Vampire Love Dolls - The Disintegrating Dolls

The future of NY's Vampire Love Dolls is uncertain as vocalist/songwriter J left the band on march 7th,. The Manic misery whores - Vampire Love Dolls- was formed in the summer of 1995. The Band developed from gothic glampunk to glamorous industry, not million miles away from Mr. Manson or Pete Burns on acid. Their selftitled CD was released in 1997 and included the hit "Spinning". Vocalist J introduced the band: "Expect the unexpected. We consider Vampire Love Dolls to be architects, not plagiarists. We thrive on being unpredictable and taking chances. The four of us work so hard at being an exciting band that if things became stagnate, we would probably just break up. To Vampire Love Dolls stagnate is boring and boredom equals death." Maybe it was such a policy that delayed the release of the second album and made the Dolls disintegrating during the recordings.

Two years later J has decided to leave the band. He list the change of members as the main reason; "I want to make some things clear though, I believe there were 2 versions of Vampire Love Dolls. The first was Christian on guitar and vocals, Layne on drums, Kelly on bass, and yours truly. The first time I saw Layne and Christian play I knew that I wanted to play in a band with them. We were young and hell bent on destroying everything in our path. The success of a gig was pretty much based on what got fuckedup in our path. And plenty did. Then an odd thing happened. Christian quit and we decided to try and take ourselves seriously. Enter the second stage. The first time I met Ian I immediately liked him. He joined Vampire Love Dolls Amos 2 years ago exactly. We really worked our asses off to make VLD get off the ground. We sold thousands of CDs and got some great reviews. We played a lot of shows and met lots of nice people (and some not so nice), but the biggest reward was all the mail that we would receive. Two things that set VLD apart was our undying loyalty to our fans and to each other. Then Kelly quit. Without a reason....boom- "I Quit!" We did our best to carry on without him but, like I said, our dedication was to our friendship. And with that gone, we should have called it a day then. Don't get me wrong - Christian is a excellent musician, but by the time he had returned to replace Kelly on bass....too much had changed."

With a recently recorded CD and at the time when the band was taking off, for an outsider, J's move seem quite strange. "It's without question thehardest decision I have ever made in my life. There are a ton of reasons, but it all comes down to the fact that it wasn't making me happy anymore. I had been feeling this way for quite some time and the nail in the preverbal coffin was after our show in NYC at the Elbow Room on Jan, 1st. For whatever reason, I knew when playing to a near capacity crowd didn't do it, that nothing will.".

It's unclear at this point if the rest of Vampire Love Dolls will continue in any form but there will NEVER be another Vampire Love Dolls' record. "There won't be a new VLD CD. It's like when people put out albums of famous people after they are dead. Like I said we should have called it a day when Kelly quit. Kelly quit before we started recording. Don't get me wrong, the songs were great. I just feel like putting out a CD would be wrong. Can't put your arms around a memory. We never wanted to change the world, we just wanted to change the music in the 90's.".

May the love dolls rest in piece. Fans of industrialized glampunk should get their hands on their debutCD.

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