Wednesday 13/Vains of Jenna/Primadonnaz Live @ Rex's, West Chester (USA) - 1st February 2007

This was a night of glam, sleaze, and horror rock n' roll that was going to set the cold winter night on fire.

The Primadonnaz are a Philly based glam band that brings back all the good memories of the Sunset Strip scene of yesteryear. Fronted by Mikey Primadonna (this is Mikey's new version of the band) I instantly noticed a new swagger in his onstage presence; he was jumping around on stage, head banging and enjoying their anthems like never before.

The guys set the tone for the night, with the floor in front of the stage filled with a crowd that was dancing, screaming, and hollering for more. Now this is a rarity in itself, as lately the Philly scene consists of smaller crowds with no enthusiasm… Not tonight.

Next on stage and all the way from Sweden were Vains of Jenna, they took the stage and tore it up. It's scary that all these guys are in their early twenties; they have such a strong grasp on the whole sleaze scene from 1987. It's like they took pages out of the book that Faster Pussycat, Guns n Roses and LA Guns, all wrote and spun it out for 2007. These guys have it going on, the cat scratch vocals, the catchy hooks, the stage presence; the only thing they need is a bigger audience to appreciate them.

Lastly was horror rocker, Wednesday 13. Everything the first 2 bands gave the crowd, Wednesday just took their motivation, acted like he was using Spinal Tap's amp and turned everything up to 11 with rocking horror anthem after another. With the crowd chanting DIE DIE DIE with their fists in the air… it was like a Hitler march in CBGB'S.

Wednesday played songs from the Murderdolls; his debut solo album, and latest release "Fang Bang". One song after another with ex-Dope drummer Racci Shay, beating the living hell out of his fur covered drum kit and fellow Murderdoll alumni, Eric Griffin, who has now switched from bass to lead guitar. Again, these guys have the complete package, only one thing that is lacking, and that is… in the US… the audience.

Three bands, on this cold winter night, came out and played their friggin hearts out, like they were in MSG, and pumped the temperature outside on this small neighborhood block where this little rock club sits, from 25 degrees to 95 degrees.

by Bay Breez

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