

Akbar - Guitar and Vox - has a masters in eating. He loooooves foood! He likes to go to shows and check out the underground scene.

Q2. Who writes the music and lyrics?

We all write the music, usually me or Abe show up with an idea and the rest add in their parts. But for this album, we all meddled in each others business, kind of chaotic to be honest, but it worked. A lot more lively too, you should have seen the wrestling matches.

Q3. For those of us who don't know Special Ops, how would you define your music?

It is bottom heavy elegance infused with ethnic rhythms. See metal heads and hard rockers, are like Sir Mixalot, they like big butts and they like em round! , so we decided to be bottom heavy and loud! lol!

Q4. What are your main influences?

Booze, fatigue, assholes, bleeding noses from excessive nose picking while on 10 hr rides in the van.

Q5. Your third album "Through the Heart of the Infidel" is out now. Tell us anything that will make people run to the record store.

There's gold in it! Promise! Lol Its fresh, its different, and it DOESN'T SOUND LIKE ONE LONG SONG!

Q6. What do you think has changed from "In Search of Madness" Phase 1 and 2?

We've grown tighter as a unit. We have also grown musically, who wouldn't after spending all this time together. Ask any band that's been together for almost 10 yrs, I'm sure they would tell you the same. We also have learned to read through all the bullshit that surrounds the music business.

Q7. The album was produced by Glen Robinson (Voivod, The Ramones, AC/DC, Gwar, Queensryche, Nashville Pussy), how did you get him involved?

We were on the hunt for the next step, so we called him! He said send me the link and we did, then he called back saying and I quote "Lets make and album!" We just wanted to work with people who we were comfortable with. People who get into your head and get the sound that you dream of at that moment of conception. Both Glen and Kevin (Kevin Jardine from Slaves on Dope, help with some pre-prod and engineering on the project as well) achieved that.

Q8. I've heard this album is about the "trial and tribulation" you've seen as a band. Can you tell us more about what's been going on?

Your opening a Pandora's box, best be careful, I can go on all night. To sum it all up, its been since 2002. and its always been rough, but you get used to it. But this past year has been such a bitter sweet experience you cannot believe, from music industry scams, to relationship problems (yes all of us, literally all in the same week or so. Its like they all got together and decided, lets give em hell!) to health issues like Waldos cancer of the arse! But he is over that now, his pooping properly now! I will stop here and not mention the deportation stories.

Q9. You've been around since 2003 and reached a good level of popularity in Canada and the States. How come you never tried Europe and are you going to do it this time?

2002 actually, it used to be a question of how do we get there and how do we play there? Now it's a question of military strategy. If your gonna do it, do it right! So, to make it short, were coming, but you will know when were there!

Q10. Is there any European tour planned in the near future?

I cannot confirm or deny anything at this time, I am tied by nondisclosure agreements which absolutely prohibit me from informing anyone that we are soon to be headed over the Atlantic, to make large amounts of audible disturbances and consume large amounts of alcohol.

Q11. Describe a Special Ops live show.

I have to admit, the only time I have seen one is on video, as ism usually on stage. But I have been told that it is just nuts! I am guessing its because of the High energy and intensity that gets put out, absorbed by the crowd and regurgitated back at us, and then repeat cycle, so it just gets bigger and bigger.

Q12. What are you listening to right now?

Some horrible music that our publicist is checking out on his pc.

Q13. What do you think of your fellow Canadian colleagues Anvil and all the hype about their biography movie?

How many 14 yr old buddies do you know have their childhood dream and pact come true? Also how many people do you know have influenced some of the biggest bands ever. Those guys live an hour and a half away from here, and I can swear I can hear them sometimes. :) You have to love Anvil!

Q14. Is there anything else you would like to say to your UK audience?

Yes, get yourself ready because WERE COMING FOR YOU!

Interviewed by Cristina Massei

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