Interview with Babylon Bombs

Babylon Bombs, a rock band from Sweden started in 2001, have so far released two albums, "Cracked Wide Open and Bruised" in 2005 and "Doin' You Nasty" in 2006. This year we can expect another album, yet unnamed, from this quartet. Drummer Swaint answered some questions about the new album, touring and Babylon Bombs in general.

Q1. You're working on a new album, did the recordings and all go well?

It went absolutely super! We had fixed times in the Polar studio from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. for two weeks and after that Chris Laney mixed the album by himself for a week. He sent us mixes of the songs while we were in Italy on tour in October, and we were pleased as hell.

Q2. Have you figured out a name for the album yet?

No, we haven't nailed a name yet, but we gladly take any suggestions from the fans, just send us a mail.

Q3. What can we expect? What will the album sound like?

Harder, it's more hard rock, but of course it still sounds like Babylon Bombs, and it's a hell of lot more in the same level as itself and a more stable record than our earlier.

Q4. Do you have any expectations of what the album's going to lead to?

A fat, big tour and a lot of airplay on the radio of course.

Q5. Do you feel like you have changed much during the time that elapsed since the release of your first album?

Both yes and no. Of course, now we're better as a band in every way you can think of, but it's so easy to slack with pretty much everything when we are in the middle, just between two records, because we don't gig as much now as when we have a new record out. And also, nowadays we drink most of the beers after the gig instead of before like we used to do.

Q6. You've recorded some music videos, which of these were most fun to do and why?

Well, it's rather seldom "fun" according to us. Everyone in the band mostly get rather restless during all the waiting it is in the process of the recording of the video. And that's when all the alcohol appears. But when we look back, it's pretty cool to watch our videos and a lot of people seem to like them. But I consider that Jaded Heart is the best one, a real on the road video with lots of live clips can't be wrong!

Q7. You jumped in with very short notice when Vains of Jenna cancelled their show on Rest in Sleaze this year, and also you got very good reviews from this gig, so the big question is, how do you do it?

It's awesome with all the fans and the great reviews, but if I recall right, we wasn't satisfied with our performance that night. We had no sound check, and we didn't rehearse so much before the gig and we were a bit nervous before the gig, but we have a good lowest level nowadays, so maybe it was a good gig like so many people thought. But when we are into it and hungry for it, we are fucking awesome live! One for all, all for one!

Q8. Why did you choose the name Babylon Bombs?

I do believe that it was Dani who came up with it, and it sounded cool and naughty, so it just turned out that way.

Q9. Which gig is the funniest you've ever done?

I would like to say Paris and London back in 2006, those nights we were damn good. Also, it was funny as hell the last time we played on Debaser in Stockholm with Vains of Jenna, and in Växjö the day after on Glam Slam (with Hardcore Superstar, Crucified Barbara, Gemini five), it was awesome to play with all the bands there that we've known for a while now.

Q10. What is the craziest thing ever happened to you guys, during the years as Babylon Bombs?

Well, where shall I start? I guess all general trouble that comes with playing in a band, you know, chaos from time to time. We have our merch guy for example, he is always late because he has to poo for a very long time, but he's like a family member to us. Also, once it started to smoke from our tour bus when we were on the German countryside, and the exhaust pipe fell to the ground when we were at the German ferry. We also have all the drunkenness that went wrong, Jon woke up with pink hair once, for example. Oh, and of course, all the shabby English clubs that can't spell Babylon Bombs, but instead writes Babylon Boobs. The list can be made very long, but then of course, you only remember the fun parts in the end.

Q11. What did you listen to when you were younger?

We all had a very wide taste of music, it was everything from The Clash to Mötley Crüe, Aerosmith, Pussycat, The Band, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Poison and a lot of more stuff.

Q12. What do you prefer to drink on stage?

Lots of beer and water!

Q13. What future visions are there for the band?

Well, to get out our third record as soon as possible and show everyone what a great record we've made. And also, this spring we will play in Moscow in Russia for the first time, and also we're going to tour in Sweden and Denmark.

Q14. Some quick questions...
Meat or fish?
Wine or Whiskey? Wine
Stockholm or Gothenburg? Gothenburg
CD or Vinyl? CD, but hell, vinyl looks good

Thank you, and good luck in the future.

Thanks, see ya!

Interviewed by Johanna Salo

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