Interview with D Generation & Trash Brats


I hear you're going on tour soon: -

- In a month, we're going on tour. In the beginning of March, yeah. We're gonna do the whole country. Possibly with this band FLUFFY from England, a girl band.

How do you like touring in general?
- Well, you know you spend like 15, 20 hours trying to get there and get things ready, then you spend an hour on stage - that's the best part. It makes it all worth it. But the other stuff - it's like really weird. We gotta go to strange towns and hang out in truck stops and be laughed at - but it keeps you in touch with God's country, with the average Joe. New York is very much a safe, little fun place. You can't get people to pat you on your back, easily. But when you go out there to Middle America, people aren't all art fans, going to art galleries, actors and actresses. It makes a big difference.

What local gigs are you doing in the near future?
- We're playing CBGB's. We're doing like a two night thing on February 28th and March 1st, a friday and saturday, with this band STITCHES.

How about recording?
- We've been recording a whole bunch of new songs. But we're still working "No Lunch" 'cause the record's only been out about five, six months. It still hasn't reached where we want it to go. It's kinda new in the realm of the world. It hasn't come out in England yet.

I heard that D gen is moving toward a harder, punk sound.
- We're just doing D generation. The last two songs I showed the band yesterday that I wrote, one was country and one was a pop song. We do little of everything. If I was gonna hop on the bandwagon right now, I'd do electronic music. I'd listen to Kraftwerk, Prodigy, Chemical brothers. We're just doing what we've always done. It's hard to explain. People have to put labels on things. Put it in a slot. But we just sing about what we feel.



Interview with TRASH BRATS' Toni Romeo by Andreas Persson. This short interview was made for my previous fanzine - GLAMAGAZINE - but was never published as the 'zine crashed. This is a fine introduction to a great band, eventhough it's a bit old.

Could you give me the name and position of the band- members?
- Brian oblivion (vocals), Ricky rat (guitar), Toni Romeo (bass) and Craig Cashear (drums).

What do TRASH BRATS sound like?
- Pop, rock, punk.

Which are your influences?

- well

Finally, is there something you GLAMAGAZINE's readers should know?
- Write us for any information, we send you lots of cool stuff.

TRASH BRATS are currently putting up their site on the web. More on that in the next issue.

D-Generation interview by NY ROCK