Supa-Star For Hire - Interview with Keri Kelli; September 2004

The story all started when I was contacted by the editor of Glitzine, the ever gracious Spice D. Warlock, and asked if I might be interested in a possible interview with L.A. legend Keri Kelli, to which I replied, "hell yes". (or something along those lines)

For those of you who think that Keri only played guitar in the glamour -n- glitz band Big Bang Babies, you may be suprised to find out that he has a resume of top acts literally a mile long. He has played with Ratt, Warrant, and Pretty Boy Floyd, just to name a few bands. Currently he is on tour with Motley frontman Vince Neil, and is showing no signs of slowing down. But enough of the glam rock 101.

A few weeks later found me opening an email entitled "Re: Keri Kelli Interview." Was this a cursory rejection of my submitted questions? Nope! From the whereabouts of former VJ turned rocker, Jesse Camp, to current touring and recording plans, Keri answered all of my questions candidly. In fact, there wasn't anything he refused to talk about. Enough of my chatter....the following is the complete interview....enjoy!@#$

Q1. Looking at your list of previous bands (Warrant, Ratt, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Big Bang Babies, to name a few), not to mention you recent solo efforts, tours, etc... it seems as if you have seen and done it all. So I ask you, right at this very moment, Mr. Kelli, what motivates you to get up in the morning? (besides Sushi! :) )

A1. I always have things to do! I'm always recording or learning tunes or hanging out at the beach, everydays another piece of some puzzle.

Q2. What are you up to now? (projects in the works, etc)

A2. Out touring with vince, we have US dates through Oct. 31 then were off to Europe through November. Also writing tunes for the adlers appetite CD, which well finally be tracked December/January!

Q3. I notice on your website that you don't offer a ton of merchandise for sale, as say, a band like Kiss, who puts their name on everything imaginable. What are your thoughts on the importance of merchandising?

A3. Well obviously I don't have the fan base of kiss, but I do think its cool to have a few items. 8x10's, stickers ect. Actually I am putting up a few more of my shirt designs next week!

Q4. This is a 2 part question based on your notorious Sushi fetish:
1-You have been refered to as a "Supastar" in interviews, now is this because of... your guitar playing or because of your ability to consume sushi at lightening… speed?
2-Should the latter be considered an Olympic sport?

A4. 1) Well, probably the sushi part! I don't really take myself too seriously, just try to have fun and make people happy for an hour.
2) Yes!! The sushi glutton bowl!! Killer!

Q5. One of my favorite albums of the last year was Alice Cooper's "Eyes of A.C." which of course featured your friend Ryan Roxie on guitar. Were you ever asked to play with Alice? If not, would you like to? (That album was awesome, but could've been even better if you had played along side of Ryan!!!!)

A5. Ryan and I have a blast playing together, I actually miss it. I spoke to him yesterday, we had a nice chat. I would love to play with alice full time also but seems like the timing is never right, though I was there for them a few years ago when dover had some things to resolve. There all a great crew!

Q6. You have played several different styles of rock over the years (from straight up glam to 80's metal, and everything in between) you have one specific style that you personally prefer?

A6. I really like older "European commercial rock" bands like thin lizzy. I can find good in all types of music though. As long as it has guitar it's fine by me.

Q7. It seems as though many musicians that were "Glam" in the 80's and early 90's now try to pretend that it never happened, instead of being proud of what they have accomplished. What are your thoughts, if any, on this?

A7. I just thing everybody is obviously older and wiser .you know kinda like looking at a 15 year old photo of yourself, that at the time you thought was cool, now you think you look like a buffoon!

Q8. What role do you play in passing on your good fortune to others, by helping up-n coming bands? And what do you think of the rock n roll scene these days?

A8. I like alot of the new bands here in o.c. though I don't really go out too much, my bros. always bring new tracks over for me to check out.

Q9. You have stated in interviews that you enjoy playing with Vince Neil (Motley Crue) ...will you attend any dates on the proposed Motley Crue Farewell Tour if / when it happens?

A9. Sure! I'll go down to the o.c. show when it hits. Probably try to con the guys into coming over for a bbq beer bash!!

Q10. Here is a typical question for ya' ... name your dream band? (singer, bassist, and drummer, and 2nd guitarist if preferred)

A10. There's so many greats I cant even start, sorry.

Q11. Who is the nicest Rock N Roller you have ever met? (Besides yourself)

A11. Most people I know are pretty cool. Everybody has their own personal hangs-ups on something. Slash is always cool, never gets mad, never freaks out; a very kind man. Steven tyler was very nice also.

Q12. What do you think ever happened to MTV -VJ turned rocker Jesse Camp? Have you ever heard his record, it had some members of Dogs D'amour on it?

A12. I hung with him about a year ago, he's friends with adam Hamilton. He seemed very nice. I like him better since he dropped the stupid rocker thing he did on the show. Never heard the CD.

Q13. You have said in the past that you will play with different bands if the money was there. Is it all about money for you? If so, could you be enticed to play backup for ABBA? (half joking)

A13. That would be a dream gig! Ill back-up anyone that obviously needs a guitar player, that's why they call it the music "business"

Keri Kelli, 2004 - Any regrets and/or parting words for the readers of Glitzine?

No regrets, just trying to have fun and make people happy. Check out my site for all the current clownery!
Later, kk

9/6/04 - S Woodstock, CT - RNS - Woodstock Fair
9/11/04 - Cherokee, NC - Cherokee Ceremonial Grounds
9/18/04 - Bainbridge, GA - Bainbridge Bikefest Show
9/23/04 - Colorado Springs, CO - Colorado Springs City Auditorium
9/24/04 - Monterrey, MEX - El Volcan
9/25/04 - Torreon, MEX - Le Fe Music Hall
10/1/04 - Westbury, NY - RNS - Westbury Theatre
10/3/04 - Las Vegas, NV - The Palms Hotel & Casino (VH-1)
10/8/04 - Oklahoma City, OK - Wormy Dog Saloon
10/9/04 - Tulsa, OK - Tulsa State Fair
10/15/04 - Queretaro, MEX - Plaza de Totos
10/16/04 - Puebla, MEX - Plaza de Totos
10/30/04 - Dallas, TX - Gilley's
10/31/04 - Houston, TX - Verizon Wireless Theatre
11/3/04 - Mt. Clemons, MI - Emerald Theatre
11/4/04 - Bay City, MI - Westown
11/5/04 - Travers City, MI - Streeters
11/6/04 - Marquette, MI - Upfront & Company
11/17/04 - London, ENG - The Astoria
11/18/04 - Bradford, ENG - Town & Country
11/19/04 - Dudley, ENG - J.B.'s
11/20/04 - Newport, ENG - City Live Arena
11/21/04 - Nottingham, ENG - Rock City
11/22/04 - TRAVEL

Interviewed by Kenny Hopeless

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