Interview with Adam Paskowitz of Jetliner August 2004

Possessing one of the most powerful voices in the business, Jetliner singer Adam Paskowitz has seen a lot, whether in his current band, enjoying platinum status in The Flys, or blasting vibrato laden lyrics in early 90's with Mozart. Regardless of the project, his voice seems to give it that extra little something. I had a chance to meet with Adam to discuss his past and present projects as well as to answer some rumors concerning his past.

Q1. The new band sounds great. Please describe Jetliner to those who have yet to hear the CD. Also, please give whatever influences you incorporated into the sound.

A1. Influences are Wings and Brian Wilson

Q2. Of course, you sang with The Flys. The band had a huge hit with Got You Where I Want You. Do you worry that music fans might lump that band into the category of one shot wonder? Also, if that is the case, would it have negative effects on how the industry treats Jetliner?

A2. I don't think anyone knows or cares who the hell my last band was!!

Q3. You have a rather powerful vocal delivery. What training went into developing this sound?

A3. My mom was an opera singer and I also worked with Seth Riggs for many years.

Q4. What's your opinion on William Hung's cover of We Are The Champions?

A4. I've never heard it.

Q5. Several members of The Flys, including yourself, were in a band called Mozart. From what I've heard, you were slated to gain a push from a major a label. Please describe this situation. Also, in your opinion, is the average Flys fan aware of this previous band and their releases?

A5. Mozart's early success culminated in a multi-million dollar record deal with a major label. And we did that album with Roy Thomas Baker. We spent nearly $900,000 on that album. We had a great time, then the label got bought out and folded…but I did buy a Maserati.

Q6. Keeping with Mozart, you worked with Roy Thomas Baker on the three CDs. Please discuss this experience.

A6. Roy was an incredible talent and he was a dear friend and I was always impressed by his abilities. His innovations have kept him as a relevant producer for many decades. He's uniquely charismatic and charming.

Q7. Which of your musical influences would you consider to be the most shocking?

A7. Antonio Carlos Jobim

Q8. Back to Mozart, I've heard the sound described as a combination of Queen and Queensryche. Do you think this is a fair description? If not, then how would you describe the sound?

A8. A lot of people have told me about the Queen/Freddie Mercury influence. Certainly, it's a compliment. There are a lot worse bands you could be compared to. I don't really follow Queensryche. I remember them being really talented.

Q9. Here's a combination of either/or questions. Please feel free to elaborate any place you wish.

a. Nu-Metal or Rap-Metal?

b. LA or New York? Neither, I prefer Texas.

c. Classical or Jazz? Both classical and jazz.

d. Bach or Beethoven? Both Bach and Beethoven

e. Glam or Grunge? Neither glam or grunge

f. Darkness or Wildhearts? Darkness, for sure, but who's Wildhearts?

g. Coffee or Tea? French wine

Q10. Allegedly, you were involved with a band called the Millionaires after the Flys. Can you confirm or deny this rumor?

A10. That's a lie.

Q11. This is an election year. Maybe I'm alone in this feeling, but I think there's more venom than usual floating around. Do you get this sense too and possibly have any opinion on this?

A11. I agree with the venom part. I don't know…I gave money to Ralph Nader. Besides, I'm in California and our votes don't count-thank God!

Q12. In your feelings, is there any reason at all to watch MTV or listen to FM radio in the states? If so, what would they be?

A12. There is no reason to listen to FM radio, but on MTV, I like Prom Date and Jessica Simpson

Q13. What new bands have you heard lately that you think our readers might enjoy checking out?

A13. There is a band from England called The Darkness-I heard they're working with a producer named Roy Thomas Baker…they're pretty good.

Q14. What five CDs have been getting the most spins in your player of late?

A14. Judas Priest, UFO, Wings, Norah Jones, Skynyrd

Q15. When you've purchased an import CD, what do you do with the OBI strip?

A15. Don't know about the obi strip.

Q16. What's your opinion of reality TV shows?

A16. I like the one's where they swap wives.

Q17. In this space, please feel free to promote anything band related.

A17. Right now, we are in the studio finishing our second album; but we're taking time out to do some of the radio festies-the X fests.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us.

Interviewed by Lycan Davis