Interview with Lesli Sanders; 2002

Q1. Okay, let's start from the beginning, for all those Pretty Boy Floyd fans, who only know you as 'Lesli Sanders' bassist for PBF, can you give a rundown of previous bands with a brief description of style/influence/expression that they have had on yourself and your audience.

A1. My first (real) band was called 'Tramp Alley'; it was with members that went on to be in a punk band called 'The Lemons' (they had a record out on Mercury in like 1996 or so and a few of them were in a band more recently called 'New American Shame' on Atlantic Records). After that I was in 'Talks Cheap', VERY glam. Then 'Queeny Blast Pop', which helped to influence many bands. Then I had a band called 'The Distractions', they were basically QBP with a different singer and the songs sounded a bit more punk, we got a record deal and produced a record with Bill Stevenson (formerly of 'Black Flag' and 'The Descendants') and Steffan Edgerton (The Descendants) … both Bill and Steffan are with a punk band called 'ALL'. Then here I am with 'City Girls' Boys' and PBF. CGB are about to do a new record and it looks like we will be signing the deal in the next couple of weeks.

Q2. Fans who thrive for the underground scene are forever enquiring as to where they can/if they still can acquire copies of the QBP and The Distractions demos. Both are widely available through the trade scene, the question is, are there still any original copies out there, and if so, who/where can they be bought?

A2. Yes, I do have QBP t-shirts (the ORIGINALS, with the color pictures) and photos, demos etc. I am thinking about remastering everything I have ever done and place it on CD with artwork and releasing it. Anyone interested, email me

Q3. QBP! Three demos and three changes in style! Who influenced the turn in tide in style and rhythm with the 1997 demo (compared to that of the 1991 demo)? I personally preferred this spaced out, psychedelic approach you took, but yeah, why such a drastic alteration?

A3. Nobody influenced me; I just do what I feel at the time. Just depends on the drugs etc.

Q4. Can you tell us what's happening in the world of City Girls' Boys at the moment? Had the band been placed on hold due to your PBF commitment?

A4. As I said earlier, we are working on new songs for our record. CGB is my main thing.

Q5. Are we likely to see City Girls' Boys entering British soil in the not too distant future?

A5. Yes, after the record comes out we will be there. I loved my visit there with PBF and I can't wait to come back, I met a lot of cool people etc.

Q6. Many of your American fans are disappointed that the PBF/Pussycat tour only ventured to the United Kingdom. Do you have any plans to take the same tour around the U.S.?

A6. We are trying to go everywhere, but if there are no promoters that want us, we can't come. So if people convince their local promoters, we will go anywhere, believe me, I want to.

Q7. Word has it that Keri only came on the British tour due to Kristy playing guitars for Pussycat. Is this true; or is Keri 'BACK' in PBF?

A7. Kristy couldn't make it; let's leave it at that.

Q8. Did you find the British tour tedious or tiring? The fact that the tour started in the North of England, headed to the South, then further South, then back to the North and again back down South. Would you have preferred the organiser to have arranged a North to South/South to North tour?

A8. It would have been better if the dates were routed better, but I am not one to complain. I just want to play music, whatever it takes.

Q9. Are there any other aspects of the tour you'd have changed?

A9. It was all good.

Q10. I know you won't want to answer this, but sod it, I'm gonna ask LOL!!! Who (by choice) would you prefer to play to - a British audience or an American audience and why?

A10. It doesn't matter to me, it's all good.

Q11. Was the British tour basically travel, travel; travel (not forgetting alcohol, booze and beer) whilst you were here. Or did you get the chance to do that touristy thing? If so, what sights did you see and what were the most memorable?

A11. I really had to travel or sleep, I really didn't get chance to do the tourist thing. I wanted to on our day off in London, but I couldn't get out of bed … I went to sleep at 10:00am.

Q12. Artists Worldwide! Can you please explain what your role within the group is and what Artists Worldwide (as a company) does?

A12. Artists Worldwide is a booking agency both for PBF and CGB. I work there occasionally when I'm not touring with one of my bands or someone elses (a while back, I went on tour with Marky Ramone of The Ramones as his bass player, that was cool playing with a legend).

Q13. How much time is taken up by both your roles within Artists Worldwide and that of being a musician? Does this kind of situation affect your personal life, or IS your life music?

A13. No, I can tour or do whatever I want.

Q14. There seems to be a little strife toward your name on the underground scene at the moment and I'd like to give you the opportunity to have your say.

I'll explain! This came about by a band asking if they could cover a QBP track, which you supposedly agreed as long as loyalties were paid. We have all heard their side of the story and I would really like to hear your perspective on this situation, whether it be truth, lies or misconstrued information. So please, feel free.

A14. I will tell you the truth about this…..

I received an email about this compilation CD for sale and noticed one of my songs was on it and it cost fans $$$$, I was never even asked permission. If I had (ask Andii Vamp - he asked the other day to do one of my songs and I said yes, just send me a copy) things would be different. Not only was I not asked, this is illegal; I own the publishing for those songs. Why should someone make $$ off my music if it isn't me. I don't care, it's not all about the $$ to me actually, I don't even care but it kinda pissed me off that someone was basically stealing from me and making $$ off a song I wrote, that's all. Hey, all they would have had to do is ask and I would of said yes. But for me to receive an email that I could buy a CD compilation with one of my songs that was illegally used, it pissed me off.

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Interviewed by Spicey D. Warlock

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