Interview with Hollywood Teasze

Germany's Hollywood Teasze get by, wearing a big red tie. They have released one of the crunchiest album of 98 - "No Flakes". A 13 song affair, filled with glamourous poppunk. The Perfect remedy for people addicted to fun. "No Flakes", as well as the Teasze dolls' previous album - "Glamdolls in Toyland", put some juicy flavour back in bubblegum. As the album has been out for a couple of months, Glitzine got in touch with vocalist/guitarist Frank EEE and drummer Andi Hill to feel the teaszetemperature.

How does it feel to finally have a second album out?

Oh man - it was so great when it all came together. It was also the first time recording w/ Andi (drums) except for demoing, so that was pretty exciting. We knew that a lot of thenew songs worked live but getting 'em down in the studio is a different matter. Also we wrote a lot of the songs in a real intense writing period just prior to recording. I think we got a mix of tried and tested songs and raw spontaneous tracks. I guess you are never 100% happy, you always work hard to do better ... that's ambition! But under the circumstances we are very happy w/ "No Flakes" and we should be proud of our achievment.

Did your first single - a cover of Shampoo's "Girl Power" - conquer the airwaves?
On our pressrelease the idea that Girl Power should be a single is really a suggestion to potential labels etc. (sorry if that lost the plot in translation). However, we have deal in Australia (w/ Blast rec.) and they wanna release "Girl Power" as a second single with "Hangin' Around" as the first. We still feel though that a cover tune would be the best launching pad for us. The bizz seems to work that way on a big level. Most bands are launched with novelty tracks or covers and "Girl Power" is both really and it suits our image, it's ironc, funny and very us.

I agree, it's a better choice than "Hangin' around" which is one of the punkiest and rawest songs on the CD. Have you any video this time around?
We've made videos (3) for tracks of the last album but nothing yet for this one. It's a label thing really. We could spend a lot of time and money (that we don't have), make an averagely cool video and then what? MTV won't play us, VIVA won't play us etc. We've had some airplay, mostly down to Andi's showbizz carreer/connections, but mostly w/o a label pushing you to a TV network it's pretty much a waste of time ( same with mainstream radio). However, if it was worth while we'd bust our asses to get a new vid out.

That's the way this fucked-up system works. The day would be brighter if the listeners could explore other networks for music than MTV and major radio but it's much easier to eat what is served than to cook your own dinner. How has your fans reacted to the new material?
When fans tell you that "No Flakes" is their favourite cd and it never leaves their cd player it kind of does your head in, it's incredible, 'cause these same people propably have albums by Motley crue, Offspring, Ramones etc.etc. I guess on the whole people love the new stuff .... possibly more than we do!

Yeah, the CD is awesome. I find it more mature than your previous album. Where will Hollywood Teasze go from here?
Thank you for that. That's exactly what we've tried to achieve - keep the Teasze vibe but in a more "grown up" way. It's natural progression, plus we don't have the limitations inthe rythm section that we had in the Glamdolls period. I guess to tell you the truth, we don't really know where we go from here.  We've been so busy guessing this album out, pushing for deals, distribution, promotion, publicity, touring etc. we've not even jammed a single new riff. We hope to continue with the Teasze vibe writing better and better songs, maybe incoorperating some 70's styled glam along with our trademark 90's glam and west coast style punk. That whole retro glam thing is totally back in vouge - esp. in England, along with indie-glam style bands like Placebo. So, slowly but surely the kind of music we love to play is becoming more and more accepted. The world is coming to us.

Yeah, glamrock is on it's way back. The World should open it's arms and ears for all REAL glambands around, not just the turn-overs and sell-outs who heard the grandiose earthquake approaching. In this climate, more fruitful than in ages, have you had any implications on a record deal?
This is the most important issue. The sad fact is that w/o a label you really can't get the things we talked about earlier: MTV, radio play, major supports etc. We've all earned a major deal (or indie label w/ major distribution) and we deserve it. We have some very exciting possibilities for Germany. We HAVE a deal with Blast rec.'s in Australia. We have small distribution deals in some countries as well as a couple of mail order and internet type deals. It's so frustrating for us right now because of what we've done and achieved. We are way above being a pub/small club type band (even though we still play anywhere and everywhere) but we need a break to give us that little push to the big club level. We're in a kind of musical limbo but we feel we are very close to something big. It has to happen. Believe me when we do hit the jackpot you won't have to chase us down for info - the whole fuckin' world is gonna know about it !!!

I'm waiting on armageddon... in a pure Hollywood fashion. Any last words to the fans?
Firstly, thanks for your support, buying our cd's, merchandise, turning up to chack us out when we're on tour - you make it all work. A lot of bands really don't give their fans the credit they are due which is bollocks, really. Ya know, w/o fans a band is nothing. We'd honestly like to say that however big we get we'll always have time for our fans like we do now. Fans new and old can check us out on our web site There is info, pix, tour dates, merchandise, tracks, videos, links etc. Those none technology heads can write us with SAE (or IRC or however) at

Hollywood Teasze
Webergasse 28

Cheers thanks and see ya somewhere? And thanks to you Andreas for an awesome review and your support. I maybe already told ya - but you are really supercool.

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