Interview with 'O' of Undercover Slut

'Amerikkka Macht Frei' hit me like a friggin' nailbomb when I first heard it late last year.
This most incendiary of albums from France's Undercover Slut is surely another platform-heeled step in the direction of severe notoriety. The band have never sounded better and the message has never been clearer.....

I have always agreed with the idea that great art generates controversy but not so with the theory that controversial art is not great. It all hinges on what you think is controversial, right? Undercover Slut mainman 'O' says what he thinks and has been vilified by the ignorant and the easily offended as a result. Taken out of context, some of his words would offend, but it is the quoting out of context that the moron majority appear to wallow in that is the true offender. Although 'O' has been interviewed for Glitzine a couple of times in the past, I felt that with a stunning new album in the bag and a different tabloid-troubling disaster attacking us every single day that this would be the perfect time to catch up with him. So, here it is - unedited and exclusive to Glitzine.....

Q1. First, let me say that 'Amerikkka Macht Frei' really came out of left field and blew me away - you must be more than happy with how the album turned out?

I am glad 'Amerikkka Macht Frei' blows you away and blows away individuals from all over the world too. I am actually extremely proud of that record. I am extremely satisfied with it artistically. Songwriting is strong; my favourite lyrics written so far; production is massive; attitude is up there, higher than ever; sleeve and booklet are insane! Everything sounds and looks killer! So far, in my opinion and in most people's opinions too, the best UNDERCOVER SLUT recordings ever! Get that motherfuckin' record now! And play it loud-as-fuck!

Q2. What were the reasons behind deciding to record the album in L.A.?

I was fuckin' tired of recording songs inside musicians' apartments or garages - using drum machines most of the time, like I used to do in the past. The "WHITE Whore era" became some kind of an alibi for a massive change. Divine, Drag, Fake and I had the opportunity to record it and mix it in Los Angeles, and without any hesitation, took that opportunity.

Q3. How did you decide on handing the production duties to Chris Baseford?

We actually started with Stevo Bruno (Nikki Sixx's Brides Of Destruction debut LP producer), did pre-production at his own Next Level Studio in L.A. - everything was OK until one morning when Stevo got an eviction notice from L.A.P.D.; Stevo found a house in the Valley, moved in, then things went downhill - too many parties, lots of hookers, alcohol and drugs like 24/7. We finally made the decision to stop working with him, ending up at Scott Humphrey's Chop Shop, with Chris Baseford on board (who produced the Rob Zombie live album, Tommy Lee solo efforts, John 5 records, Genitorturers, etc...). Our entire album was recorded on Tommy Lee's drumkit, Divine recorded a couple of songs on Mick Mars' Les Paul and I actually recorded all of my vocal parts in that huge Chop Shop bedroom...

Q4. Tell us a little about the guests that appear on the album.....

We invited all kinda people to the Chop Shop; my good friend Teddy Heavens from Rebel Rebel played lead guitar on "Dali Was A Junkie", then Eric Griffin from
Murderdolls/Wednesday 13 fame came in to play on "Kastration Kar Krashes" and, at last, Charlie Manson's son, Matthew Roberts, did some kinda spoken word duet with me on "Jesus Kills! Coroner Saves!" Nikki Sixx was invited too, but couldn't make it due to his "Heroin Diaries" schedule.

Q5. You mentioned Matthew Roberts who claims to be the son of Charles Manson, although there appear to be some doubts as to whether that is actually the case. Claims that his conception was as a result of a one night stand between his mother, Manson and a biker cast doubt upon his story. How was the guy to work with? Did he wax lyrical on all things Charlie?

Matthew was introduced to me by Lexa Vonn from The Plastics, famous groupie organization. One evening, Matthew came to the Chop Shop and we did that "spoken word duet" known as "Jesus Kills! Coroner Saves!" right away. Working with him was smooth, and that guy is an intelligent indiviual with a conversation. I know there's controversy about it, but he looks a lot like his father, resemblance is amazing.

Q6. I had read that you were introduced to Matthew Roberts by an ex-girlfriend of Marilyn Manson, an artist who has been at the receiving end of some venomous comments from yourself in the past. Were these comments a reaction to lazy Marilyn Manson comparisons by ignorant journalists to your work?

