Interview with FrankEEE of Boydotcom; July 2005

Q1. Please introduce yourself to those who might not know you.

A1. Hi Lads, this is your captain speaking .... no not really. Right, I'm FrankEEE, known to a selected handful of people from back in the days when I was with German Glamour Punx Hollywood Teasze. Since 2002 I've been on the move with Australia's BoyDotCom (*B*D*C*).

Q2. What're you and the band up to since the release of the Independent EP?

A2. The band will be in a state of limbo from today on.
As always! We'll have some structural changes over the next weeks - but will be back, also as usual! But if you refer to the past weeks: we haven't really been able to do a hell of a lot due to a variation of problems I don't want to dig all too deep into right now ... but there will be the time. If you wanna check up on the latest doings of BoyDotCom I'd advise all readers to visit our website / and grab yourself the video flicks of our bootleg show. News are pretty much always up-to-date there as well ... and there's heaps to explore ... just like a kinder surprise!

Q3. The new album has a rawer sound than Fuck the World. Was this an intentional move?

A3. Yes and no. In some way I don't think of us/me to be all that colorful of characters anymore - that is not to say we changed all that very much personally. When we wrote those songs (and there was quite a few tunes we simply disregarded - hence the EP length again) I think we just went for a more aggressive tounge musically and lyrically since a lot of people and things around us have changed - and that's not always to the better or prettier. I don't think BDC has ever been a glam band (or glam punk, or whatever). Today we simply call our music Rock, it makes communication much easier and express much clearer what kind of stuff to be expected, don't you think?

Q4. You've had several personnel moves since the first cd. Please discuss them. Does it change your approach to the band in any way?

A4. This band (BDC) had, to nail it down, way too many changes in the past. It's at a point of frustration and did and does not help us to progress and achieve those things we really should be doing by now. And to clear things up once and for all: BoyDotCom started off with me, Eman (ex VL), Jake (ex VL) and Rick Ruin (ex VL). Jake had to leave the band first in its early stages due to being drug fucked and having had problems with Rick at the time. Josh (ex something, later Junkatique) replaced him on drums but had been seeking for fame - which he 'fortunately' announced 1 week or so before a scheduled Europe tour :( he left to be able to play a Sony showcase with Junkatique (which I don't think ever happened, and Junkatique having broken up anyhow). It was him introducing us to his best mate Nick, but we couldn't get us to play confidently enough within time for the tour. So we postponed until later that year (2002) - and then apparently Rick had problems with the band (like being too punk, for some reason he was of the impression we'd go OI! ???!!!?) (oh - and I think the band name wasn't all to his liking at all anymore - at this point) ... but I really think he left mainly because he thought he didn't have enough 'rights' to say anything within the band ... which in return I would approve as complete bollocks, because in BDC everyone is ALWAYS encouraged, but needs to open mouth! So yeah - it's been a tough time.

Q5. Do you know the band 311?

A5. NO

Q6. Any feedback from the site Anybody ever confuse you with them?

A6. Not really - I'm just finding it quite interesting (checking the logs every now and then) how many people get directed from search engines with the criteria: "fuck", "boy", "porn" - it's pretty sad how many people need to be thinking about gay sex with minors. This world is pretty screwed up, man! But isn't it hilarious - those exact people get to be educated whilst they're surfing the web, just by HAVING to check out our site. But no feedback so far from the dicks.

Q7. Of course, you were a founding member of Hollywood Teasze, therefore making you a prominent member of the 90's glam/punk scene. Please compare and contrast the 90's scene with the scene of today.

A7. Like I said, things have changed a lot all around me, people have changed/come and gone, and of course I have changed, unfortunately to a more grey scale nuance. The 90s I always wanted to see as the period of self education (musically) and foundational experience, which it really was. The scene was great because you wanted it to be great - in particular the Italian scene!!! By the time the millennium went closer and closer [ - and if you ever wanted to say: "Here's where FrankEEE fucked up Teasze" ---> now's your chance!!! - quote FrankEEE], I became more and more aware that things will naturally slow down, with me then just having been in a new relationship and changing country of residence to Australia. I experienced the 2000+ scene in Oz as a complete different dish as to the one had been served to me in Germany before. And I am still doing adjustment work - but Eman has been and is still a great companion on this one helping me out to understand and relate much better. So there's hope for a more happy sounding follow up to INDEPENDENT, or at least different again.

