Interview with Faster Pussycat; April 2007

1. Hi guys. Hope you're looking forward to coming to England once again? I know you have a lot of very excited fans. Is there any place in particular your looking forward to visiting or anything you want to do once here?

ERIC: Thanks, we are very excited to be back touring Europe, it's been a long time! Guess we are excited about all the dates, but I've never been to Spain or Italy, so I'm looking forward to seeing those places.

KURT: I have never played in England before so I'm very excited to see the country and perform great shows for you guys.

BRETT: If we had the time I would visit the historical ruins. Then some good bars, and maybe look up some family.

2. This tour has caused quite a stir in the music world. What ultimately made you make the decision to reform Faster Pussycat?

BRENT: Tons of fan letters asking to hear the classic songs in the classic style. I also received many complaints about Taime's gothic versions.

ERIC: Brent and I had been talking about doing this for a few years but it never went beyond the talking phase. But we finally decided that it was now or never, and the fans had been asking for this for a long time, and with it being the 20th anniversary of the first record coming out it just felt right.

3. Did you approach Taime and/or Greg regarding joining you?

BRENT: Not only did I personally email them back in Dec, I have put out a public invitation.

4. Is there anything at all you plan to do differently this time?

BRENT: Make sure we give the fans their moneys worth.

ERIC: Nothing different. We just want to go out every night and give the fans a great rock and roll show!

5. Brent, I don't want to spend too much time on this and I'm sure you don't either! Regarding the ongoing argument that appears to only really be from Taime's side. How do you feel towards him now, after his reaction to the tour, and will you make any further contact with him whether it's to try to make the peace or to just reply further to his latest comments?

BRENT: Read my open letter to him and Greg at

6. All of you have been involved in various projects over the years and have your own dedicated fan base but how have they all responded to your individual decisions to tour as Faster Pussycat.

ERIC: Well, aside from a certain few who will remain nameless, everybody seems really excited and I keep reading on peoples my-space pages where they're planning on coming to more then one show and that's really cool to me.

7. Brent, how did you go about choosing Kurt as your vocalist for this project?

BRENT: I play with him in a band here in Vegas called 'The Underground Rebels'. He's a great singer and guitar player. He was the perfect fit and a Faster Pussycat fan.

8. Kurt, Taime has a very unique sound, have you decided to try to sing as close to his style as possible or put your own style into effect?

KURT: I sing stuff a little like him, but I gotta be me. I keep to all his melodies and phrasing of course, which I love. I try and capture the essence of the songs Taime, and all the guys created.

9. What can we expect from your live show?

BRETT: Basically the original sound and band vibe that the band originally became. Just good rock & roll, and a fun time.

10. What are your plans for Faster Pussycat when this tour ends? Any thoughts on making a new album?

ERIC: Yes, there are plans to have a new record out by the end of the year. As far as more shows after Europe, when we come home we have a few dates starting with L.A., we are then doing Riverside, CA, we are doing this big festival at the end of June called Waterstock in DesMoines, IA with Vince Neil, Warrant, White Lion and Winger for like 15,000 people, we are also doing Rocklahoma, a huge three day festival with like 30 bands from the 80's. After that we are going to focus on going into the studio to record some new music. I know we are also talking about a tour of Japan for the fall.

11. If yes to question 8, can you give us an idea of what we might expect to hear?

KURT: The songs sounding like the record. The band is sounding amazing.

12. How have you left things with The Underground Rebels? Do you plan to continue the band after this tour?

KURT: Brent and I just finished our new 12 song CD "Insult to Injury" by The Undergound Rebels. We will have it for sale at all the Pussycat shows. Our drummer is on tour with The Blue Man Group right now, so we all keep busy doing stuff. We'll come back to Vegas and do some shows supporting the new CD.

13. To Eric, Brett and Todd, what are your plans after this tour?

ERIC: After this tour will probably mean after this year is over and I really don't know what will happen then.

BRETT: To have a good time and appreciate the chance to visit and play for some cool people.

14. You're touring with three other bands. When was the last time you hooked up with Enuff z'nuff and what do you think of what they're all doing now?

BRENT: I love Monaco and Chip and look forward to seeing them. Again I don't know who's playing drums. I wish it was Ricky Parent, but I heard he is ill, I wish him all the best.

ERIC: I personally have never toured with Enuff z'nuff.I did however have Vikk Foxx in my last band, Supercool.

15. Have you heard anything by Gypsy Pistoleros?

ERIC: I've only heard a few small pieces of their music on their my-space page, but what I heard I dug, very reminiscent of Hanoi, which is always a cool thing!

16. Brent, so sorry to hear about your being ill, how are you feeling now?

BRENT: I'm not totally out of the woods yet, but I hope and believe that I am cancer free. It was quite scary when the Dr told me I had a 30% chance of not making it. He also told me I would never talk the same or sing again. I have a big scar on my neck, that looks like the mafia try to silence me. My wife says it ads character and I wear it with pride. I'm missing a piece of my tongue and had to re-teach myself to talk. I didn't tell many people this, but in Dec I went back to have surgery again. They wanted to remove something from my throat to make sure it wasn't cancerous. Fortunately, it was benign.

17. Can you each tell us one thing about each of yourselves that you wouldn't normally tell in an interview?

BRENT: I'm a penny pincher.

KURT: I watch way too many horror movies.

18. Any last words for your fans before you get here?

BRENT: This may be the last time you hear Faster Pussycat live sounding the way we did in our prime. If you support this kind of music you should definitely come out. We will be out meeting fans after every show. Stop by and say Hi. You can also get the elusive and rare autographs of Eric and Brett.

BRETT: Ya the sun rises, and the sun sets every day. Better to strive to do something good than to be asleep at the wheel!

KURT: If ya like rock and roll the way it's meant to be heard, loud and sleazy, come see the shows!

Unfortunately, Todd went to the hospital with Strep throat and was confined to his bed so couldn't take part in this interview. Get well soon Todd.

Interviewed by Sharron Grainger

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