Interview with Die My Darling

Reach deep within; dig the depth of each tendril pleasure and existence, those you could only imagine whilst travelling the subconscious world of dream. Look upon that of pure hypnosis, hypnosis brought upon by seduction, desire, orgasm and terror; yet terror with a soothing caress. Let the terror caress the desire, look upon the seduction. The caress turns into the pleasure, the pleasure a constant existence, the hypnosis curving the subconscious until that ultimate end, that of the unmistakeable deafening orgasm. Die My Darling? A question? A new beginning? An end? Either way …. There is only one word screaming from the mouth of one Spice D Warlock and that is YES YES YES!!!!!!!!

Interview with Sean D. & Reiche - Die My Darling - 06.01.2001

Q. For those new to the scene or just of plain ignorance, can you give a brief rundown of your current and previous projects.

Sean D. - "At present I lament on the mic for Die My Darling. Previously I fronted the bands Smack and The Babydolls, although neither project brought forth lyrically or sonically what DMD has. For me, there hasn't been another project which came as close to my vision as this one. And by the way, Reiche is a God."

Q. Do you see a continual progression, which has occurred in each project or do you feel them to have been of complete individualism?

Sean D. - "The progression may be seen as continual I suppose, in that I was involved to an extent in each project. That's all though. DMD is it's own entity, and has very little in common with anything that I have done prior."

Q. Keeping within the status of progression, how do you see Die My Darling progressing?

Sean D. - "Creatively, DMD has no boundaries… so as far as its progression, the only thing that I can say concretely is that we will continue to attempt to push the limits sonically and otherwise, while staying true to our sound."

Q. What can we expect from the debut album?

Sean D. - "Something quite dynamic and varied. The material we are presently working on will surprise you I believe, although it still retains the 'DMD sound.'"

Q. Die My Darling seem to have incorporated a boundary of no limitation within its style. Did the band set out purposely to achieve this?

Sean D. - "We did actually, in that when Reiche and I initially sat down, we had no preconceived notions as to what DMD should 'sound like.' We desired only to create music with dynamic and heart. In addition, our goal wasn't to limit ourselves to one particular genre."

Q. If so, which audience do you expect the most gratification from?

Sean D. - "That's an interesting question. While never labelling ourselves as a 'Goth' band, it would appear that to an extent the Gothic sub-culture has embraced us (which I see as a compliment). Stylistically however, there are several other influences inherent, from industrial to techno to rock. As far as which audience we expect the most gratification from, I can only hope that DMD's music appeals to people on a personal level, whatever genre they prefer."

Q. Comment has been made on how your vocal skills have matured. Do you see this comment as truth or could it be said that say, if the Babydolls ran closer to the style of Die My Darling, your voice would be of, if not similar to the same quality?

Sean D. - "My vocal delivery has changed in regards to the project. For me, spoken word was something that I long wanted to do, and DMD is the perfect vehicle for it. As far as my voice maturing? I suppose it has, as we all hopefully do in time."

Onto your newly released EP 'Sleep' ….

Q. Who made the decision to remix the song 'Sleep' for the EP? Were there any other versions mixed and if so, what made 'Sleepless, Insomnia' and 'Night Terrors' stand out as THE ones?

Reiche - "The decision to remix 'Sleep' was made collectively. It was determined that 'Sleepless' and 'Insomnia' were to fit a particular mold prior to commencing
work. The final outcome of them was not pre mapped and occurred after many improvised passes. Once "The One" was done, it was obvious. 'Night Terrors' started out quite accidentally, the band all agreed I should run with it, and it was done. In a theme I tried to address a variety of different plays on the word Sleep, thus the titles and flavor of each track."

Q. Were the remix's individually recorded or digitally remastered?

Reiche - "I approach remixes with a simple philosophy. Figuratively, I take the song in it's complete version, lift it over my head and smash it on the ground. Then I sift through the pieces and reassemble it into a new form. So what you hear is almost entirely made of the components of the original version. There is
a lot of tweaking broken pieces and sounds or morphing of existing sounds until they take on a new life sonically."

