Interview with Guttersluts

Guttersluts are making themselves heard with their new album "Screaming at Deaf Ears". A lot of things have changed since the band last put out an album. It was about time for Glitzine to once again visit the Gutter. Read the review

Your new album has been out awhile, are you happy with what it has accomplished?

Jonnie: About five months now, through the net and online. We're very happy its going to be in the stores by Xmas!

"Screaming..." shows a very different Guttersluts than previous releases. Candescribe the progression and what inspired you?

J: The music just took us to a darker place. We through some older gems on there so the change wouldn't be quite so shocking to old-school fans

Randy: What inspired me is the fact that we played our asses off in a scene that was supposedly gone and packed clubs with fun again. When you get no respect from the Industry you get angry and that is where the music went towards "Screaming At Deaf Ears" -Get it?

Do you think you will benefit from the departure (soundwise) of the LA glam/sleaze scene where all bands seem to get stuck thse days?

J: Well, we're having alot more fun playing what we play now and I think when a band loves what they do that people can tell. We can hold our own with any of the new bands on the scene right now but we're still Rock n Roll enough that old-school fans like our music too.

R: You will always benefit if you stay true to what's in your heart. This is the new LA scene. Music has to keep moving so you have to try and not repeat yourself album after album. I don't need to talk sleeze I am sleeze.

Why did you part with bassist Frank?

J: Musical Differences

R: Musical differences, we all remain friends and I wish Frank the best of luck in his future endeavors

Do you have anyone to replace him?

J: We're holding auditions we've got a flood of tapes to listen to, we're also looking for a keyboard player if anyone is interested send us a tape!

R: Jack from Jack In The Box is filling in for a few gigs.

The Single "December" has gotten a lot of attention. Can you please describe the song and why you chose it as a single.

J: Well of all the songs on the CD everyone seems to have a different favorite but everyone loves December. We're very proud of it I think it's a milestone song for us and defines our sound. Its a very dark song about coming to grips with abuse, feeling lost, confused. there's an actual true story behind it but I wont bore you with it.

R: The song is a very deep subject of life's ugly real side. What does it mean to you? That's what really matters. We chose it as a single because the CD is released in the stores in December, good enough reason for me.

What is the next move of Guttersluts?

J: Right now were auditioning bassists and writing for the follow up to Screaming and let me tell you that the new material SMOKES! Its going to be the perfect soundtrack for the millenium! A remastered and remixed Screaming At Deaf Ears hits the Stores Xmas 99 and includes our cover of GnR's Welcome To The Jungle. In January we hit the road and there's talk of going to Europe in 2000!

R: Well next I'm going to get my ass off of this couch and grab a beer. Catch all you sluts on tour in 2000

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by Andreas Persson