Manson is probably a nice guy, I am just extremely disappointed to see someone who's supposed to shock the world in the first place, with such artistic weapons, become a puppet of that music industry with a message to his audience that is not a message anymore. You see, I wanna support individuals with integrity and honesty - people like GG Allin, Rozz Williams, Wendy O Williams were true people. Manson became really boring - he's a total waste, considering the guy is very talented and not an idiot, obviously. So far, his shock rock is a total failure, his message against christianity being as lame and similar to those black metal bands. Show me Manson being a threat to those "beautiful people" and then my opinion on him will change.

Q7. What is the significance of the album title? The misspelling of America with the 'KKK' is often used as a stab at the racist element of the country, whilst 'Arbeit Macht Frei' was a sign that hung over the entrances to many concentration camps......

Two things! First one, over here, some people think I'm racist because of that KKK spelling. Ice Cube released an album entitled "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted" - let the
politically correct ones answer my question : is that black dude racist too? Is Ice Cube supporting the KKK? I have black friends and I respect them. And if some people dislike the fact that I'm spelling AmeriKKKa with 3 K's, then FUCK 'EM! Second thing, during WWII, Nazis used that Hegel philosophy : "Arbeit Macht Frei", Nazis used it, and I'm using it now, slightly changed it with another word starting with an A, writing Amerikkka with 3 K's for the sake of shock, which leads us to "Amerikkka Macht Frei" that you can translate into "Amerikkka brings you freedom". So far, I've toured the U.S. six times over six years, played more shows in the U.S. than in Europe, have way more friends than I ever had over here. In other words, my own personal homage to a country like Amerikkka that I fuckin' love.

Q8. You used Dean Karr - who has previously provided some intense work for the likes of Amen and Slipknot - on the album artwork, which also included the infamous photograph of the hooded Iraqi prisoner at Abu Ghraib. How pleased are you with the finished article?

Working with Dean was an absolute pleasure. Very nice individual, talented, artistic genius with a 3rd eye! Hail Dean!

Q9. Karr also directed the video to 'Shadow Song', which features some horrifying footage of animal cruelty and slaughter. Whilst your passion for fighting against this horror may be a little less prominent on the new album's songs compared to previous efforts, this video is a brutal blast of reality.......

"Shadow Song" is that video MTV fuckers won't show you because it is, once again, politically incorrect for the masses! This is the truth, this is what's going on every
single day worldwide - organized genocide against living creatures, with the "OK GO" from all governments. FUCK MTV & OTHER MEDIAS FOR BEING OUTRAGEOUSLY IRRESPONSIBLE!!!

Q10. You, of course, continue to promote the work of P.E.T.A. and A.L.F.

Yes sir! The A.L.F. way more than P.E.TA. in fact.

Q11. Tell us a little background to one of the album's best songs, 'Anna Nicole Smith'

I wrote those lyrics after an interview A.N.S. gave to Hustler Magazine a while back. May she R.I.P.

Q12. Continuing the pop culture theme, I'm guessing that you may have a different take on the death of Princess Diana in Paris to many of my British compatriots?

I was relaxing at the Hyatt on Sunset when that news broke. It was definitely a plot, an assassination. You definitely have to be blind and brainwashed to swallow that official statement on Diana's death.

Q13. A member of a U.K. band that I will not name (!) recently exclaimed that "rock 'n' roll does not exist in France". I, of course, recommended that he check out UNDERCOVER SLUT immediately and wash out his mouth with dirty soap. How do you view the French rock 'n' roll world?

That guy is 100% right since he's never heard of UCS before. Regarding the French RNR world, first off, all French bands singing in French need to SHUT THE FUCK UP right now once and for all! Second, 99.9% of bands over here are an insult to RNR! Cheap parodies of Anglo-Saxon bands with shitty French accents, very poor lyrics and boring images. Other French bands cannot stand my white big mouth - stop being sheep, go learn to speak your mind and you'll understand me better!

