Interview with Coyote Shivers; April 2004

1996. A time when grunge ruled the airwaves. Out of the shadows Coyote Shivers appeared and gave college radio a nice fat kick in the butt with the release of their debut CD. Unfortunately, the excitement and energy of the debut CD has yet to be continued, as the wait for a full-length follow up has stretched into the new century. This situation will soon be remedied with the forthcoming release of 'Gives It To Ya', a double electric and acoustic CD, featuring material from 'One Sick Pup' and 'From My Bedroom, to Yours'; respectively. I had a chance to discuss the bands new material as well as other topics, so be sure to carry on reading…

Q1. Where are you wintering this year? Are you a big fan of snow?

A1. I have a place in New York and in Hollywood, and try to keep exclusively in Hollywood during the winter months, primarily because I hate snow.

Q2. According to your website, you've kept busy with performing live. Any chance of a full-length follow up to the 1996 release anytime soon?

A2. Yes, a double album to be released shortly. One "electric" disc, and one "acoustic" disc, both of which contain tracks from the 2 upcoming CDs.

Q3. Why did it take eight years for the release of a proper full length followup to the s/t?

A3. Too long to answer in full, but briefly I ended up putting out the 1/2 A Rock & Roll Record and a couple of singles in that time, and starred in a couple of movies, and just ended up busy on a number of things that kept pushing back the release by a couple years longer than expected. I'm happy that it's finally being released, and that it will be a double record.

Q4. Do you see yourself as more of an actor or a musician right now? Which do you find to be more satisfying?

A4. Always been a musician, who just happens to also do films. Writing is the most satisfying, so I guess music for the most part, but I get a real kick out of doing films too.

Q5. Did you have any idea when you first met Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet that they had any chance of getting the airplay they have gotten via Kids in the Hall? Please discuss the circumstances surrounding this relationship and the long term effects of it on your career. Also, do you still get royalties as a result?

A5. No, I had no idea at all, and neither did they! I saw them play in this club in 1984 and nobody knew what to make of this band where nobody sang. They came on and the crowd, not getting it, all moved back from the stage leaving a giant horseshoe sized hole in the club. I thought it was genius and asked them immediately if they wanted to make records. The first single we did had "Having An Average Weekend" on it, which became the theme to the TV show "The Kids In The Hall." In no time the band were considered ultra-hip and cool and got some of the recognition they deserved. The engineer on those first recordings was Dave Bottrill, who ended up being Peter Gabriel's right-hand man in the studio for over 15 years. None of us knew what we were doing or what we were going to be doing, we were just teenagers doing things for kicks.

Q6. Being that this is an election year and you have ties to two different media, please comment on your opinion of members of the entertainment industry attempting to sway public opinion towards or away from certain candidates and issues.

A6. In theory, I think it's admirable that people would state their beliefs publicly and stand behind them, even if I don't agree. Especially these days when such fear is instilled in the population to not speak out. But in reality, I can't imagine who could possibly care what Madonna or whoever thinks about politics.

Q7. In keeping with the last question, if somebody in the public eye says they'll move to France when their candidate loses, should they? If so, should we send around a hat to buy them a plane ticket?

A7. I don't know I suppose it's up to them. In the past I have moved to a different country because of politics, so I understand. But then I've also stayed in certain places despite politics, just because that's where I was doing my thing and, you know.. getting paid. So I've been on both sides. Of course, I always paid for my own plane tickets, so that doesn't really count.

Q8. When your debut cd came out in 1996, I was a dj at college radio and found it to be a bit different than anything we were playing at the time. Do you think this was a benefit or disadvantage? Also, what was the motivation behind releasing such an album at that time?

A8. Well, the motivation is simple. That's just what I do. That it sounded "different" than what was happening then got critical acclaim, but didn't help get radio play and things like that. The biggest thing was that it sounded so New York, and anything from New York had this giant black mark against it back then. Not just me, but anyone from New York. It was seen by the industry as this city where all the bands were junkies or something, and would never sell. Of course, a few years and a Strokes and an Interpol album later, and suddenly all the same people flocking to see just about ANY band from New York. But a few years ago the feeling in the industry was quite different.

