Interview with Mia Coldheart of Crucified Barbara

Crucified Barbara, the 4-piece rock band from Sweden, are back with a new album called "'Til Death Do Us Party". It's been four years since their debut album, and since then the band have toured in Europe, Australia and Russia, playing with bands like Motörhead, Sepultura, In Flames and Backyard Babies. Crucified Barbara is singer Mia Coldheart, guitarist Klara Force, bass player Ida Evileye and drummer Nikki Wicked.

Q1. Hi Mia! How are you?

Well, I'm fine, it feels really great; we are going to have our release party of our new album "Til Death Do Us Party" in a few days. But we're a bit worried because we're going on a promotion trip to Paris tomorrow, and considering all these snow storms, we're worried that we're not going to be able to be back in time for the release party.

Q2. Are you nervous about the release of the album?

Yes, of course it's a bit jittery. But it's going to be really fun, it's most hard now.

Q3. Did the recordings go well?

Yeah, it's been going really good, it was very intense, and now it has been done for so long a time, we just want to get it out, and now it's finally time.

Q4. Was it a lot different from when you recorded 'In Distortion We Trust'?

No, well, during the recordings of the first record we were so very inexperienced about being in a studio, so a lot of time went to just looking, so much things happened that we didn't know anything about. And someone forgot to tune their guitar before we recorded, so we had to record it again. This time we were aware of that, and could avoid those mistakes and instead focus on the recordings. Also, we rehearsed a lot more this time, so we didn't have to focus on playing right; we only had to focus on the sound and the songs.

Q5. How would you describe the new album?

It's a hard rock album with a mix between rock and metal, the songs are very different between one another just because everyone of us are involved in the song writing, so it has a great variation, because everyone got their inspiration from different directions. The sound is awesome, and we are really happy about it. It's much more dynamic and acoustic guitars that we didn't have on the first album, back then it was all about rocking peoples socks off, and now we have written more songs that we actually think are good.

Q6. Which song is the best on the new album?

Oh, that is a tough one. Well, there's a song called 'Blackened Bones' which is think is so unbelievable fun to play, and also it's a great song, I like it, it's heavier and slower than the other songs, so it's my favorite, at least for now anyway.

Q7. What do you hope this album is going to lead to?

Well, right now I'm only waiting for the opportunity to go out on the road and play again. And I'm hoping it will lead to the opportunity for us to go on huge tours and play as much as possible. And also sell a lot of records so we can go out and play some more. We want to expose the world to our music more than it already has. And only Play, Play and Play some more.

Q8. But you've toured a lot, haven't you?

Yes, we did, but it wasn't much last year, so then we recorded the new album, and the year before that, in 2007, we didn't play so much either. But back in 2005 and 2006, it was gigs all the time, back then we went on tour around Europe, Australia and Russia, just going from one place to another, it was much and it was fun.

Q9. Did that kind of life work well for you?

Yes, it was very harsh, but it also was very fun. And on the level we played on back then, it was such a great variation, when we played with Motörhead it was 20 gigs in big arenas, 10 000 people each night. And we went on our own club gigs, and traveled 14 hours in a bus to Austria, to a club on the top of a mountain and 2 people showed up for the gig. So it was a huge variation depending on all the different places. And once when we played on a festival in Italy we lived on an ecologic farm, and on the morning we went out and groomed the goats, so a lot of wacky things have happened to us, so it has been very fun.

Q10. What is your best memory from your life on tour?

I must say Sweden Rock Festival 2006. We played there on Saturday morning and 10 000 people came to watch us play. It was so cool. Coming home after being on the road for a long time, and seeing all the friends and all people that we got to know, and they're standing next to each other and cheering, it was so awesome. It was one of those moments that really touched me. Otherwise it's just us rocking on stage, getting our kicks, but this time I really felt that the people were there to see us. It was fantastic.

Q11. Which is the funniest band you've played with so far?

Well, we had a really good time with American Dog, the band from Ohio, US. And it also was the first band we for real played with cause it was our first time that we played abroad, and this was during our tour in France. They were awesome hillbillies who played beer-rock'n'roll. And also, we had a great time when we toured with Backyard Babies in England back in September. We shared bus with them and all, but it wasn't all that fun when they had their poker nights. Cause the thing is that I tried to go to bed pretty early, cause I couldn't stay awake, because we always ate so damn late, around 1 a.m. and I always gets so tired when I've eaten, so I had to go to bed all the time. And they had their poker nights in the back launch, and I had my bed right outside that door. And they played Prodigy on the highest volume and played cards until around 3 in the morning. Which was kind of fun.

Q12. Do you think you live a rock star life or do you have a calm lifestyle?

As it is now it is pretty calm, we haven't toured that much, so then I calm down. I'm very calm when I'm at home, I don't feel for going out and party as much. But it was worse when we released our first album, it was party all the time. But now we don't have the same frenzy about doing everything, it doesn't matter if you miss a night nowadays, but back then it felt like I was going to miss all fun if I went to bed. But we'll see when we're back on the road, you never know what's going to happen, it's been a while since last time, so I shouldn't speak in advance.

Q13. How does it feel to be one of the few pretty big all female rock bands?

I don't really know. I think it's starting to come more and more bands with female members, it's a lot of girls who starts playing now, but of course, it's always fun if you can inspire someone to play.

Q14. Is this what you want to do for the rest of your life?

Yes, if we can keep on moving forward, if we can continue playing and if there's a possibility that we can live on it. In the long run, we can't keep doing what we've been doing the last few years. We're living on existential minimum, and that works for a while, but when we're forty it's not going to work to live like that, we have to be able to live on it, and if that's possible, I'd love to do it. But I don't know what choice I have, I tried to stop playing many years ago, before I joined Crucified Barbara, it was after my graduation, and it felt like my playing destroyed my ambition to do something that I actually could earn money on, but it didn't work out, I couldn't quit, so I guess this is what I'm meant to do.

Q15. Where does your name Coldheart come from? How did you pick it?

I don't really know. I had a hard time with relationships, so it kind of comes from that. Actually I'm a very kind and warmhearted person, it's just that my relationships had a tendency to not turn out so good, because mostly I prior other things. Well, maybe that's about to change now. But the last name I have to live with, and also it scares away some guys, which can be positive.

Q16. Do you sing in the shower?

Well, yes, I like to sing in the shower. But my shower at home is a bit weird, so I've got to hold it, and then it's so much to do at the same time, so I have to focus, but otherwise, yes, and it's very funny to sing in the shower.

Q17. Some quick questions...
Beer of Vodka?
Piercing or Tattoo? Oh, I don't have any of it, but I guess I prefer tattoo.
Morning or Evening? Evening.
Cat or Dog? Dog.
Hard Rock or Metal? Hard rock, or wait, that was a hard one. So, no. Or yes, yeah, hard rock it is.

Thank you for your time, do you have any last words?

Well, I hope you enjoy our new album "'Til death do us party". Get ready you people out in you cabins, Crucified Barbara is back!

Interviewed by Johanna Salo

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