Interview with Miss Guy of The Toilet Boys; December 2003

Straight out of New York with a trashy image and punk edge… New York Dolls? No, it's The Toilet Boys. Crashing speakers and stages alike with a hard yet melodic sound and boasting a new CD 'Live in London', the Boys are back with their first release since 2001's self-titled.

I had a chance to speak with singer Miss Guy about the band's new CD as well as his opinion on several topical and some not so topical matters.

Q1. I've seen a lot of talk lately about the band going through personnel changes. Please discuss these changes and the circumstances surrounding them. Additionally, what's the news on a collection of new tunes?

A1. Yeah, we're doing a change and it's really no big deal. We've had personnel changes before; it's a bit of a drag because it slows things down. We hope to release a new CD by summer/fall 2004.

Q2. Several interviews I've seen with the band seem to dance around the idea of the band's genre. I'll say it. You're a glam band. Why do you think some have problems with that classification? Do you have any issues with being classified as glam?

A2. I don't mind being called a glam band, but I don't think that's all we are. People label us all sorts of things, punk, metal, whatever. Some are accurate and some aren't. I just think of us as a rock band, but I do think we can be quite pop.

Q3. In light of the Great White tragedy of last year, have you toned down the pyros at your shows? Please discuss.

A3. Well, we were on tour with the red hot chili peppers when that happened, so we weren't doing pyro in the arenas anyway. But we were doing our own smaller shows on that tour as well and we did the fire and it was fine. We knew when we got back to the states that we wouldn't be able to do it anymore. I was cool with not doing it because I was sick of it anyway. The great white tragedy was a sign to me that a chapter of the band was coming to an end and a new one was beginning.

Q4. Toilet Boys recently released a live CD (Live in London). Were you concerned about being able to adequately translate the live feel to CD?

A4. Well, it's hard to get the true feeling of a show onto a CD, but I love live recordings and always have. Kiss alive was the first record I ever bought and I love it to this day! We didn't have the luxury of fixing things in the studio like kiss did though, but that's ok.

Q5. What was your first reaction when you saw Sean on a national ESPN commercial a few years back?

A5. I never saw it.

Q6. In the song 'PHLN 2000', what do the initials stand for?

A6. It's actually called phly! It was a goof on hip hop, like phat, using 'ph' instead of 'f'.

Q7. Which is more likely? That MTV will start playing music again or that reality shows will go away sometime soon? Which would you prefer?

A7. I hate reality shows, so I hope they die out soon!

Q8. Name a musical influence of yours that would shock the hell out of a hardcore fan. How did you come to like them?

A8. Missy Elliott, Outkast, so many really! I like a lot of different musical genres.

Q9. Here's a series of either/or questions. Please feel free to drop in an explanation wherever you see fit.

A. Mainstream musical popularity or a consistently loyal fan base?


B. Silver or Gold?

Gold, but I like to wear both together, it's tacky!

C. Europe or Japan?

I truly love both, but I couldn't live in Japan.

D. Melody or Rhythm?


E. Debbie Harry or Courtney Love?

Debbie!!! There wouldn't be a Courtney Love without Debbie! But I really like Courtney too.

F. New York Dolls or Hollywood Brats?

The Dolls! Don't know the other.

G. Hedwig or Rocky?

Rocky Horror for sure, no comparison at all!

Q10. What are the chances of re-releasing some pre-millionaire tunes, perhaps in a compilation?

A10. We're doing a CD called "The Early Years" and I think it'll be out in the spring. It's going to be hilarious!

Q11. Have you ever done any sort or choreography for your stage moves or do you just do what happens naturally?

A11. Yeah, we have choreography, but most of it is spontaneous.

Q12. What's your natural reaction to the first snow of the winter?

A12. I love it! It's beautiful, it looks like glitter.

Q13. What five CDs have been getting regular rotation in your player lately? Any newer bands our readers should keep an eye out for?

A13. The new Blondie CD, the new Missy, the new Outkast, the "Lost in Translation" soundtrack and mixed CD's I make. There's an all girl band from NYC called Candy Ass that I love! and not just because they're good friends of mine! I also love another NYC band called Opti-Grab, they're a dance band similar to Deee-Lite.

Q14. Please use this section to promo anything band related such as tour dates, releases, etc.

A14. We are touring Japan and Australia in the spring and Europe in the summer. I'm working on a solo project and writing songs with different writers. I'm writing a song with Boy George, which I'm thrilled about! By the way, he loves glam rock! We're working on a new TB's show that'll be totally different than before, but really exciting! I can't wait to play in England again! People appreciate rock so much more!

Thank you for taking your time to answer these questions.

Interviewed by Lycan Davis

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