Interview with Kristy Majors; April 2007

I was originally contacted by Kristy back in February asking if I'd like to know the truth about Pretty Boy Floyd, and how could I have turned down the opportunity to interview him face-to-face on his first UK tour... I couldn't. Here's what he had to say...

1. You're best known for playing guitar in Pretty Boy Floyd, but you've also been involved in various other projects, such as Jett Blakk, Beautiful Creatures, Shameless, and of course Kristy Majors Solo. Have you been involved in any other projects?

Faster Pussycat, The Newlydeads, and I've also been doing a lot of producing.

2. Which have you gained most life experience from and which, if any, have you lived to regret?

I've never really regretted anything I've been involved with. I've been playing live music since I was 15, I like all styles of music, anything from Frank Sinatra to Do Wop to Rob Zombie to Marilyn Manson. I just have fun and have fun playing music. As for life experience, I guess I gained most experience throughout the music industry with Pretty Boy Floyd, finding out how everything worked, playing live, touring etc., I hadn't done that much touring before, I'd mainly been playing at local venues.

3. It's been noted that 'The Devil In Me' was originally wrote to be a Pretty Boy Floyd release. Is there any truth in this?

Yeah! 'The Devil In Me' was gonna be a new Pretty Boy Floyd album. I had basically just recorded the demos on a little 8 track I had. Kari had just quit the band and I'd just finished putting out 'Live at the Pretty Ugly Club'. Chad was in the band, and there was Steve and me. I'd started rehearsing the songs with the guys, but without Kari, it just wasn't happening. So I sent the demos over to Tom @ Perris and he said it sounded great and for me to release it the way it was.

4. How did the name Pretty Boy Floyd come about, is it true producer Kim Fowley gave this to you?

Yes it was. Kim Fowley, he liked our band and wanted to work with us, we would go out onto Sunset Strip every Friday and Saturday and he would make us do crazy things and get us to sing songs. After a while everyone started writing. But yeah he came up with the name Pretty Boy Floyd. Pretty Boy Floyd was a gangster and was actually called that because he was ugly. "But you guys weren't ugly" (*Kristy laughing) Well, I guess not, but I'm sure some people thought we were ugly!

5. There's been a lot of speculation and gossip relating to Pretty Boy Floyd rights and legal issues. You contacted me recently, asking if I wanted to know the truth. So I'd like to ask you, in as long a format as you feel necessary to put across your view.

(Kristy and myself spoke for quite some time with regards this issue, he explained how when the band recorded 'Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz' they ended up in a lawsuit with Aeriel and eventually settled out of court. As with Aeriel's original interview with Glitzine, Kristy offered to send me a copy of the legal papers, which explained the full breakdown of percentages given to each person for each song. I decided not to print everything supplied to me by Kristy in this interview, as I didn't want an important figure or piece of information to be missed. Kristy also explained which albums had been released by Steve and which by himself. Again, I didn't want to miss out important information, or for this interview to turn into yet another legal issue, so I'm gonna play it safe (for a change) and just say 'Live at the Pretty Ugly Club' was financed and released solely by Kristy. Relations between Steve and Kristy have reached a point of no return, so much so, Kristy offered Steve out in a Boxing Match. Kristy offered to pay for the ring, to pay for the referee and to give Steve $500 to be beaten up… to date, Steve has not responded).

6. There were rumours that Pretty Boy Floyd, to a degree, where stealing from their fans by taking money for merchandise and not mailing items paid for. Is this true or just another misconstrued Chinese whisper?

No, that's 100% true. Ok, I had nothing to do with the Pretty Boy Floyd Fan Club website, ok. I started getting emails from people complaining about not receiving merchandise, this was all off my myspace, so I'd printed off some Pretty Boy Floyd shirts, and I was like hey, if you haven't received a Pretty Boy Floyd shirt you ordered, write me and I'll send you one. "Have you had many people contact you?" Yeah, around 70-80 people, and that's just from myspace. "So what's Steve actually doing with all the money?" You know, good question, I don't know! He doesn't care about the band or the fans. This is all part of the shenanigan and bullshit that makes Kari and me so mad. He's running the name into the ground. He plays LA with different line-ups all the time, he's just a joke man, he's just a joke. I said in another interview that he's dug his own grave; you know, let him lay in it. That's the way I feel about it, you know, I'm a nice guy and I write to every single person who contact me via myspace, I take care of all the orders myself personally. If someone orders 2 items I'll throw in a guitar pick or signed picture, an extra picture an extra CD, you know, whatever.

