Young Heart Attack/InSoFar Live @ Louisiana, Bristol (UK) - 26 March 2008

Jagermeister endorsed, Surrey 4 piece "Insofar" are nothing short of a revelation live. The 50/50 split boy/girl line up heap on the metal/punk/pop influences into a cataclysmic sound that even the hardiest nutter "Catweazle" look-alike punter in the front row can't stop bouncing to. Frontman "Paul B" is the real extra yard for "Insofar" visually and musically and it is his presence that is the real differential between "Insofar" and their current musical contemporaries. Mr B's "Danny Dyer" meets "Phil Anselmo" charm and his ability to deliver melodic (as opposed to the usual screamed) vocals that float over hard driven almost early "Maiden" riffs, with memorable pop hooks should see these guys and gals transcending shows of this size very quickly indeed. Check out "Insofar's" 8-track debut CD "Medicine For The Melancholic" for proof, where tracks like "Vanity" and "Reach Out" certainly are the perfect antidote to the banal trash currently being peddled by the mainstream Rock/Metal media.

I have to be honest and say I didn't think I'd ever get a chance to see Texan hard rockers "Young Heart Attack" live again. Following a mini UK tour in 2005, as far as I can recall their only UK shows after their departure from XL Records, things were sounding great on stage but off stage the pressures where building. The Internet brought news of a split and I feared the worst for my fave boogie-woogie rockers from Austin. Then as if by magic, 2007 saw "Young Heart Attack" spring back to life with a new rhythm section in tow, sign with UK label "Not On Your Radio", and here we are in March 2008 not only with this resurrection tour but the release of the pop-tastic "Rock And Awe" album. With a liberal sprinkling of old songs from "Mouthful of Love" kicking things off, the notoriously hot and packed out Louisiana soon resembles a Turkish bath. With dual singers Chris Hodge (resplendent in a "Slayer South of Heaven" T Shirt) and "Jennifer Stephens" vocal interplay perfectly suited to such intimate surroundings, tracks such as "Tommy Shots" and "Misty Rowe" sound as essential as they did way back in 2004. It is the tracks from "Rock And Awe" however, that for me, really get things a hollering and whooping. You have to witness the absolute barnstorming glam stomp of an anthem like "Munki" to really appreciate just how huge this band should be.

The "Young Heart Attack" T shirts pay homage to US cult funk rock band "Mother Finest", and with strong synergies to said band you can't help but feel a bit honoured to know that such great bands as these exist and the secret is all yours.

So having waited 3 years for "Young Heart Attack" to hit the UK again I would urge you go check out the great double bill of bands when they hit a town near you soon, just don't let "Jennifer" burn your town down now.

by Johnny H.

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