Interview with Crash Street Kids

Crash Street Kids, an American sleaze band, have so far released three albums, the most recent is "Transatlantic Suicide" in 2008. A while ago the band recorded their first live album during two shows at Alice Cooper's club in Phoenix. This is a band, which lives for Rock 'n' roll, and singer Ryan McKay is enthusiastic to talk about it.

Q1. You're going to release a live album. How's it coming along? Where did you get the idea from?

It seems that all our favorite bands from the 70's did 3 studio albums, then a live one, KISS, Blue Oyster Cult, Cheap Trick. So we had to follow suit.

Q2. How did the recordings to the live album go?

Absolutely great! We recorded it over 2 sold out nights at Alice Cooper's club in Phoenix. Our hometown fans were amazing, they bring out the best in us. The tracks are really slamming, we are mixing it down now and hope to have it out in a few months.

Q3. You released a new album in 2008 called "Transatlantic suicide", tell me about the album, what's the difference between this one and the two earlier albums?

The album is the 3rd chapter in an ongoing saga we've been developing since our first album. With this one, we wanted to get even more theatrical than the 2nd album, but keep the ragged, sleazy element of our first record.

Q4. Which song do you consider to be the best on "Transatlantic Suicide"?

That's a tough one, I think of the songs as our babies, so you can't single one out, you have to treat them as equals. But if I had to pick, I am particularly proud of "Dressed in White", a 9 minute song that ties the whole story together. It was a real challenge to put together and not wind up being self indulgent or boring.

Q5. Where did the name Crash Street Kids come from?

That is the name of a song by one of our favorite bands, Mott the Hoople, we coined it after I got into a near fatal car accident when a drunk driver hit me head on.

Q6. Your guitarist Ricky Serrano has been named by Phoenix New Times, as one of the 10 best guitarists of the valley. How was it for the band to hear something like that? Do you think this kind publicity can be positive to the band?

As the other guitarist in the band, I am insanely jealous!!!! Seriously, he deserves it, he is an amazing talent. Those kinds of things are great for getting the word out for Crash Street Kids, but we don't live and die by them. It's easy to get wrapped up in it, but you have to remember that if you took every good and bad review and laid them out on the table, they'd cancel each other out.

Q7. When I read about the band, rock 'n' roll seems to mean everything. So tell me, how much do really rock 'n' roll mean to you and how much influence do it have on your life?

Rock and Roll has the ability to change lives. It changed my life, and everybody else in the band. It gave me a purpose, it inspires me, and drives me, and sometimes treats me like a bitch. But I will always love it to the bottom of my soul, and carry it's torch to the ends of the earth.

Q8. Rock 'n' roll is obviously important to Crash Street Kids, but rock 'n' roll is often associated with sex, drugs, alcohol and things like that. What's the band's opinion on all of this and where do you stand?

I consider sex, drugs and alcohol to be benefits of the job, like a bonus, or profit sharing program!

Q9. What is the craziest thing the band ever done on tour?

A driver for us once said that in a 20 minute car ride to downtown Minneapolis Crash Street Kids left 2 empty bottles of Jameson Whiskey, women's underwear, and glitter all over the back of his car. My memory of that night is quite blurry, but I'm told I had fun and thank god no pictures exist.

Q10. What do Crash Street Kids bring to the music that no other band does?

All of our influences mixed together are quite unique, from 70's music, even our taste in film and literature.

Q11. What are the coolest clothes you have in your closets and why?

I have a shirt I bought in Hollywood the first time I played the Whiskey, the guy that made it was at the show and said I could have saved money had I just bought it directly from him, then of course he hit on me.

Q12. Which things do you consider not to be the least rock 'n' roll in the world?

The least rock n' roll? Well, politics and government bullshit that prevents us from doing what we do.

Q13. What can we expect from Crash Street Kids in the future?

The live album in 2009, 2 new videos (Destroyer and Cigarettes and Starfuckers from the Transatlantic Album). And touring, touring, touring!

Q14. Some quick questions...
What's your favorite food?
The lobster tail at the Rainbow in Hollywood
What's your favorite animal? My dog, Chris
Which is the best rock 'n' roll album ever? Without hesitation KISS ALIVE 1
Which is your favorite book? Diary of a Rock and Roll Star by Ian Hunter
Who is the greatest person ever walked on earth? The person who reads this and buys Transatlantic Suicide!

Interviewed by Johanna Salo

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