Interview with Ky Anto; August 2005

You might know Ky Anto best as lead guitarist with Canadian glamsters Robin Black and the Interglactic Rock Stars but when you dig a bit deeper into his achievements and plans for the future, its obvious that he is one of the busiest people on the planet. To add to all of the things he has on the go right now, he even managed to find some spare time to talk to Glitzine!

Q1. Ky, I hear you have put a band called ‘Killer Ky and Friends’ together, can you give Glitzine readers a low-down on the band, its members and what the future plans are?

A1. Well, everybody knows that priority number ONE is Robin Black. I mean, the amount of joy I get from playing with those guys is, well, to put it lightly, INSURPASSABLE!!! That being said, when I was told that Starboy was gonna be outta town for a few weeks (his brother got married in Finland!) and that our "summer" tour was now a "fall" tour I decided to get a bunch of my closest friends together and play some shows and to my surprise, it was a GREAT success and we'll probably make it a "regular" thing whenever I'm not busy with priority number one...

Q2. I hear that you are planning to play some Sassy Scarlet numbers. Is there any chance of a Sassy Scarlet reunion given that some bands are now performing reunion shows or is it a case of ‘been there done that’?

A2. There's a HUGE difference between playing a couple of songs from my old band Sassy Scarlet, and that, just for "kicks" rather than getting a bunch of dudes (who may I add that while I've been "honing" my chops and getting me and my band to a "pro" level, they on the other hand, haven't played for years) together to have some kind of nostalgic moment... NO, NEVER!!! It'll NEVER EVER happen. End of story!

Q3. Having been one of the Intergalactic Rock Stars with Robin Black, do you see the next period of your life as your time to make a name for yourself and let the world really know who Ky Anto is?

A3. You know what? I'm living my childhood dream right now with Robin Black. Finally, I'm in a band that's EXACTLY what I was looking for when I was a kid. We've worked with Bob Ezrin and Garth Richardson. Played in front of thousands of people. The last thing on my mind right now is to go "solo" or anything like that. I LOVE to be busy and stay musically active. That's why I produced Crash Kelly, Cheerleader, Crazy Babies and now "The Dregs of Humanity" with whom I sing back-ups and play drums and that's with Troy Sinister (bass player for the Sinisters - Infamous Acid/Punk band from Toronto!) who sings lead and plays guitar. I'm actually answering these questions in between mixes with my very good friend and engineer extraordinaire: Adrian Gorizzan who's the owner of The Green Room which is the studio where I've recorded the "Crazy Babies" album as well as 47 songs for my up-coming "False Fingering" album but, that's a whole other can of worms...

Q4. You also recently released your first solo album called ‘Doodling on Jazz’. Why did you decide that the album was going to be mainly acoustic?

A4. That was NOT supposed to be an album in the 1st place. You see, I lent my DAT machine to Neil Leyton and with it I had a box of DAT tapes with music from 1991 'till now. Neil listened to a couple of things and heard a bunch of acoustic numbers that he put together/compiled and asked if I wanted to put it out THAT's how "Doodling on Jazz" came about... There's actually enough songs from that session to release a whole other album of pretty much exactly the same kind of tunes...

Q5. Are you planning more solo albums or will we see you moving back to Robin Black and the I.R.S. or perhaps another band entirely?

A5. I'm ALWAYS writing/recording/collaborating on all kinds of stuff... I sung on Steve Scarlet's new solo acoustic album on a couple of tunes and I played bass on 4 songs on the new Carole Pope album... There's ALWAYS something to work on... It's fucking AWESOME!!!

Q6. Is there a chance that you’ll be over in Europe or the UK either with Robin Black and the I.R.S. or touring as a solo artist?

A6. Yup, I'm trying to set something up for like December '05 if time permits... I miss the UK and Europe like you wouldn't believe... I'll be there soon I PROMISE!!!

Q7. When you were over in Europe and the UK in the past, what were the best and worst aspects of it?

A7. You know, give me a joint to smoke, a bowl of soup and a place to crash and I'll play wherever, whenever so, it was ALL GOOD man. Maybe getting arrested wasn't kewl but, I don't wanna talk about that...

Q8. Sometimes we know you as a guitarist and sometimes as a bass player. Of the two, which do you prefer to play onstage and why?

A8. I LOOOOOOVE playing drums. Does that answer your question, ha, ha, ha!!!

Q9. What other instruments do you dabble in or would like to be able to play?

A9. See question #8 for the 1st part of this question and the saxophone is next on my list of things to learn but, it's gonna be a couple of years before I sink my teeth into that...

Q10. What other types of music do you listen to that could not be referred to as mainstream rock?

A10. Stuff like Scott Weiland's solo record which I've rediscovered 7 years later. That guy is a fucking genius! Troy and I were listening to Steve Earl's first solo record this morning with our joint and coffee. That dude's had a really "tuff" life man and he writes about it in a very kewl way... Etc, etc, etc.

Q11. You sound as if you like to keep yourself busy. When you’re not playing music, how do you like to relax and fill up you’re spare time?

A11. I've only recently discovered the joys of skateboarding although I've just busted my front tooth this morning (that really hurt man...). Rollerblading's kewl... I guess that shit takes care of my "cardio" workout, ha, ha, ha...

Q12. You’ve played with a lot of big names throughout your career. Of all of those, which one has had the biggest impact on you personally?

A12. The first real "pro" dude I ever shared the stage with: Gerry Boulet who was and still is a very big star in the province of Quebec which is where I'm from in Canada. That guy just had so much control. A professional and truly an honour to have played with him!

Q13. Which people, rockstars or otherwise, dead or alive, would you most like to put a group together with and what song would you perform?

A13. Steven Tyler hands down and I'd love to write an album with him although a full tour would be too kewl...

Q14. Tell us one thing about you that even your mother doesn’t know?

A14. My mom knows EVERYTHING!!!

Q15. What’s the best pick up line you’ve ever heard?

A15. I haven't heard it yet...

Thanks for taking the time to talk to Glitzine Ky! If you could leave Glitzine readers with one parting piece of advice that you’ve picked up along the way, what would it be?

Travel... It ALWAYS seems greener on the other side of the fence... Travel, travel, TRAVEL!!!

Peace out!!!

KY xox

Interviewed by Grant W.

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