Interview with The Pleasures; March 2007

Hey Guys, It's great that you can take the time to speak with us at Glitzine. So "Many Thanks" in advance for saying you'll answer any question we fire at you.

1) For the benefit of the readers of Glitzine who may never have heard of "The Pleasures", can you please introduce yourselves (In your best stage intro voices only please!!!!)

Dancette: "Ladies and Gentlemen and those between! Give a warm welcome to the diva of your wildest dream: My name is Dancette Pleasure, I´m your treasure of measure!"

Lord: "The Lord. Doesn't need any explanations, does it?"

Sensai: "Konnichi wa! I am the Sensai. It's an honour to be here!"

2) OK Dancette says that "Ziggy Stardust" and "Velvet Goldmine" attracted him to glam back in 2000. What made the rest of you turn to the glam side of music?

Sensai: "First of all I was influenced by the music of Queen (from the Tapedeck of my parents car).
I always have been facinated by Freddie's King robe and the shows I saw on TV. When I grew older, Rock Music in the 90s was glitter less and rough. That's something that always seemed wrong to me, although I liked the grunge punk music. But, I preferred the shows of 80s rock bands.
To be honest, my links to the 70s original glamrock is my father, who is a great fan of T-Rex and the Sweet. So I know this music very well too. Someday, without reason I could remember, I started to ask myself what that music looked like in the 70s. So I got myself a lot of Videos from that decade. I got to know all of the glam heroes, the Rocky Horror Show, Ziggy Stardust and so on.
But the final cut for me was the "Mechanical Animals" album from Manson, which I got to know because of the soundtrack from "Matrix" and "Rock is Dead".
This was all the show of the 80's, the Glam of the 70`S and the Rock of the 90's together. Since that day, I waited paitently for the opportunity to do somthing like that... and then I joined "The Pleasures", and the dream came true."

3) Looking at your website, I hope you won't mind me saying you guys look like a glorious glam explosion of a band. Featuring the hairstyles of "Manson" the looks of "Robin Black" and the clothes of "Angry Inch". Does getting the image right mean as much to you as the music?

Dancette: "No, I don´t mind and thank you! It´s such an honour for me to be announced in this row of rock stars."

Johnny H: You know image certainly does matter for me; first thing I ask when a band sounds cool is do they look the part??? I want to see a show, and I suppose that comes back to the Kiss influence and a band being larger than life.

Dancette: "I don't just play the music I actually live it through every vein, privately and on stage, so I know ex-fucking-actly what you mean. I brought it into a song with the words: "I´ll bring the show back right on stage, back in your face with a glitter trace. I´ll make you watch before you hear- make real life disappear."

4) To date The Pleasures have released 2005's "Cuming Out" EP and 2006's superbly titled "Greatest Hits" CD.

Dancette: "Yeah, we started with the EP to find out that 5 tracks are not enough to show our songs versatility. The EP was a kind of "IN YOUR FACE" production! Pow! There was no space for experiments or heavy ballads. So we started to record more music and just one year later we released a 16 track strong album in which we let go our desire for experiments.
But for us it's still not enough, so we are working on a 22 track strong double album because there is so much left to say.
The upcoming album will be very unique, and maybe this will surprise even some older fans of "The Pleasures".
If you want go get a preview: check the "Some Like It Rock EP" coming out soon!"

5) My fave tracks from "Greatest Hits"are the wonderful glam stomper "Lollipop" and the quite delicate "Mean Man Machine" the album really is one of great musical diversity and dare I say it maturity for a band so much in it's infancy. Care to comment?

Dancette: "Oh thank you very much, Johnny.
It's a good point to talk about these two very different songs `cause "Lollipop" is written by Lord Vivian and "Mean Man Machine" is written by myself.
"Mean Man Machine" mean's a lot to me. J It´s about the typical situation when you´re back home after a long wild club night….
Lord Vivian and me often write songs together too. "The Pleasures" are not a band with just one songwriter and this kind of work makes the difference, and the album became very diverse."

6) Guys I mentioned Hedwig earlier. To me, "Greatest Hits" was/is a glorious sounding head fuck of a Hedwig sounding album, and Lord Vivian you produced it. How did that come about, and how do you feel self production has actually benefited "The Pleasures"?

Lord: "This was the only way to set the switch to the direction into where we wanted to go. With "Cuming Out" we just let out the first creative explosion, on "Greatest Hits" we tried to walk into each direction we wanted to, just to find the gist of the matter.
The next record's gonna be a straight shooter. Because we know what we want and WHY we want it that way."

7) Its also worth mentioning to the Glitziners that both the EP and CD sold out their initial pressings. How does it feel to have achieved that?

Dancette: "It´s great and sad at once! It´s "sad" `cause now people can´t take "us" home anymore on CD. But otherwise it´s "great" to know that thousands of people who bought our cd are now able to listen to our music on their own stereo after seeing us live!"

8) Moving on to the here and now what can we expect from the soon to be released second album and the lead track "Some Like It Rock"?

Dancette: "You can expect something like your first love, something like you first whisky shot or your first fuck. You`ll be addicted to our music and you want more!
Through your languishing eyes you will see the following double album and this one will give you a kind of satisfaction you never got before!"

9) And we can expect to hear this new stuff in Spring 2007, right?

Dancette: "Oh yes you can. If you would like to get your copy come to our shows or order it through "" or "".