Q. The remixing of individual songs seems to have hit the music industry with a huge bang, especially within the dance and darkwave orientation. Taking aside Die My Darling, do you feel most artists use this opportunity to gain easy profit as they lack creativity and ability?

Reiche - "I think that remixing has become a standard so that artists can gain exposure in markets that they might not normally fit into. The labels have realized the value of this formula and seem to make it pretty expected. An entire industry of remixers has sprung up in the last 10 years, some of these people are
genius in their approach. In regard to creativity and ability, great remixes don't come from lousy songs. If you polish shit all you get is shiny shit."

Q. The remixes 'Sleepless,' 'Insomnia' and 'Night Terrors' stand out on a professional level of creative light owing to the fact each sounds as an individual song. What made you decide to use a softer overtone of the spoken word ('Insomnia Remix') than we hear within the original?

Reiche - "Insomniacs know, everyone else is asleep, "I must be quiet". Actually, the concept with 'Insomnia' was to make a track that could play over and over in headphones while surfing the web all night. Thus the title. If the vocals were any harder it would be too tiring to sit through. You should try it - get a drink, set the
song to repeat and surf away. It is perfect."

Q. Which comes first - Modelling, Music or Poetry?

Sean D. - "That's a tough question, in that both mediums (literature and music) are something that I could not live without, as each is a different form of expression. As for modelling, I appreciate it for its visual qualities, as well as for the opportunities it presents in regards to working with skilled designers, photographers, etc. But it certainly isn't my life-blood."

Q. Taking into consideration you are due to release your first collection of poetry and prose, can we say that the main inspiration for your lyrics comes from your poetry? (The collection will be entitled 'Milk, Blood and Sky' for those wondering)

Sean D. - "My inspiration for things lyrically, poetically or otherwise comes from the same well. My muses seem to fluctuate, and when they are present I really have no choice but to follow them. As for what inspires me? Anything that elicits an emotional response. Lance has said that I 'see the beauty in things.' He may be right, but that unfortunately makes me see the ugliness in things as well. Sometimes it seems a burden."

Q. Was 'Sleep' originally poetry or lyric? If by chance poetry, is this the reasoning behind spoken word being used?

Sean D. - "The lyrics' for 'Sleep' were written expressly for the song. As for the spoken word element, it had been decided prior that such would become a dynamic of DMD."

Q. I read into the usage of your words the major player to be Edgar Allen Poe and an all rounder for the band to be that of the M. de Sade. How do they inspire you as an individual and how does this alter, if at all, taking it into consideration as a complete outfit?

Sean D. - "Quite perceptive of you, as both authors have influenced members of DMD greatly; as for myself, de Sade for Reiche. As for Poe's influence in regards to my own writing however, other poets have had a greater impact; particularly Charles Bukowski, Dorothy Parker and Edna St. Vincent Millay."

Q. If you could live your life over again, choosing who, where, when and how, would you choose to live the same life?

Sean D. - "Although I often feel as if I was born in the wrong age (as I am sure quite a few people do), I wouldn't change a thing. Every moment thus far, whether one of despair, regret or joy, has led me to this place in my life, both creatively, personally and spiritually."

Q. You're trapped and cornered in a room full of sweaty, ignorant, grotesque reporters. You're given the opportunity to describe Die My Darling to the world as sexual prose within 20 seconds or they would release information you vowed never would be let to light, what your be your reply

Reiche - "I will beat you, I will bite you, I will rub you the wrong way, until you ask me to stop and start again."

Sean D. - "He had placed his fingers tentatively upon her breasts, kneeling in faux worship, and she could recall all too easily the flush that had caught her, the electrical current which had coursed through her flesh as she had looked down upon him. It was still there, singing across her abdomen and inner thighs - a throbbing, insouciant beat.
Spice D Warlock