7. How did the late 1990's Pretty Boy Floyd reunion come about and what happened with the more recently announced 2006 reunion?

We got offered to record 'Pornstars' from Cleopatra records and we did that and 'Live at the Pretty Ugly Club'. There is no reunion that will happen ever.

8. The future of Pretty Boy Floyd, do they have one?

The future of Pretty Boy Floyd is just gonna be Steve Summers, that's it! "How long do you reckon he's gonna drag it out for?" Not long, as I filed the trademark and I'm gonna stop him using the name, so he'll have to go out and play as Steve Summers.

9. 3 solo CDs, the last being 'Sex, Drugs 'n' Rock n' Roll' released 2006; is this UK tour to coincide with the workings of another solo album?

Well, I just put out 'Sex, Drugs 'n' Rock n' Roll in November, so I'm here to promote that, plus this is my first time in the UK and my first time playing solo shows. I've never played solo, so this is gonna be my first time doing it.

10. 'Sex, Drugs 'n' Rock n' Roll' features a track called 'I'm Alright', which is actually the track 'Bliss' by Jim Bacchi's powerpop combo 'Fuzzbubble'. What prompted you to do this cover version?

Ok yeah! I played for Fuzzbubble, I was the singer for Fuzzbubble with Jim, and I know Jim from New York, but yeah, he moved out here. Jim and me were writing songs together, and my version of 'I'm Alright' is the version that I originally wrote, and then Jim changed it when he got his record deal, so he's got his version. I've got my version.

11. What made you record a Ramones Tribute CD?

They're my favourite band; they were the first concert I ever saw and I just love the Ramones. I wanted to have a little bit of fun doing some recording and wanted to experiment as I didn't really know what I was doing, so just wanted to experiment and I don't think I did justice on any of them. I don't think I did any justice on any of those earlier albums either, as I didn't know what I was doing.

12. 'Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)' was released on 'The Glam That Stole Christmas' in 2004. Had this song already been written or were you approached by Perris Records and asked to record a song directly for this CD?

Perris called me on the Friday and he goes "one of my bands have dropped out, I need a song recording, can you record a Christmas song?" I was like, ok, and this was one of my favourite Christmas songs of all time, so I recorded it on the Saturday, mixed it on the Sunday and gave it to Perris on the Monday. That was when I was starting to get a little better at recording.

13. People are saying that you stole songs from Jani Lane and Keri Kelli to release on 'Sex, Drugs 'n' Rock n' Roll'. Is there any truth in these rumours?

No, not at all! Keri and I had a band together called 'New World Idols' and we covered a song called 'Uptown Girl' by Billy Joel. So we had this band for about a year and a half and we wrote about seventy songs. Keri was also writing at the time, same as me. So we were doing all kinds of stuff at that time. The songs that I put on my record are the songs that I wrote with Keri. So if people are saying that I stole those songs, it's not the truth, and if anyone wants to call Keri Kelli and ask, they're more than welcome to. Jani Lane has been paid all his royalties as well. It's just Steve Summers spreading bullshit rumors. Another reason to dislike the guy.

14. Tell us a little about your label 'DIY Records'.

Ah my label, you know, I was gonna put out the record out but Steve said some really horrible shit about Perris Records recently so Tom's really mad at me. So I didn't want to give this to Tom because I just thought like, I'll do it myself, so hence the name I came up with 'Do It Yourself Records. So I'm doing it myself and actually making more money this way. You want something done right, do it yourself, I'm a DIY kinda guy.

