Interview with R.S. Saidso of Electra-Kill; December 2005

Electra-Kill will be undertaking their first UK tour this month, entitled 'The Black Christmas Tour', which will be knocking on your doors louder than a screaming banshee. Having helped the guys find a drummer to assist on this tour I took the opportunity to help out in as many other ways as possible, so not only did R.S. offer his time to undertake this interview, we have also posted their new CD review and tour dates all at the same time. So it's a full-blown ELECTRA-KILL CHRISTMAS MANIA! Enjoy!!!!

Q1. Could you give our readers a brief introduction as to who you are, what bands you've previously been involved and what band(s) you are currently involved with.

A1. I'm a fake and a liar, a super god, a whore to rock n roll.... Well I guess it depends on who you ask and you can get any answer you want... Everyone has their own opinion! Let my music speak for me, I have played and any other thing you can imagine with.... Town Klown, The Blast Cats, Silly Scream, Dragster '66', The Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13, managed a few bands a long the way such as Lunatic Candy Kreep... You get the picture... Am currently peddling myself as the entertainment piece for ELECTRA-KILL...

Q2. Who would you say your musical influences are (past and present)?

A2. Girls, The Body, The Pills, Jack Daniel's... Ray Charles, The Dr.NO soundtrack and The Muppet Show

Q3. You're set to tour the UK with Electra-Kill throughout December, will this be the first time you've toured the UK and is there any particular town/city you're looking forward to playing?

A3. Yeah, first time for a tour of the UK it has been a long time coming though.. have always had a lot of support from the UK, so it will be nice to finaly be able to come and play for all the people who have showed their support for so many years... I think every city we are just as excited about as the other....


Dec 15 2005 7:30pm @ The Garage (Upstairs), London
Dec 16 2005 8pm @ FooBar2, Heywood, Greater Manchester
Dec 17 2005 8pm @ Tap 'N' Tin, Chatham, Kent
Dec 19 2005 6:30pm @ Subway, Edinburgh
Dec 21 2005 8pm @ The Primrose, Leeds
Dec 23 2005 8pm @ The Camberley Football Club, Camberley, Surrey
Dec 27 2005 7:10pm @ Edwards No.8, Lower Severn Street, Birimingham
Dec 30 2005 8pm @ The Shed, Leicester

Q4. You have very strong links with Paris, France, what with Kill X being French, you having played with Undercover Slut and of course with various recordings being released by Addiction Records, but how did the link with Paris start and what's kept these links so strong for so long?

A4. Well, long story as short as I can make it.... I was asked to come to Paris in 1998 after I had left the Drag Queens to do some 'shows' with the band Undercover Slut. Things were not what I was told they would be when I got here, the band was having major personal problems with members. It was basicaly a waste of time, but the one good thing that came out of it was I met Kill X ( who had started the band 4 years earlier)then known as (Incest) who was the songwriter and guitar player/programmer for the band..... We spent some time together talking about music and finding we had a lot in common and had a lot of the same ideas and goals in mind... We knew from then we had to work together, I set off back to america and that started our working together and here we are 8 years later getting ready to tour the UK with ELECTRA-KILL... So the link to Paris would be just that Kill lives here we have recorded everything we have ever done here (including "The Death Of Venus 292") and I am doing this interview from right So it is kinda like my second home...

Q5. If you were asked to name one unique thing about Electra-Kill or yourself that would surprise our readers, what would it be?

A5. I fucked both David Bowie and Mick Jagger

Q6. How did the name R.S. Saidso come about?

A6. It just happened ...

Q7. You say you write music relating to what's happening in your life and all around you. Is this still the case?

A7. Yeah of course it is, i like things to be real... it is the only way that I can breath another day...

Q8. You're an extremely talented musician with a high multitude of skill, so what made you decide to 'only' sing within Electra-Kill?

A8. It was a long time coming .....

Q9. Town Klown, Silly Scream, The Blast Cats, Dragster 66, FDQ were all categorised as 'some of the most impressive glam-orientated bands of the 90's'. Electra-Kill on the other hand has been classified as being the 'creators of music for the doomed generation'. There's quite a significant change in these statements, are you happy with the way your musical persona is progressing?

A9. Yeah of course I am, life is about growing and moving forward... All of this I do now in EK is just an extention of what I have always done, I have just evolved... If you listen back to all the stuff I have done with any of those bands I am sure you can hear my mark on all of it.... I have never changed who I am for anyone or anything.... And as long as people are talking it is all that matters...

Q10. There's been a lot of speculation and gossip in relation to your past, especially within the Frankenstein Drag Queens camp. Is there anything you regret doing or given the opportunity to jump into a time-machine would like to change?

A10. Nope there isn't anything at all that I would change, I live life with no regrets.... And I can't change others or their actions I have no control over that..

Q11. 'The Death of Venus 292' displays quite a few S&M tendencies, what's your actual take on the fetish scene?

A11. Don't have a "take" on it because it doesn't concern my life, it is not what this album is about.... There is a lot more here then people could ever see I am sure but if you read between the lines you can get a bit of a clearer picture on what it is all about..... It all means something.... You just have to open your eyes and mind to it...

Q12. Where do you see yourself in five years time?

A12. Doing what I have always done, don't ever see that changing... Unless I am dead, then be sure to send flowers!!!!

Q13. Having been in the music industry for quite a considerable amount of time, what advice would you give a new band just starting out?

A13. Get a good lawyer, believe in yourself first, don't listen to the bullshit others put in your head, because if you are true to who you are then no one can take that away from you!

Q14. Do you think musicians should make a conscious effort to sound contemporary?

A14. What I think is that people should just be who they are period, there are enough people trying to be fuckin cool or keeping up with trends.. Just be who you are and do what you do, it will show in your music and that is what will set you apart from all the followers.

Q15. Do you still produce local bands, and if so, is there anyone particular the Glitzine audience should know about?

A15. Well.... I have not worked with any other bands for a while just have focused on Electra-Kill and that has kept me pretty damn busy... But if there was a band out there who I believed in enough I would love to get in the studio with them...

Q16. Is there anyone you'd love to be able to work with on a one-off project?

A16. Fabrice Morvan, from Milli-Vanilli.... So if anyone has his contact tell him to get in touch!!!!!

Q17. I know you love designer clothes, but if you could choose one outfit and one pair of footwear what would it be and why?

A17. Well right now I just wear whatever I don't think about it too much, but when any designers start to shove their products in my face then maybe I can stick to one label or brand.... I love my converse and my horror t-shirts/jeans.. it's about as designer as I get, besides those bruises on that girls neck!

Q18. Finally… this is your chance to sell who you are, what you do and your music to our audience. So fire away with those final Words… Insults… and/or Loving Messages?

A18. As always thanks to everyone who continues to support me and what I do... We hope to see you all on ELECTRA-KILL'S "BLACK CHRISTMAS" Tour of the UK.... There have been so many fans who have written to me through the years I hope that finally we get to meet face to face.... Cheers

I'd personally like to thank R.S. for taking time out of his extremely busy schedule for answering these questions, I'd like to wish him all the best for their first British tour with Electra-Kill, and guys, if they're playing a town near you, make sure you get your asses down and show the guys the support they deserve, so they'll at least come back to play again :)

Interviewed by Spice D. Warlock

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