Q14. I have to admit that I've done the lame tourist thing and been to Pere Lachaise Cemetery where, if I'm honest, I was a little disturbed to find a security guard marching about keeping tabs on all the visitors to Jim Morrison's resting place. Oscar Wilde and Edith Piaff must be spinning in their (security guard-less) graves! Morrison's grave though is probably...sadly....the most famous rock 'n' roll item associated with your country.....

France is a latin land, not Anglo-Saxon. Both the U.K. and the U.S. are RNR birthplaces. Period.

Q15. What kind of reaction do you and your band get from your countrymen in general?

UNDERCOVER SLUT is hated in France by quite a lot of people mainly because of me. Why? I speak my mind and my viewpoint on things is honest and strong. Over here people don't wanna hear the truth at all. There's a lot of jealousy as well. I am different, I see things differently than most people. And all those people are brainwashed followers. Attitude is nowhere to be found, and positivism is M.I.A. - I love pissing them off, most of the time those fuckers don't get it.

Q16. How do you feel about France, famed for its cuisine, now being second only to the U.S. when it comes to profits made by the terror organisation McDonald's?

French cuisine is mainly based on killing and cooking all kinds of "animals" : horses, snails, frogs being added to the usual beef/chicken/lamb recipes - Which sounds like middle age cuisine to me. McDonald's is no better too. All of those slaughterhouses are modern Auschwitz camps, no less. At least American people have better knowledge of vegetarianism than over here where most don't know what the fuck a veggie burger is!

Q17. I'd be interested to hear your views on the new U.S. president. There are many people
riding on the huge wave of optimism......

I think that that "huge wave of optimism" will soon become a "huge wave of disappointment". Obama is a black dog on a leash like Bush was a WHITE dog on a leash. The very same hidden masters are behind that leash. The thing that I like the most behind those elections is the fact that black slavery in the U.S. isn't that far away from today, it was on like yesterday morning, so it's kinda sarcastic to see in 2K9 a black man being the WHITE house M.C. - Sad thing is that people either like him or hate him just because of his skin colour. For some, he became some kinda black messiah, for others he's just some fuckin' nigger. People shouldn't take care of his appearance, they should listen to what he has to say. Unfortunately, it's the same bullshit democracy has to offer to the masses. As for political masterplan, he's the very same guy as Bush, down on his knees, giving permanent blow jobs to Israel, making all Muslims worldwide hate the U.S.A. because of their ties with Israel. There would have been no 9/11 if the U.S. government wasn't Israel's slave. Please don't get me wrong, I love the U.S., I know a lot of people all over the U.S. that I truly respect for their dignity and attitude. I have actually way more respect for American people than for French people. The only thing is I don't think supporting Israel endlessly is a smart thing to do. Sooner or later, most Occidental allies will have to fuckin' deal with most Muslims because of their ties with Israel. People should realize, there's a fuckin' religious war going on for ages between Jews and Muslims - being part of it is a bad move. Let them fight together. When you see two pitbulls fighting over some meat, you don't fuckin' wanna be in the middle of it! And another thing for those who may think I hate jews, I have some jewish friends that I totally respect. I just can't stand what's going in and around Jerusalem.

Q18. Finally, what's next for UNDERCOVER SLUT? Are we gonna get some U.K. shows?

Get "Amerikkka Macht Frei" CD format now! from FNAC - "Amerikkka Macht Frei" will also be released as a 12-song vinyl LP soon. "Killing An Arab", our Cure cover, will be sent out to worldwide DJ's sooner. For more information, please log on to: URL & URL We're headlining Paris' legendary Locomotive on Saturday, May 2nd. Doors open at 7 PM. Any Glitzine readers who want to be on our guest-list, please E-Mail OFFENSIVE RECORDS now! and get free tix complimentary of UCS - U.K. shows? I'd love to! Last time we played in London that Euro tunnel between Calais and Dover was on fire, we had to take a bus and a ferry boat to reach England. Because of that insane traffic, that trip took us 12 hours, arrived at Club AntiChrist something like 30 minutes before showtime. I would do everything to come back to your beautiful kingdom! I used to live in London, Earl's Court area for while, then moved to Tamworth in Stafforshire, then to Birmingham, Edgebaston area - I miss the U.K. so much!

Interviewed by Gaz E - March 2009

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