Warrior Soul/The More I See/Isolation- Live @ Bristol Fleece (UK) - 7th July 2009

The fact that my most recent encounter with "Kory Clarke" to this was something of a now infamous event, this "Destroy The War Machine" Summer UK Tour was always going to be top on my "gigs I must attend" list.
Largely because one thing was made obvious to me during that night way back in April 2009, and that was Kory is one sincere and dedicated muthafucker of a performer (and it just so happens a really nice guy), so for that he gets this reviewer's vote whatever the situation.

Fast forward to July 2009 and its Tuesday night in one of Bristol's best live music venues right in the middle of one of the UK's annual weeks of hot weather. The loyal masses huddled together in a three-band sauna for the princely sum of five whole UK pounds.

Local lads "Isolation" got things warmed up (if that was at all possible) with a subtle as a sledgehammer mix of thrash riffs and melodic vocals that fell somewhere between "Pantera" and "Disturbed" with a nod towards Punk from frontman Al's otherworldly stage persona.
After a brief chat with "Janne", "Kory" and "Johnny H", I made my way back into a venue that had seemingly turned into a time machine and dropped me back in 1987. Such is the time warp sound that surrounds ex "English Dog/Prodigy" man "Gizz Butt's" new band "The More I See". Equal parts "Megadeth" and "Iron Maiden this was more "Mirror Mirror" than "Onslaught".

"Warrior Soul" by direct contrast have never sounded more relevant, scrub that, "Warrior Soul" have never sounded more fucking vital.
Playing a set that strangely excluded anything from the soon to be re-re-released new album "Destroy The War Machine/ And We Rock N Roll/Chinese Democracy", the band honed in a power buzz of adrenaline driven stripped back rock n roll. "Interzone", "Love Destruction", "Punk And Belligerent" and "Wasteland" were all there along with one of my all-time fave "Warrior Soul" tunes in the shape of "(Love Is) The Drug",

For me, what is so refreshing about "Warrior Soul" in 2009 is that they are now one of only a few bands that can honestly say they sound like no one else.
The sound of Kory's caustic vocal melded with Rille and Johnny's razor sharp guitars may evoke memories of such bands as "The Stooges" but only because they are running away with the rock n roll beacon whilst all around us pretenders simply want to warm themselves on the flame.
The recent addition of "Hate Gallery" drummer "Freddie Kvarnebrink" to bolster the bottom end with (other) band mate bassist "Janne Jarvis" gives a cohesion and drive to the band I'd like to see everyone adding to their "gigs I must attend" list.

Vote Kory Clarke, Vote Warrior Soul. Destroy The War Machine Live In Peace.

by Johnny H. (no not that one)

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