Interview with 44 Caliber


Wednesday Salo talks to 44 Caliber

44 Caliber, a five piece sleaze band from Sweden released their debut album earlier this year. The band consist of the charismatic vocalist C.C Rockets, the creative guitarist Chris, the hyperactive Divine on guitar and the bass player Nikke, occasionally missing. Recently they walked separate ways with old drummer Jo-Jo LaDiva, and currently they´re looking for a new one. The band acts out the myth of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, living for the moment; both in their music and in their way of life. So the big question is can YOU handle 44 Caliber?

What’s the story behind the name “44 Caliber”?

C.C: It comes from Chris, he had a magnum revolver at home.
Chris: Yeah, and this one time we sat at home and played with it.
C.C: And by accident it went off inside the apartment, so that’s the story.


You released your debut album earlier this year, how does it feel?

Chris: Great, it feels awesome! 
C.C: Also, it’s sold out!


So, a sold out album after only a few months, that must be a good feeling?

C.C: Well, we kind of expected it to happen, it’s a great album, so it should sell well, but I don’t know, people tend to have a bad taste in music. People might have come to their senses now, considering that our album got sold out.


So, despite the fact that you have a new album out, why aren’t you on the road, touring?

Jo-Jo: It’s because some of the new members of the band have been having certain issues, and have been in and out of rehab-facilities. That’s why.
C.C: And there it was! But I’m not sure it was the new members, wasn’t it more the old ones? 
Jo-Jo: Well, yeah, that too. 
Chris: They were as good as new when they got out of rehab anyway! But now we’re planning to play our music and get serious about it, more gigs, play all over Sweden…
C.C: And all over the world, and after that, we’re going to send you to rehab!


What happened when you formed the band?

C.C: The big question is if we really have formed a band. My image of the event is that it was a bunch of idiots without anything better to do. This band was never created, we only exist, without a good point or reason, we’re like a natural phenomena.


How do you prepare yourselves before a gig?

C.C: We do what we always do, we drink beer, and if we don’t have a gig we drink beer without playing. 
Divine: Beer, hairspray and happy faces!
Chris: Yeah, but usually we beat each other up. 
Divine: Also, we touch each other’s thing!



How would you like to describe this band?

Jo-Jo: Decadent. 
Divine: It’s like the bible, it runs with certain people, but no one knows what the hell it’s all about. 
Chris: It’s out of control. 
Jo-Jo: It is supposed to be fun, we got this new bass player, and the plan was to teach him the songs. And the first thing that happened was that we tricked him into getting so fucking wasted. 
C.C: But I don’t know if we really tricked him, I mean, we got wasted and so did he. 
Divine: We seized the opportunity and took him with us and went out to drink, like we always do, but all people aren’t used to that, I guess it could have went better, since he couldn’t remember any of the songs afterwards. But on the last rehearsal it went great, sort of anyway.

What’s the best thing this band has ever done?

C.C: Being drunk.
Divine: That we’ve so far succeeded in implementing our gigs. 
Jo-Jo: Changing drummer! 
Chris: Finding that revolver, or rather, playing with it. 
C.C: And of course when we discovered cocaine.


What are your plans for the future?

C.C & Jo-Jo: Being drunk and doing more cocaine. 
Chris: At the moment we’re working on some new stuff. 
C.C: And the plan is that a major record label is going to realize that we are the best band in the world. 
Divine: Chaos and even more chaos. 
C.C: Also, we’re going to tour in North Korea, in just a few months.


Really? You’re going to North Korea?

C.C: Yeah, sure. But North Korea keeps everything secret, so no one’s going to know anything about it, but it’s going to be extremely censored, but next time you interview us we can tell you all about it. Also, at some point we’re going to demand world domination, that’s our great plan. 
Chris: And of course, and use as many bass players as possible. 
C.C: But in which way we’re going to use them is for you to figure it out on your own. Only the imagination has limitations in this case. All I’m going to say is that we want them to be really tight.


What’s the craziest thing the band ever done?

Divine: Well, once, when we had a gig in Ulricehamn, I ran away from the cops while being completely naked. 
C.C: Yeah, I think Ulricehamn top the list. It was nudity, police intervention, fighting, drugs and big amounts of alcohol, and somewhere among all of this we actually had a gig. Also, we received a fine, and got thrown out from the hostel where we were staying. The lady that was running the hostel was terribly afraid of us, so she sent over a dude to talk to us, all because she thought we were going to kill her.
Divine: I touched my thing out in the garden, I came everywhere!


The perfect gig, how would it be?

C.C: All of our gigs are perfect; we have never been able to do something bad, we’ve never done anything that ain’t perfect. I really don’t get this question.


Of all your songs, which one is the greatest?

Chris: “Too many lies”.
Chrille: I like “Fake”, that one is fucking great. 
C.C: Don’t forget “Piece of me”. 
Jo-Jo: Yeah, and about 20 other songs as well. 
Divine: And I like hard rock. 
C.C: The best thing to do is to buy the album, because all the songs are perfect. And if you manage to find any song on the album which ain’t great, so send us a mail. The biggest explanation to why that could happen would probably be if you got the wrong album, like the The Poodles or something else that sucks.


You’re playing a gig tonight, and you don’t have your usual bass player, the new guy, Chrille, is he here to stay?

Divine: Fuck no, we don’t have a permanent bass player, he’s only freelancing for us at the moment. 
Chris: Yeah, and as we said before, we try to use as many different bass players as possible. 
C.C: So it all comes down to how tight he is.
Chris: And how long he stays that way, if he’s not tight, we don’t want him. 
Divine: Also, he has to know how to answer the phone when we call. 
C.C: Another important thing is the question if he can handle Divine…


So, your usual bass player, Nikke, is he out of the picture?

C.C: No, he is not, at least as far as we know. We don’t really know his current location. 
Divine: No, the trail runs cold in the southern part of Sweden, he could be pretty much anywhere at this point. 
C.C: We’re going to ask FRA (National Defence Radio Establishment, Sweden) if they possibly can download him for us. 


Some quick questions: 
Mascara or lipstick:
 Mascara, but Divine wants lipstick.
CD or live:
Ice-cream or beer:
 4 beers and an ice-cream for Divine. 
Mötley Crüe or Guns N Roses:
 60 % Guns N Roses, 40 % Mötley Crüe.