Q8. Hollywood Teasze released two excellent cds which had rather differing sounds. What was the reason for this?

A8. For one I think we were pretty naive when we went to Alabama to record 'Glamdolls ...'. And so were the guys at Delinquent. Fuck, I never really got to know whether we sold a copy or two of it - and I only have a CD with no sleeve myself. It was our first chance to record anything 'properly' at all - and the fact that it was to be happening in the States was and overwhelming thought. We better had put more time in thinking about the actual album but daydream. Anyhow - every single thing on Glamdolls indicated itself to be of 'novice' status. I for myself don't really listen to the album at all anymore - not because I don't like the music - but because of all the dirt that went down the drain with it. No Flakes in contrast we pretty much produced ourselves - with financial investment promised to us by a guy called Joe, another one of those characters that just fit in nicely with a bunch of people I never learned to understand completely, later that money got called off leaving Teasze with 13k of depts. Since we never were able to pay for it, the whole money side of things was in limbo for a few years ... but I heard recently someone paid for it :) Whatever, we did it, and since we also had advanced an the technical side of things we simply knew better what each button, knob and slider does on such big mofo of a mixing desk. Not great at it - but better than Dave at Delinquent at the very least! Plus No Flakes actually did get mastered in a mastering studio (which was another 2.5k by the way). And of course: we had a real drummer (Andi) playing on No Flakes - on Glamdolls you will hear an Alesis D4, if you concentrate. Harry la Bum was incapable of recording drums due to ... I can't even remember why he didn't play!!!?? He was with us all the time ... I'll check back and let you know in a few years time.

Q9. Frank E. Guitar? Where did the guitar go?

A9. Too cheesy! But if anyone I should be the only one with the right calling myself this way, since my 'household' Surname is Guetter - for real. Pretty close, don't you reckon? But its FrankEEE for now ... but you can call me Franky, pal!

Q10. Please discuss your involvement with the Slamdunk compilation. Any thoughts you'd like to share?

A10. Hmmm - I am not fully sure which compilation you are refering to but I guess you mean the French release of the Glamdolls In Toyland Tribute, which Chris is promoting and also participating on. Well - Stuffy at Wild Side Music dropped me a line a while ago indicating his intentions for a Tribute. Since I wasn't sure whether there will be ANY bands at all that could be found to contribute (Teasze hadn't been doing stuff for quite a while now and I thought the name might have long time vanished) so I decided to wait until there's something happening. The I got to learn almost all songs were already taken ... since BDC had a special acoustic performance coming up we decided to give Lies a shot under those different circumstances. But Stuffy explained to me later that it was more of a Glamdolls Tribute but a Teasze Tribute in general. So the day of the show I rewrote the Epilogue and played it at the end of the set - Brent of H|Block 101, who played with us on guest-12string, never having heard the ditty before stayed on with me - it was a fantastic experience.
We recorded the lot on video and in surround ambience sound. One can actually head over to our site and download the whole show in surround - it's pretty awesome and very 'dry'. Anyhow - the recording screwed up sporadically - hence why the Epilogue starts somewhat within a verse ... but it's a bootleg, so no hard feelings. On the compilation you'll get Epilogue and as a bonus title Lies.

Q11. At the end of No Flakes, there is a hidden track that is in German. What was this?

A11. That's us stuffing around with Andi, knowing his bad usage of the German language after having spent so much time in this very country. We found it amusing at the time - don't know today. It's like a German classic folk song - and I had to 'suffleur' (how do you write that?) into Andi's ears whilst he was looking at the lyric sheet (rewritten so he could actually read it and it would make perfect German sense).

Q12. Here's a series of either/or questions. Please feel free to elaborate on the answers wherever you see fit.

A. Australia or Germany?


B. Glam or Punk?

C. Michael Moore Hates America or Fahrenheit 911?

D. Sheer Greed or Wasted Youth?

E. Trash Brats or Trashcan Darlings?
tb all the way, sorry darlings

F. No Flakes or Glamdolls in Toyland?

G. Hollywood Teasze or Heart Throb Mob?
I'd say HTM to be the nice guy - but I really listened to our stuff way more to be honest.

Q13. Keeping with question G, was there supposed to be a nod of sorts to HTM in the song Attitude?

A13. The song Attitude was a definite filler, for me at least,sorry man. I almost don't know it anymore - let me have a listen back, hang on .... OK - really can't remember ever having recorded this track - but obviously did. All I can say is that it sounds like a song Chris would have written in the late stages before we were scheduled to record. But I am certain we never performed this one live.

