Vamp - Exclusive Glitzine Update from the Vamp Camp

Vamp released a critically acclaimed selftitled CD a couple of years ago. The Album sold, and are still selling, without any support from Mtv or Radio. We were all waiting for the second album... and we are still waiting. Vamp vanished as mysteriously as the entered. Case closed? No. Glitzine recently got an e-mail from the Vamp Camp which explains what the band and the bandmembers have been up to lately.

"Perris has restocked the first cd and sales are brisk, five years later, it has taken me by surprise.  The long post-poned second album is being mixed by Paul Sinclairand will be released in the new year, aslo available through Perris.   Donny can be seen in the US on the Fox Television Network on a Vampire special.   Donny and Drew are both recording for the Bruce Daniels Project, expected to be completed by the beginning of the year, it features the sound of 80's hard rock. 

Donny recently was married to Julia on Friday the 13th in a cemetary under the blood moon.  Donny and Drew are also working on Generation Damned, a goth opera featuring a full cast.  This is being scribed by John Meyers and Joe Kravis.  The original cast recording should take place in early summer 2001.  No word yet as to opening date of the show.  It will be a rock opera that will send a chill down your spine and question everthing you thought was real.  Drew's studio now has a website, and Vamp fans will soon find past and present information located here. 

Drew is also busy working on a pop album for Stephanie Murray who has received critical acclaim from the US music industry, sorry Glam fans this ones not for you.  Conway and Diggy have not been heard from in the past year, Donny or Drew have no idea whats up with them, we know they still have a music store together and live together as well.  They had an alternative cover band that was disasterous from what we heard and currently have no clue as to what there doing, but we wish them well.  

Drew's REtroSPECTalbum is almost completed as well, he is awaiting the installation of the new console at his studio before it is mixed.  Drew has also been busy producing many upcoming bands and working on his masters degree between everything else.

Vamp continues to thank everybody out there and is amazed that the album is still selling so well.  The new one will not dissappoint.   Preorders can be made direct to:  PRS, 69 East Main Street, Plymouth, PA   18651 USA  US Orders are $12.99 and export orders are $21.99.  Once it is released, it will be available through Perris records exclusively,  This album will not dissappoint.  If any one has any question or would just like to write send all info to:"

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