Q9. What band, if any, are you such a fan of that if they crapped in shrink wrap and put a price tag on it, you'd buy it?

A9. None. If it's crap, it's crap. Having said that, since the Ramones were the greatest rock band of all time, I would always be willing to give them some leeway.

Q10. How often have you heard the Road Runner go 'meep meep' and wished that Wile E. Coyote, for once, would catch the bugger? Any advice you might be able to give him?

A10. Well I haven't seen that thing for years, but I remember ALWAYS wanting him to get the Roadrunner.

Q11. Please define Leather Jacket Weather.

A11. Leather Jacket Weather is exactly that, weather that's perfect for your leather jacket. Not so hot that you can't wear it, and not so cold you need a big coat. Could be the fall or the spring, but in the song it's the fall, as it's about a summer romance that's over now that it's "Leather Jacket Weather."

Q12. Here's a series of either/or questions. Please feel free to elaborate where appropriate.

A. Heartbreakers or D Generation?

I wish you didn't ask that because I love Jesse and all, but it's obvious I have to go with Heartbreakers.

B. Liv Tyler or Renee Zellweger?

I can't say because I love them both. Besides, there very different. Apples and Oranges.

C. CN Tower or Space Needle?

CN Tower.

D. Hockey or Baseball?

Hockey. I guess because the childhood in Canada. Plus baseball is boring.

E. Smog or Blizzard?

Smog. I actually like smog. I hate snow.

F. (phonetically speaking) Ki-yote or Ki-yo-tee?

The latter, but people from the south say it like the former.

G. Glam or Grunge?


H. New York or Toronto?

New York

Q13. With the s/t, the entire CD is repeated as a hidden track at the end of the final cut. What was the reasoning behind this? Also, where's the love for fans of shuffling their CD/music selections?

A13. Hey you almost got it figured out! The first reason was just to be convenient. You know, instead of having to get up and start the CD over, it automatically did it for you. Since obviously that's what you'd do, riiiiight?

The second reason had to do with the "shuffle" thing like you said. A lot of jukeboxes in bars and things just go into "shuffle" mode when nobody is putting money in to pick the songs. So we figured it'd be funny if the CD would hijack and take over the jukebox whenever it happened to play the last song. I'm not sure if anyone else laughed at the joke, but we did.

Q14. You worked with Lemmy on the movie Down and Out With the Dolls. Please discuss this relationship and the circumstances surrounding it.

A14. I don't remember much because I was insanely busy at the time flying between Portland Oregon, Hollywood and New York City, back and forth and back and forth. Plus I was stoned.

Q15. When in L.A., how often do you feel like laughing when somebody bitches about it being cold when it's 60 degrees outside?

A15. All the time. But I have to admit, the more time I spend in Hollywood the thinner my own blood gets.

Q16. Living or dead, please assemble the ultimate concert tour. Who would be on it and who would be the opener?

A16. The Beatles would open for the Ramones.

Q17. What five cds have been getting the most rotation in your cd player lately?

A17. Mine. The Ramones. And the Star Spangles.

Q18. Any new artists you think our readers should keep an eye out for?

A18. The Star Spangles.

Q19. In your opinion, is it right that Hanoi Rocks will have to open for Velvet Revolver in the states? Do you care? Please discuss.

A19. I don't care, but I always thought G'n'R was a Hanoi Rocks rippoff.

Q20. In this section, please be willing to promote any upcoming projects you have.

1) The Limited Edition Double-CD called "Coyote Shivers Gives it To Ya. Twice."

2) Then the release of those two CD's separately, with extra tracks.

3) The movie "Girl In 3D" which I am the star of.

4) Then the "live" DVD featuring a couple of live shows, and maybe a couple of videos. (probably next year.)

I would like to thank Coyote Shivers for taking the time out of their busy schedule to do the interview.

Interviewed by Lycan Davis

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