Interview with Queeny Blast Pop & Vamp

QUEENY BLAST POP was every glamhead's wet dream. Exceptional melodies, candycoated vocals served with more energy than a couple of buckets of Red Bull. Eventhough they only released two demos (actually they never released one of the demos but it find it's way to the underground fans anyway) they seemed to be every tapetraders favourite band at the time. QUEENY BLAST POP had breathtaking ability

Even when they later changed style to more poppunk, under the monicker of THE DISTRACTIONS, they were head above the rest of the pack. Then, when everyone except some stupid record companies and A&R men, were expecting major stardom, they disappeared!

QUEENY BLAST POP is back though, or didn't they break up in the first place? GLITZINE talked to Lesli to find out where QUEENY BLAST POP went, where they are today and where they want to be tomorrow.

G: Could you please give me some information on the current line-up of QUEENY BLAST POP?

LESLI: The Current line-up of QUEENY includes Lesli - lead vocals and bass (we are currently auditioning bass players that can sing back-up vocals. If interested contact us); Pepper (drums); Steve (guitar) and Danny (guitar).

G: An unavoidable question, why did you break-up?

LESLI: QBP actually never split. We just changed our name because we got a new singer and we wanted a fresh start. We played as THE DISTRACTIONS for over a year, got a record deal, recorded an album with Bill Stevenson and Stephan Edgerton (of THE DESCENDENTS) producing it and then the record company did not fulfill their end of the contract so the record never got released. Due to all the frustration, we decided to go our seperate ways.

G: Why have you reformed?

LESLI: Pepper and I (Lesli) always loved what we were doing and know we would do it again. It was just a matter of finding the right people and waiting for the time to be right.

G: QUEENY BLAST POP was glam while THE DISTRACTIONS were more punk. What does QBP anno 97 sound like?

LESLI: Our new stuff does not sound like old QUEENY or THE DISTRACTIONS. It's a progression of our musical abilities. It's very poporiented. I guess you could compare it to early 80's pop bands.

G: QUEENY BLAST POP was major glam imagewise, THE DISTRACTIONS were a bit toned down. Have you returned to the outrageous look?

LESLI: Yes, QUEENY BLAST POP has returned to an outrageous image, one that reflects where we feel we are today.

G: Any plans on releasing a demo or a cd?

LESLI: We are going into the studio to record atfer our show on Sept. 12th. We have not decided whether we will be releasing to the public as of yet. At this time, several record labels are requesting recorded material, so we are going to wait and see what comes of this.

G: My opinion is that glam is on it's way back. What do you think about the chances and the tendencies of a glamrevival?

LESLI: I think an outrageous image along with a popstyle of music is on it's way back. Call it glam or whatever but it's definitely not going be the glam of the late 80's early 90's.

G: You'll play the Coconut Teazser at Sept. 12th. Any thoughts or feelings on the eve of that event? L: Just to have a good time and a good show playing songs we like and hopefully others will like to. G: Finally, is there anything you think GLITZINE's readers should know?

LESLI: We are glad and exited to be back. Keep in touch (E-mail, write or call) and we will keep you updated. I want to emphasize one thing. This is not a reunion. This is just us moving on musicallly as we had never stopped. E-mail Hotline: 213/850-8642 PO box: Coming soon. Read the article in G

VAMP entered the scene with their 1995 critically acclaimed self-titled cd. They stole the hearts of every poppunk fan with gems such as "All out of tears" and "Fools". GLAM & GLITZINE talked to Drew Blood to find out more about the background and current state on VAMP

G: Could you give me the background on VAMP, bandmembers, why and when you formed?

Drew: VAMP formed in November 94, Conway, Diggy, and Drew played together for four years previous to the formation of VAMP. We formed out of friendship and the need to make great music, we were just really sick of the whole grunge scene.

Bandmembers are Conway: Vocals/guitar, Drew Blood: guitar/vocals, Diggy Starr: Bass/vocals and Donny Decadence: drums/vocals.

G: I reveiwed your first cd in GLAM & GLITZINE issue #1, rating 90% out of 100. Are satisfied with it musicwise? Are you pleased with the reaction it created?

The First album was very successful for us approx. 50,000 copies worldwide. Musically, it was an experiment in a new direction for us. We really happy with about 75% of it but we had a deadline to meet and some of the album had to be rushed.

G: You're currently working on a new album, where in the process are you right now?

We have been in the studio since January and are hoping to be finished by October and have a releasedate around the christmas holidays.

G: Do the new songs follow the same style as those on the first album or have you changed and progressed in any way?

Some of the songs follow the formula we created for the first album, but the most notable change is the lyrical content. Conway is the main lyricwriter and has progressed into a great songwriter and because of this we have been able to expand the instrumentation on this album. The songs take on a more pop feel (Cheap Trick/Ziggy Stardust) witout losing some of the punkedge. Vamp has experimented musically adding some acoustic's to the mix as well as two songs with a gothic content.

G: Which are your future plans?

VAMP will continue to tour as much as the album allows. The Album will be released through Perris records and will be available worldwide.

G: Finally, is there something you want to tell GLITZINE's readers?

Stay true to yourself, don't follow trends. We appreciate all of your support and love to hear from you. Please write to us at: VAMP, P.O box 58, Plymouth, PA. 18651 USA or E-mail All of our fans have a chance at winning free VAMP merchandise, all you need to do is send us a picture and once a month we pull one from the coffin, if it's yours, you win! Fans can also use the address to order merchandise.