Interview with Dick Qwarfoot of Nasty Idols

Nasty Idols, one of the biggest sleaze-bands from Sweden released their new album "Boys Town" in the spring of 2009, an album that received great reviews from all over the world. But are the band once again entering the stage just a little too late? Dick Qwarfort shares his thoughts about that, the new record and how nasty Nasty Idols really are.

The new album, did it turn out the way you hoped?

Yes! It's awesome!

Did the album get the response you hoped for?

So far it's been like 150 reviews of it, and of all of them only around 20 is bad, 30 is good, and on the rest of the reviews we've got 4/5 or 5/5, so it's fun and we are very happy about it. But it's just to wait and see, we might get shit for it later.

You wrote the songs for the album on Fridays, why?

Well, we wanted to catch the feeling, the singer lives in the central parts of Malmö with pubs just downstairs, and all we had to do was to sit on the balcony and check out what was happening. Fridays are great!

What inspires you to do music?

It's always been with me, the first album I got was "The sweets" - "Give it a wink", and I've loved it ever since. Glam rock, hard rock, punk, and of course some other kinds of music as well, but it's in this genre I can live up to myself.

How come you wanted to be a musician?

Well, because you can act out so much in it, of course you can do that in sports as well, but music is more fun.

Some people consider you to be a little late once again, that you once again released an album when the glam and sleaze scene once again is about to fade away. What's your thought about it?

You never know, it is so many ups and downs in music. But if you look at it, Motley Crue was the headliner of Peace and Love festival in 2009, and their music is similar to ours. So I think that it's bullshit that it would be too late.

According to you, which is the best song you've ever done?

I have to say "Cool way of living" or "Evil one" on the new record. On every single review of the album it's been saying that everything is great, and in the end it says that you should check out "Evil one", it's really a kick ass song!

So, how nasty are you?

Pretty nasty I must say, we have to live up to it, you get it when you see us live.

Speaking of that, you've got a new album, and logically you would be of great interest to festivals and clubs, but you only have a few things booked, how come?

We released the record a little too late, so all the festivals were already booked, and that's how sick it is.

But it feels like everyone should want you now?

Yeah, I feel that way too, it's horrible and we're really pissed. But we'll get there, the album is so new, so we can live on it for a while, we are just slightly wrong in time, as usual.

What's the different between Nasty Idols now and then?

It's pretty much the same, we are older, but I think that's it, we think the same way as we used to, so there's not really a big difference.

So you haven't calmed down?

No, I don't think so, not according to me anyway. We have to live up to our name. It's time to go home when people say: "Damn, they're old!", but until then we're going to give it all we have!

Sleaze have become pretty big these last years, what's your opinion on the new bands?

Every 20 years it's the same thing, hard rock will always be there, 20 years ago it was us, Motley Crue, Skid Row and bands like that, after that came a period with Seattle and Cobain and all of that, after that it was Rammstein and Marilyn Manson, and then it was time for sleaze again. So in 20 years we will be back again.

Are you still bitter about Nirvana and all of that?

Of course we are! It's sad, all this media shit, what you should and shouldn't like, and every time there's sleazy boys with big hair and lots of make-up, it has to be an anti-thing to it. Just like seattle, and it's been so much of it, depressive rock och shit like that. People want to provoke, just like for 20 years ago, sleaze stopped being funny, and this depressive rock came, after that people wanted to be all sleazy again, cause no one had seen it in a long time, and it will always be like that.

How come you decided to reunite Nasty Idols?

Sweden Rock had one of those thing where you could vote for bands, and we were the Swedish band that the audience wanted to have, and they called us up and asked us if we wanted to do a gig. And we did, and we played in some places in Europe, and we realized it was a blast and that we wanted to keep on doing it. And we decided to do a new record, because we wanted something new to play, and we enjoyed it, and also, now we can play for a few more years. Andy writes songs, I write songs, but the big question was if we still could write songs together, cause that we didn't know. But it was easy, like riding a bike, and also we have material to another record in a year or so, we wait because we don't want to do a "Use your illusion", you know, release two records pretty much at the same time. But we have some killer tracks for the next album.

What's your best memory with Nasty Idols?

I have two! No, three! The first is our first tour, it was really cool, and it was whole Europe, so it was huge for us. Also we have tour start of the Cruel Intention-tour, it was jammed with people at our old rock club in Malmö, and all the people couldn't get in, and they were really pissed. The third is Sweden Rock Festival, the crowed was enormous, and we went on stage and the sleaze kids in the audience knew all the lyrics, I mean, they weren't even born when the first album was released, so it was amazing.

What do you prefer to drink on stage?

I start off with water, and during the three last songs I drink beer, and the party is started! Cause if you start drinking from the beginning, suddenly someone shouts "Damnit, Dick, you're supposed to play in D!".

How do you want the world to remember Nasty Idols?

It would be nice if they remembered us as the rock band with expensive houses in Los Angeles with cool cars and a helipad. It would be awesome if people remembered us that way.

What do you hope for, for the future?

Touring and more touring. That's why the record was made, so we could tour with it.

Some quick questions:
Motley Crue or Guns N Roses? Guns N Roses
CD or vinyl? Vinyl
Whiskey or Rom? Whiskey
Festival or Concert? Festival

Interviewed by Wednesday Salo

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