15. How can musicians market their music more effectively? What techniques can they use?

Well, now you've gotta do it yourself. You've gotta get out there, you gotta go myspace, and you gotta go Internet radio stations, and contact magazines, but you've gotta get out there and do it yourself. If you're expecting to make a CD and for everyone to say yeah, I love this, I'm gonna play it' you'll be disappointed. You've gotta work hard! Do the work! You can't just sit around and wait for things to happen, and drink and party, you've gotta have the work ethic.

16. Is Kari Kane going to be touring with you throughout Europe? What other musicians are currently in the band?

Kari couldn't actually make it as he's working with his new band, it's a really cool band on similar lines to Alice In Chains. So he stayed behind to do that. The band who have come out with me are Michael Thomas, Chad Stewart and Brian Saunders.

17. What do you expect the set list to be like? Is it going to be concentrated around your solo music or are you going to through in some surprise Pretty Boy Floyd tracks?

Well, I'd thrown in a Pretty Boy Floyd song, even though it wasn't a Pretty Boy Floyd song, it was a Keri Kelli song. 'Junkie Girl', but a newer version.

18. How do you like singing and playing guitar at the same time?

It's new to me but recently I've been throwing down the guitar and just running wild onstage.

19. How does it feel to be one of the last International bands to ever play at Bradford Rios before it closes its doors?

Awesome. I hear the place is a landmark. We will send it out with a blast!

20. What do you do to go wild and have fun?

Well last night we'd finished up by about 2 o clock and we went to a strip bar where we paid a girl $300 to dance for an hour in front of all of us and then, a couple of girls from the bar came down and we were pouring candle wax over their private parts. By the time we got back to the hotel room, I had a couple of transvestites in my face slurring, "You bloody Americans…" so a fight almost broke out. But basically what do I do to go wild and have fun… Dancing, Strip Clubs, Women, Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll!

21. What's the craziest thing you ever did to get a girl you liked to notice you and what was their response to what you did?

I was at this upscale nightclub for a girl's birthday, and I kinda had a crush on her. We were sitting at a table and she wasn't really paying much attention to me, so what I did was, I took a napkin, wrapped it round my head and I placed all this silverware sticking out of it. I went on the dance floor, pulled my pants down and started dancing naked, but that didn't work because I ended up being thrown out. "But did she notice you?" Oh yeah, she noticed me being thrown out with no clothes on. "Would you do it again?" Oh yeah! And we ended up dating for years!

22. What was the last thing you did before you arrived at the venue today?

Oh, Joe Leste had to go take a dump real bad, but there was so much traffic due to a bad car accident and Joe couldn't hold it in anymore. So we pulled over on the side of the road and Joe ran all the way up a hill into the bushes and so we all got our cameras out and ran up there, and all stood there taking photos of Joe taking a shit. We got to the venue about 20 minutes later. If the pictures come out good they'll be on myspace.

23. What's the worst thing that's ever happened to your hair?

I've never had anything bad happen to my hair, I've been really lucky and fortunate in the fact that I'm fully Italian and my hair is not thinning, it's not balding, it grows like a weed and I look after my hair. Last night at the club a couple of girls came up and asked if it was my real hair, thinking it was a bandana holding a wig on. I was like look, run your hands through it, do whatever you wanna do, tug it, it's my real hair. They were shocked that it was my real hair. I wear my bandana so I can make little devil horns at the front, yeah… the Devil in Me! I guess I've got good genes, I eat like shit, I drink, I smoke, I dunno!

24. How would you describe yourself in three words?

Three words… okay… Crazy; Kind and Passionate.

25. Any final Words… Insults… Loving Messages?

Thank you to the fans, love the fans, write me on myspace or wherever you can find me, I always write everyone back. If you ever got burned for merchandise from Pretty Boy Floyd, write me, I will send you free shit and Steve Summers, can go fuck himself and live in a fuckin grave for the rest of his life and this is the last time I'm gonna talk about this motherfucker ever again!

I'm forever being asked who is the nicest musician I've ever spoken to/interviewed and without hesitation I'd have said Robin Black... until now. Kristy has to be one of the sweetest guys in the world and I'd like to thank him for taking the time out to chat with me and for my birthday present :o) you're a star in my eyes and always will be. Come back to the UK soon.

Interviewed by Spice D. Warlock

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