Interview with Jennyfer Star; July 2007

Hi Jennyfer, thank you for making the time to talk to Glitzine.

PHIL T: After many years as part of a group you've decided to go solo. Why now?

JENNYFER STAR: I felt like it was time for a change.. I was tired of walking the same paths year in and out and I wanted to try something new.

PHIL: I'm a big fan of Swedish music in all its forms. For a relatively small country I've always been impressed by the quality and sheer number of bands that seem to appear. Do you think that as a country you produce more bands than average or is it because you are a small country, bands make much more effort to become known elsewhere?

JENNYFER: I think Sweden has always been a big music export.. It's strange though how many glam/sleaze-bands there are nowadays! It's like a big explosion over here.. Dunno why it has turned out this way. Maybe it's because we're so depressed up north that we have to get something creative done, hehe.

PHIL: Over the last few years Melodifestivalen seems to have tried very hard to stretch the boundaries of what it's asking the Swedish people to consider sending to the Eurovision Song Contest. Apart from all the top schlager artists like Carola, Lena Phillipson, Shirley Clamp, Magnus Carlsson etc we've had electroclash, rap, drag queens (After Dark - twice!) and rock in the form of the The Poodles and The Ark. Would you ever consider entering? Given the huge viewing figures within Sweden, surely the exposure of appearing in Melodifestivalen would be worth it?

JENNYFER: Well, a few years ago I would never have thought of the idea to enter, but now since it's not only about the typical schlager music, maybe! Who knows ;) I think that if I would enter, there would be nothing to lose.. I mean I would get a lot of exposure so it wouldn't matter if I didn't win, even though I should haha.. Since there are so many artists in the competition that can't even sing…

PHIL: I love your new single. It has all the ingredients that I like - crashing guitars, sneering vocals and a great chorus. In many places you remind me of Inger Lore of the Nymphs - a band that I loved. I know that you've given it a strong push yourself, even going so far as to giving away the first few copies. What has the reaction been to it so far?

JENNYFER: Thanks! Yeah, I sent out the first 100 copies for free. Something I wanted to do for the fans. The reaction has been great and almost overwhelming! I wasn't sure if the old fans would like it but I haven't heard many complaints so I'm really happy about it!

PHIL: Do you plan to tour in support and are there any plans to tour outside of Sweden?

JENNYFER: At the moment I am writing new songs, but after that I will most likely tour and I love to play outside of Sweden!

PHIL: Have you any plans for an album?

JENNYFER: Yeah, that's what I wanna do.. Release a full-length. (I think it's about fuckin time!) But I'm having trouble finding the right record label. So until I do, I will just write as many kick-ass songs as possible and spread the word online :)

PHIL: If you could work with anybody (either play in a band with, write songs with, get our records produced by) who would you choose and why?

JENNYFER: I'd love to work with Joan Jett in some way. She seems so passionate about what she's doin and she doesn't make the music as complicated as other musicians. Sometimes it's the easy things that turn out the best. I like that!

PHIL: If you could record just one cover version, what would it be and why would you choose it? Would it be a straightforward cover or would you want to put your unique twist on it?

JENNYFER: I just recorded a Betty Blowtorch cover ("Size Queen") for a tribute CD. I love that band and I'm really happy about it. That one turned out being really similar to the original version and I think that if you are recording a cover you should either do it as close to the original as possible or the opposite. Besides that song, there are sooo many songs that I love and would wanna cover. When I find new, good music that I like, I usually think that I wanna do covers of all the songs by that artist/band haha..

PHIL: Thank you for making the time to talk to Glitzine and good luck with any future plans!

JENNYFER: Thank YOU! Glitzine rocks! And kidz, don't forget to check out my website at: Cheers!

Interviewed by Phil T.

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