Interview with Mandie of Glamour Punks; October 2005

Glamour Punks were one of the most outrageous and wild glam punk bands on the Strip in the late eighties/early nineties with an unrivalled reputation for living life to the extreme in every possible way. It's a long story, but a couple of months ago, I happened to cross paths with lead singer Man-D and I knew that Glitzine readers would not forgive me if I didn't seize the opportunity to ask him for an interview - so here it is.

Q1. Mandie, Glamour Punks had several line-up changes over a short period of time. Can you tell us first of all how Glamour Punks got together in the beginning and take us through the changes in the band members?

A1. I moved to Hollywood August 17, 1988, with a suitcase and an address to a hotel on Vine, I was 18 and all I really had was a concept of the band I wanted to form and a name... The Glamour Punks.

My first night in Hollywood found me drunk (of course) at The Troubadour, it was there that I met and fell in love with Fly T. Hooker.

Fly and myself bonded immediately, we were both misfits, both pissed off and both delusional enough to think that we could change the current scene from one that embraced safety in its rebellion to one that relied strictly on anger violence and insubordination toward the mainstream. I knew that night that Fly would be the drummer for the Glamour punks and although he was already in a band it was only about two weeks before we had found a place together and were looking for the other pieces to the Glamour Punk puzzle.

Shortly thereafter, perhaps days, we ran into Mickey Lord at Guitar Center on Sunset. Again my gut feeling was strong, I knew this was the guy, Fly did also. Mickey was a rock god, but he was crazy and driven like us, also he was a stranger in a strange land. Mick was French Canadian and sometimes it showed (you call me tomorrow god dammit what time?) was one of the first things he said to us, and this brought endless entertainment to me and Hooker. After some coaxing and assurance that The Glamour Punks were the future, he was in and we started writing songs together.

We were writing and causing general chaos together for a couple of months, but still we had no bass player. We had tried a couple out and they had sucked! So we had a direction and a few tunes but we were at a dead end until I finally convinced my long time friend/enemy partner in crime, Staci Chemical that it was in his best interest to move to Cali and play bass for us even though he didn't really know how all that well.

So there it was, a complete band ready to turn the safe strip rock scene upside down, and I believe it was in Feb of 89 that we did our first show at the Whisky no bozo jam, an instant classic (3 songs Roach Motel, Anti Social Child and a cover of Eddie Cochran's Somethin Else).

This line-up however only endured about 8 months because Staci ran home with his tail between his legs after Lorraine from Femme Fatale dumped him, what a fag, he didn't even tell us he just left a note that said he'd had enough...pussy!

So once again we had no fucked up 4 string, but to the rescue came Dizzy Damage. He was already a member the bubblegum outfit Juicy Miss Lucy, but that didn't matter he wanted to join the Punks, so it took very little convincing for him to jump ship, this is when the band's true identity took shape THIS WAS THE GLAMOUR PUNKS - all other versions paled in comparison.

With all that being said this incarnation of The Glamour Punks only lasted about a year and a half or two before Mickey left for what he thought were greener pastures of the band Bad Blood and the in band fighting between Fly and Dizzy got so bad I had to choose between them (they truly were the most stubborn people I've ever known ).

Dizzy was the no brainer he had become like my brother and we were the song writers, so once again we were two. This was a much easier time to recruit because we had already established ourselves, so it didn't take long to find Skitzo (Tommy and the Lovetribe) and Spazz (Press Darlings) on guitar and drums respectively, then shortly thereafter adding Skitz's long time friend Strange (Tommy and the Lovetribe) into the mix as a second guitarist. This was the line up until we disbanded at the end of 92.

Q2. You sometimes had a guy who would appear with you on stage in a straightjacket called Punk Rock Dave. Can you tell us what that was all about and was he actually a member of the band?

A2. YES!!! PRD was the embodiment of the total Glamour Punk spirit, more of a performance artist with a microphone he would stage dive uncaring to whether or not he got caught even in a straight jacket and that's only when we let him out of the cage!!!! Unfortunately he ended up in jail for 9 and a 1/2 years, but he's out now - we love ya PRD!!!!!!!!!

Q3. Was the moniker 'One Sick Possie' just an extension of what Glamour Punks were all about and how did it originate?

A3. Yes it was, it was a whole bunch of mother fuckers. Diz came up with the idea when we were considering a name change that we never went through with, but it stuck. Either you were in
or you weren't. O.S.P. 4 Ever.

Q4. Why did Glamour Punks only get as far as recording demos and never have a full release?

A4. Stubborn, drunk, lazy punk rock penniless misfits can only get so much done. We were also led to believe many things in a very deceitful industry that really crushed our motivation.