Q14. Please give your impressions of the music scene, mainstream and underground, over the last ten years.

A14. It's kinda like I said a few questions ago - it's quite difficult for me to assess due to my move to a complete different continent where people just think differently and have always done. I was used to my German surrounding with the eventual outbreak to an easy-to-reach country for a moment. So any quote I'd give here would probably distort reality and I'd find myself back home with a problem I had with some people within the German fanzine press community. People interpret and assume too often by reading but not REALLY reading - if those folks then again write themselves, stories have changed and people freak out. So I'll better avoid the subject altogether.

Q15. I recently had a debate with a friend of mine about the existence of the music genre 'glam-punk'. He didn't think it existed. I thought it did. Does it exist and, if so, what is its definition?

A15. Say I think it did - and it's pretty much what Teasze did. It was colorful to an aspect - but really quite trashy, fast and loud - and always pretty honest, despite the immediate impression due to make up and stuff. At the 'end times' of Teasze we really didn't give too much of a fuck about anything at all anymore and that's what we looked like. Pretty fucked up.
Everything else I leave to the reader's vivid immagination.

Q16. Do people complain too much about stupid things?

A16. That's what they do - 90% of their day - read this interview and you'll know it. I'm part of The People.

Q17. Have you seen Revenge of the Sith? Impressions?

A17. Not yet - got no time for private entertainment since I'm working on a pretty cool project with London May, some may remember him from Samhain or Tiger Army. We're doing some experimental things in say the roots of early Bowie and hope to be able to release an album shortly.

Q18. Please name some of your influences. Any that might come as a shock to some of our readers?

A18. I should really give you a snapshot of my iPod - it contains all 5000 influences. But here a few I call politically correct:

Reagan Youth (all time fav)
The Pockets
The Misfits
David Bowie
Iron Maiden
Manic Street Preachers

And of course
Boy George - The Cheapness And Beauty Album(!)

And believe it or not - as of late:
Robbie Williams, ahem!

And really pretty much everything I ever listened to in my life - but then I don't get to listen to music all that much anymore ... too busy listening and reviewing my own stuff lately, but I did borrow Motorhead - We are Motorhead recently as well as some good old Bad Religion - so if you wanna through in those acts as well.

Q19. Which five cds have been getting the most spins in your player of late?

Motorhead - We are Motorhead
Anti Flag - The Terror State
Iron Maiden - Life After Death
Enuff Z Enuff - Animals With ...
Robbie Williams - Live at Knebworth
The Black Crowes - Shake Your Money Maker

Sorry that's 6 - but I would have another few!

Q20. How many times can you listen to T.N.A.C.A.V. in a row before you need an aspirin?

A20. I don't really listen to FTW all that often anymore these days ... again ... to much dirt ... too far down the drain; at release in Europe 2 of the musos in the pictures had left the band already which didn't really make for encore-able excitement . But back 'on the track': once you got this title ripped to your harddisk it should be easy going to reverse it - I use QuickTime's Loop Back And Forth feature.

Q21. Rumor has it that Chris sang lead on a HT song. Can your confirm or deny this and, if so, which was it?

A21. A fact many people never really seem to know: Chris was doing heaps of main vox in the period after Ruby Teasze (our singer in the beginning) left the band. It naturally slowed down since I think he couldn't advance on it. I wouldn't be able to recall all songs he did but one strikes my mind immediately (since it's still somewhat in my mind): Sometimes I'm calling (from a phone down in LA) and LADiddy of course!

Q22. Any new artists you think our readers should keep an eye out for?

A22. Motorhead? Ah Fuck it: The Fraud And The Fragrant!!! All the way!

Q23. Do you see any reason whatsoever to listen to FM radio or watch MTV?

A23. No.

Q24. Please use this section to promote any projects/shows/etc. that you have upcoming.

A24. Already happened!

But: Cheers Lycan for the interview and thanks to all who'll read it. It's been a little harsh this time around - and I think quite a few people won't be all that happy about it. But what's the world without a little spice of honesty. So my final words would be - hope to see you on tour .... if dead things on our paths won't slow us down. But we'll always be there ....

BoyDotCom (*B*D*C*)
Melbourne June 15 - 2005

Thank you for taking your time to do the interview.

Interviewed by Lycan Davis

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