Interview with Jimmy Flame and the Sexy Boys

Jimmy Flame and the SexXy Boys bring us a breath of fresh air from the normal rock bands we may encounter. Aside from playing ball busting rock n' roll, they are one of the most entertaining bands I have ever seen.

Q. So Jimmy, is Flame your real last name, and if not why is it?

Jimmy- Maybe it is, maybe it ain't...

Q. How long have you been playing out?

Jimmy- Since I can remember. Like 10 years or something, I dunno'?

Q. What are your major influences?

Jimmy- Well when it comes to writing guitar parts, my biggest influence has gotta' be Angus Young. He rocks. And the music in general, the whole live part is totally influenced by the Dead Boys.

Q. How's that?

Jimmy- Hugh?

Q. Like, what do you mean, live like the Dead Boys?

Jimmy- Oh yeah! They were fucking nuts! I get fucking nuts when I play. It's like a reaction to the music.

Q. In what sense?

Jimmy- Well, I sure in the hell don't do it on purpose. I'm a man on a mission, searching for happiness! Just like any other scum on the street. I express myself by doing... and not pouting and being a little bitch. (laughs)... I noticed that before you played, there were hardly anyone at the front of the stage.... But, by the 2nd song everyone in the building was bouncing off the walls...

Q. Can you explain?

Jimmy- (laughs)... Well, everyone wants the truth. I don't care who you are... Granted that REAL rockstars don't gotta' do shit but show up, but if your up their with this fake ass attitude, and fake ass clothes... even the dumbest mother fucker will see through that!

Q. So you said real rockstar...

Jimmy- (interrupts)... It was a joke. Fuck you.

Q. Just giving you shit.

Jimmy- You got to man! I wrote "my band sucks" on the back of our van. It keeps me in check.

Q. Yeah, no shit. Give em' hell Flame!

Jimmy- Yes, I shall try.

This Punkrock Interview was made by: Shawn Riddel

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