Q5. How many shows did Glamour Punks actually play and can you tell us some of the bands you supported or who supported you?

A5. Probably not more than two hundred all in California over a 3 or 4 year span playing with bands like Love/Hate, The Zeros, Filthy Ritz, Imagine World Peace, Swingin Thing, The Brats, The Ultras, L.S.D., Rebel Rebel, Alleycat etc.

Q6. You had a song called, ahem.... Kick Her in the Head and Alleycat Scratch had a song called, cough…. Fuck Her Up the Ass. I know the two bands were friendly with each other but was there a competition to see who could come up with the most shocking and bizarre song name?

A6. Not at all. You'll say pretty much anything if you just don't give a fuck!

Q7. What was your own personal favourite Glamour Punks song and why?

A7. Bad Attitudes and Anti Social Child because that's exactly what we were all about and Roach Motel because it was the first song we wrote and it was about that first flophouse we all had together, it was truly disgusting.

Q8. Bassist Eric 'Dizzy' Boyles died in 1995. How do you best remember Dizzy and is there a particular story of his antics on or offstage that you can share with us?

A8. Dizzy was my best friend and although we didn't always agree and often fought we loved and respected one another immensely. I miss Diz still and even have a tattoo of him on my right arm, he'll forever be a part of my life. As far as Dizzy stories go there are way to many to mention, but I will say he had an uncanny knack of falling over, he would fall of stages, down stairs, down escalators, into ponds, pools and crowds of people, sometimes it was drunkenness other times it was just for fun, but it was always with complete disregard for his own well being and the well being of others. In other words he was fuckin' crazy!

Q9. How did Glamour Punks come to an end?

A9. GRUNGE MUSIC, and we all just knew it was time. We didn't really get along anymore and it just seemed stale, as Strange put it to me after our last show we were flogging a dead horse.

Q10. You went on to another band after Glamour Punks called Full Metal Racket. Can you tell us a little about that and any other bands you sang in?

A10. I was really disillusioned with the music scene and especially punk rock music after we broke up, so after a couple of years out of the game I joined up with some guys I had known from back in the day and we became FMR. This band was great and we really had a blast, some small tours and a deal through Universal, but of course as usual this industry is fickle and our record never saw the light of day.

Q11. I see that you recently got up onstage and did a few Glamour Punks songs with Blackboard Jungle. Can you tell us how that happened or was I just a spur of the moment thing?

A11. My new band LIFE of cRHYME was opening for BBJ and Brit called me a couple of days before the show to ask if I would be interested in doing a couple of GP songs and I just jumped at the chance. It had been years since I had done any of these tunes (I even had to relearn a couple of the words!) so it just seemed like the right thing to do, and it was, it went over really well. Thanks BBJ!

Q12. As you said, you now have another band called LIFE of cRHYME which I would describe as a bizarre mix of funk, reggae and rap, a bit like some old Fishbone in places especially on Take It Slow. Tell us a bit more about this project and where you see it going?

A12. My tastes in life and music have changed considerably over the years and this band is a direct reflection of that. At 36 years old I'm over being a rockstar and really just write and play for the enjoyment. Perhaps I will have the record we recorded released independently, but who knows. Anyone whose interested can check us out at

Q13. Who do you think were the most underrated band from the days of the Strip that could have gone on to bigger and better things but just never broke through?

A13. Swingin Thing. I can't believe they never got a deal, The Zeros and Imagine World Peace were also great, it just never happened for them - too bad the rest of the world missed out.

Q14. Rumour has it that there will be a Glamour Punks CD coming out on Fastlane records at some point in the future. Can you confirm this?

A14. Yes this is absolutely true, hopefully this will come out early in 06.

Q15. Will the tracks be taken from demos that have been passed around or from the original studio recordings?

A15. Some of the stuff was taken off demos and some off master recordings, but it has all been remastered and sounds great.

Q16. Do you still keep in touch with any other bands from back in the Strip days or any of the other Glamour Punks?

A16. None of those bands are still together but I do still see a lot of the guys from Swingin Thing, Alleycat Scratch and The Brats etc. As far as The Glamour Punk guys Skitz is the only one I see, he lives down the street and he's still a freak!!!!!!!

Q17. Of all the things you've achieved in your career, what is the one thing that you would like people to remember about you and why?

The guy who set the trends and was then swallowed by those same trends.

Mandie, thanks for taking the time to talk to Glitzine. I know a lot of people out there would list Glamour Punks in their top 10 bands of all time including myself so it's been my privilege and thanks again.

Interviewed by Grant W.