Zico Chain Live @ 53 Degrees, Preston (UK) - 16th May 2007

It's not often I have anything great to say about Radio 1, but by golly, would I like to shake the hands of whomever decided to hold 'The Big Weekend' at Moor Park, which blessed my home city with plenty of free events.

True, there weren't many I would've dragged my backside out to on a school night, however, when a couple of my fellow compadres made mention Zico Chain would be headlining 53 Degrees, this became an entirely different story.

Surprisingly for a Preston midweek event, the place was bristling with punters, all of who seemed to hold out to the end of the gig. But look folks, this is a LONG venue, it is pretty darn noticeable when you all huddle at the back like sheep, live a little n' join the 'soon to be deaf' idiots at the front from time-to-time.

The lack of 'idiots' at the front didn't seem to phase Chris, Paul & Ollie in the slightest and they took to the stage with grit and determination. And all I can say is WOW-FUCKIN-WEE!!! It's been a long time a comin! I honestly thought with the rate my heart was racing, I'd end up in a heap or at least look like I was mid-panic attack (BREATHLESS!) this was excitement; excitement that exuberated from every damn pore; n' the smile on my face n' glint in my eyes said it all. I was in for a darn good treat!

ZC kicked off the set with bad ass ballbuster 'Rohypnol', (for all you boys out there… imagine having them tantalised by tongue, you reach the ultimate climax when the lady of your dreams draws out a large meat cleaver and hammers them to a pulp! … talking of food … 'Food' was the next track up, hahahaha! Delicious!

Seriously, this set went from rip-roarer to ear-bleeder to all-out annihilator with the only downtime being… the end! So, I'd like to send out a big 'fuck you' to all those who consistently seem to lodge ZC into an 'Unoriginal Grunge' category, because in my opinion, British music couldn't get much better and any opportunity I get to support these guys, I will!

Oh, and I also want to send out a huge hug n' kiss to Chris, Paul, Ollie and Dave … although I suffered big style the day after; it was worth it LOL! Find me on the front row!!!

A must for anyone who loves the likes of Hellacopters, Black Halos, Vampire Love Dolls, Marilyn Manson and Beautiful Creatures.

by Spice D. Warlock

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