Interview with Aliz of Amy's Ashes

Amy's Ashes, a 4-piece band who describe their music as a combination between rock, electronica, glam and goth, are just about to release a new 3-track demo. Glitzine had a little talk with Amy's Ashes guitarist Aliz about the new demo, the future and how hard it is to survive as a demo-band in Sweden.

Q1. Hi! How are you doing?

Hey there! I'm fine thanks, just came home after some pizza and couple of beers.

Q2. How come Amy's Ashes started to play together? Is there any funny story about it?

It's a story about damn fine timing! First time me and Eric met wasn't because of the music. At that time I was doing some modeling and Eric is a very talented photographer. So my agency hooked me up with him for a photo shoot, but instead of talking about photo ideas, we got wasted and ended up talking about music. We became close friends and we knew we had to start a band. Soon after that we met Aram. He was singing (and still is) in a band called "The Mist of Avalon". He listened to our songs and he was in!
Now we needed a drummer and Aram knew a hell of a one, Matte Modin. He had just left Dark Funeral, he liked the songs and became our drummer.

Q3. Why did you choose the name? Who came up with it?

The name was my idea and the story behind it is quite tragic and personal. The guys liked it though.

Q4. How do you describe your music?

I'll rather let others categorize it, they'll do it anyway. But it has elements of rock n' roll, electronica, glam and goth. It's melodic, there is a bit of melancholy and "catchy-ness".

Q5. How come you ended up playing the kind of music you do?

We wanted to make music that touches us and that will hopefully affect the listener.

Q6. What bands had a lot of influence about how Amy's Ashes turned out to be?

We listen to tons of music so you never know which band or genre is going to influence the next song we do. Lately it has been a lot of Depeche Mode, Sisters of Mercy, Type O Negative, Editors, Joy Division, Paradise Lost, HIM, The 69 Eyes and bands in that genre. You just listen to bands you like and at some level they'll probably influence you.

Q7. You're about to release a new demo. What do you have to say about it? Did it turned out the way you wanted?

That's right. It's our first promo. We've recorded three songs and you can find two of them at our MySpace. We'll release the third track soon too.
The recording process was fun and the songs turned out very well. We've received a lot of positive response, some airplay, interviews and the promo gave us a place in the "Mama Trash Family".

Q8. Is it hard or easy to survive as a demo band in Sweden?

It's always hard without a label, but we have no plans to stay without one for long.

Q9. You haven't been signed to any record label. How come? Have any record labels shown any interest in the band?

Two of our songs have been out there for only a couple of weeks.
Actually, we haven't even had the time to print copies of the promo, but when we do we'll send it to some labels and hope for the best. So far our main focus is to get as many people as possible to listen to our music.

Q10. Where's the easiest place for Amy's Ashes to break-through? Sweden or abroad?

Sweden is a small country, so I guess it's abroad. But you never know...

Q11. New demo and all, are you going to hit the road now, or what's the plan?

The plan is to keep promoting the band and to get a proper label that will present us. We're also planning to do some shows at the end of the summer.

Q12. What are you doing the last 10 minutes before you enter the stage at a show?

Smoke a few cigarettes, drink a couple of beers and just relax. Some guitar players tend to warm up and stuff like that, but that's kind of silly if you ask me. Rock 'n Roll are not a sport dammit!

Q13. Are you one of all the wild bands, really trying to be rock stars, with a lot of groupies, destroying hotel rooms, smashing guitars, or have you a more calm lifestyle?

We drink a lot. Shit happens then.

Q14. What has been the biggest experience for the band?

That one hasn't happened yet, but we're thrilled to have Matte as our drummer. Also the fact that Mama Trash like our music and want to work with us means a lot.

Q15. Where are Amy's Ashes in 5 years from now, hopefully?

We're out there touring and destroying ourselves.

Q16. Some quick questions...
What's your favorite food?
What's your favorite drink? Beer.
What's your favorite curse word? Fuck.
What's your favorite place to gig? U.S. would be nice.

Last, but not least, thank you and good luck with the new demo and everything, and hope the future turns out good for the band.

Thanks a lot!

For more information, check out the band's website or their myspace

Interviewed by Johanna Salo

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