Interview with The Frankenstein Drag Queens

Frankenstein Dragqueens are making some serious noise with their latest album "Night of the Living Dragqueens" (5 K in Kerrang). The Guys (?) are looking like the lovechild of Leatherface and some cheap prostitute and with music as impressive as on "NOTLDQ", things are looking very good. Glitzine searched the deep woods in Maryland to find guitarist/vocalist Wednesday 13.

Your "Night of the living dragqueens" has been out awhile. Has it worked outwell? Are you happy with what is has accomplished?

Yeah I'm very pleased with what the album has done for us. Of course we haven't been signed to a major lable or been pushed to rock star fame yet, but we have gotten some great press and great shows with the record.

FDQ obviously have on of the more outrageous images of today. Why did you create Frankensteins monster? What inspired you?

Well I grew up on glam music, Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister and Motley Crue. I always was into the more shocking, scary, ugly image. I just wanted to create something in the vein of all my favorite horror films and favorite  bands. It has taken a while to get the look to what it is now. We have went through different phases ugly/glam to pretty/glam back to ugly/glam now.

I get the impression that you're influenced by b-/horro movies. In what way? What do you think of the following: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Shining, Plan 9 from outer space and Blair Witch project?

I watch horror, B-movies all the time. I have since age 7. I get 90% of our ideas from movies or just a character from a movie. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the greatest film ever made. If the TCM family were a band it would be us, they are one of our biggest influences. However I think TCM is funny. It was never scary to me. However the Shinning is a different story. That movie still gives me the creeps, I have watched it 4 times since October 1st. It is one of my favorites as well. Plan 9 is classic and great. I dont  think it is the worst film of all time as it has been labeled. I really enjoyed the film. The dialogue was excellent and the story line was so cool. Graverobbers from outer space! Ed Wood was a genius. He did what he thought was good and did not care what anyone thought. He always had hope even when things were bad, he would find something positive about it. He also was a transvestite, gotta love that. Blair Witch Project was genius as well, I loved it. The ending was great, the idea was great. It was a breath of fresh air and not on this I Know What You Did Last Summer tenny-bopper crap. I just hope they don't try to make a sequel with a hip -Hollywood cast and ruin it.

Glitzine featured an interview with RS SAIDSO (A previous member of FDQ) earlier this year. Saidso said " I thought I had taken the band as far as I could take them, because at that time the other members of the band seemed content to be sitting back at home playing in Charlotte. I wanted more, I wanted all the things that were out there in the world... the truth what killed it for me was the fact that I was working my ass off for this and no one around me seemed to care, it was like oh ok. They started to take everything for granted including me, and the final draw was when we were on tour and we had four days off while in Baltimore two of the members of the band decided to jump on a Greyhound Bus and go home for what turned out to be only two days before turning around and having to make a fourteen hour drive back to Philadelphia to play the last show of the tour. I felt something wasn't right, like people didn't have there heads in the right place... I let them run around and make themselves look like cry babies about the whole thing. It was really stupid."

What is the FDQ side of that story?

Well I'll try to keep this short and to the point. So bare with me. I met Saidso when he was in the band Silly Scream. I was in a band called Maniac Spider Trash at the time and was looking to start a new band. So In the mean time Silly Scream asked me to fill in and play guitar for them live. This lasted a month and I quit due to the fact that it was too long a drive for me to rehearseand play in my band at the same time. I got along with Saidso at first, but after a while I became annoyed with his attitude and ego, and also the fact the he was trying to fuck my girlfriend at the time...which I later found out that he did. So I went on to form the Drag Queens which he had no part in forming. He was not asked to produce our record, I did not even talk to him after I left SS. He was in the top 5 of my shit list. So at the end of 96 Sicko Zero left the band and we were in search for a drummer. His name kept popping up and I just refused to acknowledge it for 3 months. Finally our soon to be guitarist Abby called and said he had been working with Saidso and that we should give him a try. I was just desperate to get a drummer and swallowed my pride and made peace with him.

We got along great for a while and he soon began his old ways again. The band was not the same without Sicko and we had definitely lost our vision as it was in the beginning. I was writing all the material and taking care of transportation and promoting and he was taking all the credit for everything. We were not selling out shows in our home town, we had a good following but not selling out any venues as he stated. We went on a 4 week tour of the East coast in October 97 and this was like the Blair Witch Project. It started out good and went to shit 2 weeks into it. The shows he had booked were in the worst places you could possibly play, they were basements and dungeons and just horrible.

The reason me and Seaweed left on a bus to go home was to avoid murdering him. We had no money, and had four days off before the next show and I just had to get away from him and go home and recuperate from being locked in a van with him for 3 weeks. Seaweed and I decided that we would do the remaining shows that we had booked a let him go. Sicko Zero returned to the group and he was kicked out of the band. I tried to be civil with him and work out a deal on our merchandise bill that we had. We came to an agreement that he would attend our future shows and sell merchandise and pay off the bill. This was his idea and he wanted it that way. He came to two shows and everyone laughed at him. The next thing I know I receive papers to appear in court for this bill. The judge threw the case out of court and he collected nothing and I have not seen him since then.

There seems to be a lot of things going on right now for the DQ and yourself. Books, videos etc etc. Please tell me about it.

Well there is no book, what I am doing is a history of the events leading
up to the Drag Queens from beginning to now on our website. You can read the whole story on everything. It is a work in progress and will have chapters
added regularly. We are also going to release a home video with footage from
the beginning to now with rare footage and interviews etc. It will be released sometime next year.

What is the next agenda of the FDQ?

The next agenda is to release a new album in January. We are going in to the studio in November to begin recording. This record will be different from the last two, but still FDQ. We are negotiating a deal to re-release NOTLDQs for a label in Germany but nothing definite yet. So stay tuned and take s-care!!!!

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by Andreas Persson