Interview with Brijitte West; April 2007

The New York Loose are back and for this we should all be thankful! After a few years trying to get various projects off the ground NYL's driving force Brijitte West got married and settled in London before deciding to re-start one of the two greatest bands ever to come out of New York in the 90's (the other being D-Generation). With a new line-up consisting of Brijitte on vocals and guitar, Rich Jones (Black Halos) on guitar, Neil Leyton on bass and Laura Fares on drums the New York Loose are ready to give the current music scene a much needed shot in the arm.

1. You were in a band called Sprokett with Richard Bacchus of D-Generation before forming New York Loose, was it during this time you wrote The Luckiest Girl together or had New York Loose been formed when it was written?

New York Loose had already formed when I wrote this song. It was on our second 7" The B side to Green Light Semaphore.

2. I get the feeling he really likes this song as he recorded another demo of it a year ago and his backing band are now called The Luckiest Girls. Was there many more collaborations with Richard or any other member of D-Generation?

Yeah, Richard helped me a lot in the early days. We went out together for many years sort of on and off again.

3. What led to the break up of New York Loose?

Shit manager. Shit label and too much Jack Daniels.

4. After New York Loose, you joined Famous Monsters for a short time. Did you appear on any albums with them?

I am vampire Girl on the first 7" on Estrus (very rare) and the album Monster Girls are Go!

5. You also started a band called Diamond Star Halo with Kenny Kweens of Beautiful Creatures, but this project seemed to die before it ever got off the ground. What happened?

We sucked.

6. Next up was San Dusky with Pete Lloyd, a more alt-country band. You had a single out, Green On The Vine, and a few tracks on the soundtrack to Cowboys and Angels, was an album ever released?

No, it didn't really seem like anyone really cared about San Dusky. Maybe if we had been from Austin Texas we would have won a grammy.

7. You've taken a few years off from music and started a family, have you missed playing live and recording music?

Yes, but I have only now realized just how much.

8. You said in a recent interview "There could never be another NY Loose" what made you change your mind?

Not to sound way uncool but the miracle of myspace made me see that even though we didn't have any commercial success that there were genuine people all over the globe that the music had meant a lot too. I just couldn't believe some of the things that were written to me. I was genuinely shocked to find out there were still people who remembered us and cared about what I was up to. It has been so inspired. One of those people happened to be a pretty excellent and dangerously cool guy called Rich Jones. He would write me every so often and ask me if I wanted to have a go at playing again. I thought why not let's see if the ol' girl still has it in her. Lo and behold and much to my surprise I am writing the best songs of my life and have the most smoking line up I have ever had the pleasure to rock with.

9. How did you hook up with the current New York Loose line up?

Rich Jones hooked me up with his mates. I have a girl drummer called Laura Fares. The best drummer I have ever played with. The chemistry is just perfect!

10. What was the catalyst for compiling and releasing Born To Loose?

The fans that reached out to me, and remember the days when NYL was storming the rock scene. I really felt like I wanted to do something for them. I like to call them the "torch holders". It brings to mind my favorite New York landmark The Statue of Liberty.

11. Has this release cleared out the NY Loose vaults or is there still some unreleased gems that could see the light of day at sometime in the future?

No the release has only cleared out my bank account. There is still some old stuff kicking around but the best is yet to come!

12. How difficult will it be to go on tour with having such a young family?

Going on tour would be doable. I have some support systems in place in order for it to happen.

13. Is there going to be just a short promotional tour for the album release or can we expect some new recordings and more tours in the future?

I don't really have a tour booked just a couple of dates. If Born to Loose is well received I may be able to get someone interested in booking a tour. We will have to wait and see.

14. What's the story behind Cool Kids Music?

Cool Kids Music is a project I started with a friend of mine. We promote children's music for parents that have good taste in music and don't want to be driven insane by the likes of the Wiggles etc.

Thanks to Brijitte for taking the time to answer these questions. The re-vamped New York Loose are making their live debut at the Engine Room in Brighton on April 5th opening for Goldblade. You owe it to yourself to buy the Born To Loose release, it's filled to the brim with 24 tracks of the finest punk rock'n'roll the US has ever produced. Head on over to and get your copy. Also, visit New York Loose on myspace at and say hi.

Interviewed by John Baxter