10) What about live shows? You visited us in the UK for 3 shows in July 2006, any plans for a return? And what about at home and across the world?

Dancette: "Yes we will come back this summer and till now I can already confirm five dates for you!
Home in Germany we play a couple of shows every month and of course we are looking to enlarge our playground again. We have got some invitations to go to Mexico, USA and Japan but please don´t ask me when we`ll get there;-)
But first, let's shake the British. Starting in London on August 15th. After this show we will play in Derby at the Vic Inn, in Mexborough at the Civic Hall, and finally on August 18th we'll rock the legendary Trash Stock in Nottingham at Junktion7.
EVERY show can be different! You`ll get smashing songs, a wild rock performance, flying guitars, fireworks and tons of glitter!!!"

11) What are your memories of the UK shows? The trip looked a blast as you captured it on your online video diary.

Dancette: "It WAS a blast and the scenes you saw were 100% real! At the beginning of the first show I was very nervous. I had heard a lot good stuff about the "big british rock scene". And now the "crazy Germans" (that was how they called us in the UK after seeing our shows) had to prove their kind of rock`n roll. Finally we made it and could even convince a pop club in London.
So my memories are very positive and I can't wait to get some fresh impressions this summer!"

12) And what's the live scene like in Germany/Hamburg these days? From my experience rock always seems to have a massive support in Germany. One weekend I spent in Hamburg back in the late 90's you had over 5 metal/rock bands playing in 3 venues. Is it still the same?

Dancette: "In Germany there's still the Rrrrrrr in the word rock! Here we have so many different kinds of rock bands. For the most you'll find pop rock or metal bands. That makes it a little easier for a glam rock band like "The Pleasures".
Here in Hamburg we've got rock venues like the legendary "Ballroom at the Waterkant", not cunt..he,he, the old "Markthalle" or the "Fabrik", just to name a couple of clubs, and you can go nearly everyday to rock concerts. "

13) And what about a glam scene in Germany? You guys really don't sound like traditional German rock bands have sounded over the years. That really must set you apart from the new versions of Accept and Scorpions? What about clubs etc, how do you "network"?

Dancette: "With the German glam scene it´s like in a German proverb that say´s "that you are looking for a needle in the hay".
That mean's there is no real glam scene in Germany so we had to start one. With our music and shows we give people the trust back to dare to be different.
First we got a huge attention from the gothic scene and then suddenly some of them turned into being more colourful. Now our crowd is so versatile.
We play for rockers, Goths, punks, office men and women, for the gay scene and for everybody who never dared to be wrong!
The clubs where we play are very kind to us. To make the whole thing more glamorous and we often invite bands from Sweden, Norway or Finland to come and play with us."

14) Any other bands you think us Glitziners should check out?

Dancette: "Oh yes: You should check Malice In Wonderland, Sonic Roots and Starlet Suicide just to name a couple of bands I really like."

15) Tell me what your relationship is with the TV channel Arte? That seems like a great format to promote The Pleasures to a wider audience (I should explain 10 years ago through our satellite TV provider Sky used to get Arte over in the UK along with RTL and many other German channels, I taped hours of great live bands and documentaries and sadly miss the great music you guys get on TV, plus it had some great softcore porn…LOL)

Dancette: "Arte is just the TV channel which broadcasts a weird show where we played called "Die Piloten". It´s a kind of a trash talk show with faked and real guests. It's very political and that's why I like it.
Arte is better then MTV to promote our band cause you can´t buy any ring tunes on Arte! Haha. "

16) Finally as you said you would answer anything I'd like to ask you some not so serious questions, hope you don't mind.

i) If you could be a member of Manowar for a day which one would you be and why?

Dancette: "Joey Demaio!!! He´s good looking and he plays the bass!"

ii) (Honestly) The last time I saw Adam Bomb he was having a fist fight with Andy McCoy, which one do you think won?

Dancette: "Haha, really? The last time I met Adam was when we toured together, you know, and Andy, I met him after a Hanoi Rocks Show. They were both nice.
Hmm maybe Andy won cause he grew stronger though his jealousy while Adam was performing with Michael Monroe.
(Dancette, your correct Andy did win, but his triumph would not be through jealousy, let's just say Andy wasn't too hard pushed to win).

iii) Tell us an amazing road story that doesn't involve sex, drugs, alcohol, or chickens. (Possibly the hardest question any band will ever get asked so take your time guys)

Dancette: "Oh that will be hard for me to explain ´cause every tour is loaded wit amazing road stories.
But I remember a wild night after our last show in Leicester. We had all banged our heads in the van while we were listening to the special interlude in "Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody".
Afterwards our necks ached and we stopped at a service station to relax in those electric massage chairs. These chairs were very strong and I just loved them! But our tour manager loved them too but not with his back…he turned to get the massage on his chest and beneath. I will never forget his pleasurefull and bloodcurdling screams!"

iv) If you could tour with one major band but it meant paying them with serious "ass action" every night who would you pick?

Dancette: "I would love to tour with Alice Cooper. And if he should prefer to play golf instead of doing shows with us let's ask Robin Black or (if he would be stil alive) Mozart."

And that's it, thanks guys for taking the time to talk with Glitzine, we look forward to hearing "Some Like it Rock". Good Luck and Good Night.

Dancette: "You´re very welcome. It was a pleasure being here! Thank you too."

Interviewed by Johnny H.

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