Interview with Kim Simon of Supergroupies; September 2004

Sweden's Supergroupies were blessed from the heavens at birth; they've got the beauty, charisma, glamour, light hearted grace and most importantly, oodles of talent. Why they haven't been bombarded by record company and management offers, still remains a mystery!

I had the opportunity to interview 'the man who loves to strike a pose' and find out exactly how he ticks... so read on my lovelies... and be sure to keep watch!

Q1. Could you give us an introduction as to who you are, what you're currently involved with (if anything other than the Supergroupies) and how the band and the name came into existence?

A1. I like to think of the name as a presentation of what we are; groupies of what we love to do - rock. Supergroupies of rock!

I started out as a lead guitarist playing heavy metal. I still love metal, but when I was writing songs for Supergroupies, I wanted to go in another direction. I wanted to form a band with songs that prioritize the vocal melodies to go with a pronounced visual image. Being brought up on classic rock and guitar oriented pop, it was kind of going back to my roots, both musically and imagewise. When I looked around for members to form what later became Supergroupies, I wasn't only looking for killer musicans, I had to find people that have a similar outlook on image as I do. Musicians that are interested in refining the whole package, not only the music. The hardest part was to find a lead vocalist - that's one of the reasons I became a singer - finally I gave up the search and deceided to give it a try myself. Micael has a similar story to tell; he started out as a bassist, but switched to drums for a couple of years and then back to bass when he was asked to join the band. Before he joined Supergroupies he was the drummer in a Motley Crue tribute band. Micael and I new of John from hanging out at the same rock clubs. We had seen him play live in various rock bands many times and knew that he was a great drummer. When we asked him to join, he hadn't played his drums for a long time and was really on the lookout for a band who played their own original material. The three of us began to reherse and we even did a show as a trio. By then we had almost given up the thought of finding a second guitarist. We had already auditioned like 12-15 guys and noone had what we was looking for. We put an add in a musicians magazine - that's how Robin found us.

[Since then we've been writing songs, recording demos and playing live in Sweden. 2002, we signed with Faslane Records, but it didn't work out. 2003, we met Kee Marcello through a friend. After recording a demo with Kee, he sent it to one of Europe's former managers, Sandy Einstein. Sandy loved what he heard, and flew over to Gothenburg, Sweden to check us out live. 6 months later he had fixed the deal with JVC music. Now we're recording our debut album.]

Q2. Who would you say your musical influences are (past and present)?

A2. The music I listened to when I was a kid still has a great influence on me, bands like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and Prince. I listened to what was there - my parents and older sister's records. About at the same time I got into Kiss, a huge influence. Other bands that has inspired me alot are Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith and Motley Crue. My latest influence is probably Marc Bolan & T-Rex.

Q3. Image seems to play a large part in the makeup of the Supergroupies, did you set out with the aim to achieve such a glamorous look, or have you found that the bands image is maturing with age?

A3. We are glamorous, so we look glamorous. The songs, the sound, the name the glamorous look. The image is a reflection of our personalities and how we perceive the music we play.

Q4. If you were asked to name one unique thing about the Supergroupies what would it be?

A4. That the Supergroupies is the muse of the love in the world today.

Q5. Is there anybody out there that you'd like to work with?

A5. Tore Johansson, Cardigans former producer. I love the arrangements and sound on a couple of their albums. Michael Ilbert, who mixed their latest album, "Long Gone Before Daylight", is a fantastic craftsman too. I would like him to mix Supergroupies.

Q6. How far would you like to see Supergroupies move forward within the music industry?

A6. As far as people, the audience, you, let us...

Q7. Have you come across any obstacles within the music industry so far, and if so, what's been the biggest?

A7. To get a new record deal, after waking up from the illusion that we were going somewhere being signed to Fastlane Records. That process was exausting, but looking back, it was only for the best.

Q8. Do you think musicians should make a conscious effort to sound contemporary?

A8. No. A great musician is inspired - the 'conscious efforts' comes second, if at all. Do whatever it is you do and let it come naturally.

Q9. Taking into consideration the multitudes of artists/bands that are currently hitting the music scene, what do you find to be more important, music or looks?

A9. I can enjoy any band no matter how they look. The music is what it's about. Not that I don't appreciate when an artist look good, cool, or just interesting. I do. I have a tendency to like bands that look spectacular, but I wouldn't want Neil Young to dress up like Paul Stanley. It wouldn't go well with the music. What's important is to make the whole thing go well together; songs, sound, artwork and looks. A video for a song can really bring out the song, or not. But, sure, there are many artists out there that probably wouldn't have become successful without an attractive look.

Q10. I've noticed that four more track samplers have been added to your website. Have you released a second demo or are you just tempting and teasing your public, in due of releasing your debut album?

A10. No, no teasing, the album isn't finished yet. Now, there are a selection of songs from three different demos on the website.

Q11. What are your plans for 2004/2005?

A11. The album is completed at the end of this month, September 2004. Kee Marcello [producer] is mixing the songs at the time of writing. In October, our manager will go to Japan to make the necessary arrangements with JVC for the Japan and Asia release. JVC has not determined a release date yet, but my guess is early 2005. Then, I will go to Japan to promote the album. At the same time, we're working on a US and European release. Having an american manager, the United States comes first.

Q12. What are your future plans as a whole?

A12. To love all as one loves oneself...

Q13. Can you tell us what happened with regards your signing to FastLane Records?

A13. We signed a deal that was very promising, but when push came to shove Fastlane didn't have money to record the album. We were going to work with producer/technican Roberto Laghi in his studio, but Fastlane never send the advance payment. They just protracted the whole thing. Finally the deal was off - they never told us why. I suppose they expected us to record our debut album for less than half the money we were asking for.

Q14. Any Swedish bands you'd recommend to our readers?

A14. The Cardigans. And the Hives, there's a couple of really 'smokin' and innovative tracks on their latest release.

Q15. What CDs have you been listening to lately?

A15. I've gotten into french 60's pop lately. Serge Gainsbourg when he was working with Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot. It's a shame though, that I don't understand a word they're singing. Makes me wanna learn french. My favourite is called "Jane Birkin et Serge Gainsbourg", from 1969. Fantastic record!

Q16. Tell me one thing about yourself that will surprise our readers!

A16. Acta est fabula, plaudite!

Q17. Finally… this is your chance to sell who you are, what you do and your music to our audience. So fire away with those final Words… Insults… and/or Loving Messages?

A17. We're really looking forward to do more shows, all around the world - to share what Supergroupies is all about; unlimited, unconditional, tremendous love and having a good time!! Check out our debut album, it's dedicated to you!

Interviewed by Spice D. Warlock

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