Interview with Blacklist Union

Blacklist Union is a rock band from Hollywood, California. They're about to release a new album called "Breaking Bread with the Devil". This is the band which push rock ´n roll to its limits, taking shit from no one and walking away from a major record label deal. Vocalist Tony West agreed to an interview with Glitzine, talking about the new CD, the band, and the tragic death of Traci Michaelz of Pepppermint Creeps.

Q1. I've heard you're about to release a new album, how is it coming along?

The new CD is done. The name of the CD is "Baking Bread with the Devil" and will be released July 22nd.

Q2. Do you have a record label behind you at this time? Or are you still looking for the right one?

We have our own independent label called B.L.U. Records. We were signed to a major label and walked away from the deal and told them to go fuck themselves. The record label did nothing for us, in fact, we did way more and we were showing them how to do their job.

Q3. How come you chose the name Blacklist Union?

The name BLACKLIST UNION is about five controversial outlaw rockers who don't give a shit about what anyone says, especially not if it is some "big shot" suit that thinks he knows what the music listener wants while his whole label infrastructure implodes in on him.

Q4. Your music sounds a lot like the music back in the 80s, but a little harder and more modern so to speak. Is that intentionally?

We don't intentionally try to sound like anyone at all, we are definitely not trend followers.

Q5. Which bands are your biggest influences?

My personal influences are many lots of punk rock like The ramones & GBH (Charged GBH) but also vocal influences for me are Andrew Wood (Mother Love Bone) Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction) and Ian Astbury (The Cult).

Q6. How come you started to play together? Is there any funny story about it?

We came together and started playing because we were all friends, and we wanted the same things out of life. And instead of sit around talking about what we were gonna do, like most people in Hollywood, we go out and do it.

Q7. Can we expect you to go on a tour soon?

Yes, as soon as we find a new booking agent, we will hit the road with "Rockets to Ruin" (rockband from Atlanta, Georgia).

Q8. Have you ever played anywhere else but US?

No, we haven't. But although we haven't been overseas playing yet, we plan on going to Europe and Japan in the very near future.

Q9. What has been the most exiting moment in the band's history so far?

I can tell you the most exciting thing that has happened so far, was to have enough balls and courage to walk away from our deal. It was scary but it was the best thing we ever did, and we aren't gonna compromise ourselves as artists or as a band for some full of shit label. We took that stand not only for ourselves but for every rock band thats ever been fucked by a manager, a booking agent, label or club or whatever. We want the airwaves not bragging rights for our friends, to tell them we are signed.

Q10. Do you consider fame and fortune to be important or do you only play because it's fun?

We play music to play music period. We love it and all the money and so called fame is, of course, nice but it also brings on new problems.

Q11. Is it true that a member in the band helped to catch a criminal? What happened?

It's true that Carmine, our guitar player, caught a murderer that he had seen the night before on "Americas most wanted". After seeing it the night before he walked out his apartment door in Hollywood and there he was. Pretty scary shit.

Q12. What future plans do you have for the band?

As far as future plans we will keep going untill Hollywood rock is once again on the map.

Q13. Well, thank you for taking your time, good luck in the future and keep on rocking!

Well, I'd also like to say that Hollywood suffered another tragic loss with the passing of Traci Michaelz from the Peppermint Creeps here in LA. Although I was not a fan of his band I have much respect for them and for Traci for always sticking to his vision and NEVER straying from his beliefs of what rock n roll was! Cheers my friend see you on the other side.

Interviewed by Johanna Salo

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